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Keyboard Legend Patrick Moraz To Release Limited Edition 19-CD Box Collection of Solo Catalogue

Los Angeles, CA - As the holiday season approaches, keyboard legend Patrick Moraz is proud to announce the release of his special BOX COLLECTION of 19 CDs! The special box collection also contains a uniquely different CARD that Patrick has specially conceived, designed and autographed.

Titles Included in the Box Collection:
Change of Space
Esp - Etudes, Sonatas, Preludes (AVAILABLE IN BOX COLLECTION ONLY)
Future Memories I and II
Future Memories Live on TV
Human Interface
"i" (a.k.a. "The Story of i")   
Music for Piano and Drums - Live in Maryland - 2 Audio CDs
Out in the Sun
Patrick Moraz III
Patrick Moraz in Princeton (AVAILABLE IN BOX COLLECTION ONLY) 
Windows of Time

The CDs can also be purchased as single units directly from his websites and Facebook.

Swiss born Patrick Moraz is best known as an official member and keyboardist for the progressive rock bands "Yes" from 1974 to the end of 1976 and "The Moody Blues" from 1978 to 1991. He was classically trained at the Conservatory of Lausanne, but having a keen interest in jazz and world rhythms he decided early on to pursue composing and playing in these genres of music as well. This led to Patrick and his own trio and quartet, opening for major jazz artists and famous rock bands throughout Europe in the mid-sixties. He then formed the group "Mainhorse" with Jean Ristori in 1968 and released a self-titled album on Polydor. After a long tour of Japan and the Far-East as musical director of a Brazilian Ballet Company, he moved to England in the early Seventies to form "Refugee" with Lee Jackson and Brian Davison, both previously of  "The Nice". They produced one album titled "Refugee" which to date is still revered as one of Prog-Rock's monumental works known for Moraz's highly inspired compositions and keyboard virtuosity.

Moraz rose to prominence in 1974 as a new member and keyboardist of "Yes". He co-composed along withYes's" band members and played on the album "Relayer", which led to what was to be "Yes's" most successful ever world tour, playing to crowds which numbered from 25,000 to 120,00 at JFK stadium during the bi-centennial year of 1976.  In 1975-1976 these particular members of "Yes" decided to compose, record and release their own solo albums. In the interim Moraz had moved to Brazil and composed the music for his own "i" (a.k.a. "The Story of i") solo album, which incorporated 16 Brazilian percussionists, making it an important staple of "world music". "i" was Moraz's first solo album and in 1976 it was voted the #1 Album of the Year by "Keyboard Magazine". After his departure from "Yes"Patrick recorded his second album "Out In The Sun" on the "famous" Charisma Record Label, and moved officially to Brazil. 

In the last part of 1977 and the first part of 1978, Patrick devoted his time exclusively for composing and recording for the production of his 3rd solo album, simply titled "Patrick Moraz"; on this recording, he enlisted the services of the percussionists of Rio-de-Janeiro and Djalma Correa, whom several years later Patrick referred to Peter Gabriel for his album "SO". 

Moving back to Europe via an appearance at the famous "Montreux Jazz Festival" in Switzerland, and upon their request, Patrick began playing with "The Moody Blues" on their "Octave" tour in 1978, replacing their former keyboardist Mike Pinder, and two world tours ending in 1979 were extremely successful! 

In 1980, having played and recorded on the new album "Long Distance Voyager" he was asked to become a member of the band. Subsequently, in 1981, "Long Distance Voyager" reached #1 on the US charts (and a first for the "Moodies"!) and proved to be one of their highest grossing albums to date. He continued touring and recording with "The MoodyBlues" until 1991 and played on the four subsequent albums : "The Present", "The Other Side of Life", "Sur la Mer" and partially on "Keys of the Kingdom". Moraz is also credited as composer and co-writer of the song "The Spirit", which appeared on the 1986 album "The Other Side of Life".

During recording and touring breaks with the "Moodies", Patrick had continued to compose, play and record his solo albums "Future Memories 1" "Future Memories II", (both "Live on TV"),  "Human Interface", and "Timecode". He also collaborated, (in 1979), with the renowned Romanian pan-pipe flutist, Simeon Stanciu, (a.k.a. Syrinx), for their album "Coexistence".  From 1983 to 1985, Patrick Moraz and Bill Bruford, former member and drummer for Yes, decided to form a duet and tour under the name "Moraz-Bruford". They recorded two albums, "Music For Piano and Drums" and "Flags" and managed to do three very successful worldwide Tours.

In 1991 having been with "The Moody Blues" for thirteen years, Moraz embarked on a solo career. To date he has composed and played acoustic piano on three solo CD's, "Windows of Time", (Quote from Keyboard Magazine : "If Beethoven had gigged with Yes, he might have wound up sounding like this") as well as "Resonance" and "ESP", all of which have been critically acclaimed and extremely well received. 

In 1995, exactly 20 years ago, Patrick Moraz performed throughout the USA on his C.H.A.T. tour (Coming Home America Tour). The tour was unique in that it was one of the first, if not the very first to be booked entirely over the Internet! Moraz played solo on acoustic Grand Pianos to audiences that numbered as small as two people to hundreds of people, taking place in eclectic venues which ranged from single homes, to large estates, corporate headquarters, churches, theaters, concert halls and museums. One of the concerts was filmed and recorded for a DVD and CD in Princeton N.J. and is titled "P.M. in Princeton". The C.H.A.T. tour proved to be a huge success and an experience that Moraz says he will always hold very dear to his heart.  
In 2009 he released "Change of Space", and in 2011 Moraz released the electronic keyboard CD "MorazLive/Abbey Road"  which features Patrick playing live electronic keyboards as well as a live acoustic piano improvisation. There  was also a piano-compilation CD titled "Pianissimoraz", featuring a new and unreleased piece : The "one-&-only take" of the instant composition "Pure Love".

In 2014, Patrick was invited to take part and perform 2 solo electronic concerts as well as an all-acoustic solo piano concert on the now famous "Cruise to the Edge" (CTTE).

Most recently Patrick Moraz and drummer Greg Alban released their first album titled "MAP" in June 2015!

The album features amazing bass player John Avila, former member of "Oingo Bongo", as well as other great players such as Lenny Castro on percussion, who has worked with such artists as The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Eric Clapton and many others, renowned and awesome bass player, Matt Malley, founder and former member of  The Counting Crows, who expertly plays Indian Slide Guitar, Swiss virtuoso bass player, Patrick Perrier, and heavyweight multi-instrumentalist on tenor saxophone, Dave VanSuch.

To purchase Patrick Moraz's 19 CD Box Set (titles are also available individually):

To purchase Patrick Moraz & Greg Alban "MAP": 

Patrick Moraz:
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Guitar Virtuoso Micha Schellhaas To Release Full-Length Debut Album Featuring Supertramp's Carl Verheyen and Drum Legend Chad Wackerman

Los Angeles - Much to the excitement of guitarists worldwide, guitar virtuoso Micha Schellhaas will be releasing his full-length debut album "Double Take" on December1st. The album features Supertramp guitar legend Carl Verheyen and drummer Chad Wackerman, who is best known for his work with Frank Zappa and Allan Holdsworth.

Says Micha, " 'Double Take', my first full length release, reflects my relationship with the US and my journey to come and in the end live here. After I was already established in Europe with steady gigs and my own recording studio, the artist in me was still not happy and I needed to go and check out the source and birthplaces of the music and 'sound' I was most inspired by: Jazz, Blues and Rock. My first trip was a 3 month driving loop starting and ending in NYC all the way through New Orleans, Austin, LA, San Francisco and back. Songs like 'Travel Song' and 'Texaleans' reflect that time. Later I lived in Austin/Texas for a while and you can hear that 'Stevie Ray' sound in my songs 'Ford F-150' and 'Your Turn' that also features a blazing solo by Carl Verheyen. Now living in LA more fusion influences came back to my writing in compositions like 'Velocity' and '5&6'."

"Micha Schellhaas has a unique touch on the guitar that sets him apart from everyone playing the instrument today. That feel, in combination with his beautiful composing is what makes him a joy to listen to." - Carl Verheyen

Micha Schellhaas is an LA-based guitarist living his dream and fulfilling his mission to make music as a solo artist, accompanist and composer. In 2013, he released his first EP, "Wings of Fire", recorded at the renowned Sunset Studios in Hollywood. "Wings of Fire" was produced by Carl Verheyen (Supertramp) who also performed on the tracks, and featuring several other industry veterans (Chad Wackerman (Frank Zappa), Dave Marotta (Manhattan Transfer, Burt Bacharach), Jim Cox (Mark Knopfler, Robben Ford). The EP is an exciting prelude to the full-length album due for release in 2015.

Heavily influenced by classic rock, blues and jazz, Micha has been playing guitar since he was 9 years old. Born in Germany, his musical career began in Europe where he gained a Master's degree in jazz guitar from the prestigious Dutch ARTEZ conservatory, and produced music from his former recording studio, TRINIX Studio, in the Netherlands. Having performed and toured in numerous European countries, he took on the U.S. for the first time in 2008, to explore the home of original blues and rock 'n' roll music and the main inspiration for his artistic journey. Coast-to-coast travels included an extended stint in Austin, Texas, where he was actively involved in the local jazz and blues scene, and enjoyed the opportunity to perform at the renowned SXSWfestival with his improvised street band, the "Rebel Street Show". Micha is keeping his bonds with Austin strong, visiting on a regular basis and constantly exchanging with Texan and local Austin artists.

Micha settled in California in 2013, where his musical career has gone from strength to strength, operating from his private recording studio in Venice Beach. With a top selection of classic vintage instruments, amplifiers and state of the art recording equipment, the MichaMusic Studio is a home base for recording guitars on his own projects, collaborations and hired recording work. Micha is recording instruction videos and gear demos from his studio as well, most notable is his recent work for the top class, southern California boutique guitar builder Ian A. Guitars and Electric Alchemist Pickups.

Says Micha, "Carl Verheyen produced the album. He is a guitar legend, and brought all his guitar wisdom and experience with him in the studio. He is also a vintage guitar expert and has countless hours of experience recording great guitar sounds with vintage gear. His own albums set standards in guitar music today.

"Chad Wackerman played the drums. He started his career when he was only 17 years old and played alongside Steve Vai in Frank Zappa's band. He is to this day one of the top drummers in the world. His organic playing is just as much supporting as it is exciting and really defined the sound of this album. Chad caught on the unique details of each tune and groove immediately, and really made everything shine. He was my number one drummer in the world for the record, since I knew he can play a swing, a texas blues, a tune with brushes and a heavy riff odd meter tune all on one record and make it fit together perfectly.

"Jim Cox played Hammond B-3, Grand Piano and Fender Rhodes. He is touring with Mark Knopfler and Robben Ford regularly. Jim has a fantastic way of playing that is colorful and strong, always supporting the song and never in the way of the guitars. He can pick up a solo in any style right away and plays great chords to support the melody. He is one of the finest Organ players around and we made sure we had a B3 at the studio.

"Dave Marotta played bass. He also played on several of Carl's albums and is well known for his work with Gino Vannelli and Burt Bacharach. He, Carl and Chad have been playing together for a long time and it was great to have a well working rhythm section for the recordings right from the start. Dave's super solid playing and quick communication with Chad solidified the vibe of a great band just having fun in the studio and recording a record full of interesting grooves and great arrangements."

To work with Micha, experience his music and follow his numerous projects, sign up for his newsletter on MichaMusic.com. Subscribers can preview his upcoming album and enjoy other valuable content reserved especially for the MichaMusic community.

Micha Schellhaas "Double Take" will be available for digital and physical sale atwww.michamusic.com

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PARADISE LOST launch live video for "Victim Of The Past"; 'Symphony For The Lost' pre-order available now

Returning with opus number fourteen, The Plague Within, earlier this year, British goth metal pioneers PARADISE LOST celebrated a tremendously successful 2015 achieving top ten positions for the latter in Germany and Finland as well as chart entries in Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and their native UK.
Now the band round off a highly successful year with another very special release that will excite the band's global fanbase. Filmed and recorded in September 2014,Symphony For The Lost is a live album/DVD which captures PARADISE LOST performing at the epic Ancient Roman Theatre of Philippopolis in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, featuring the Orchestra of State Opera Plovdiv and Rodna Pesen Choir.
Today, PARADISE LOST launched a live video for the song "Victim Of The Past", which is taken from the Symphony For The Lost DVD. You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/gZivaJP1V60
Symphony For The Lost will be available as Special Edition 2CD+DVD deluxe edition with 48 page booklet and Ltd. Deluxe Gatefold 2LP+DVD with 16 page booklet as well as digital album.
You can pre-order your copy now: http://smarturl.it/sftlCMDISTRO

See below for the exact vinyl limitations:
1,600x black vinyl
200x gold vinyl exclusive to cmdistro.de
200x orange vinyl exclusive to omerch.eu / sold out!
Digital pre-orders are available at:

Vocalist Nick Holmes states:"We have recorded elements of orchestration many times in the studio over the last two decades, as many of our songs lend themselves well to classical arrangement. However, we have never before had the chance to play with a real orchestra in a live situation, so it was very exciting to have the opportunity to play with the Plovdiv Philharmonic and doing that in such a prestigious location as the Roman theatre."
From "Gothic" over "Joys Of Emptiness" to "Soul Courageous", "Last Regret" or "Victim Of The Past", "Symphony For The Lost" spans the entire facets of the unique Paradise Lost sound, yet expands their trademark doom 'n' gloom with a classical dimension. Mandatory for any Paradise Lost fan!
Nov 21, 2015 Principal Club Theater, Thessaloniki, Greece
Nov 22, 2015 Fuzz Live Music Club, Athens, Greece
Feb 04, 2016 70.000 Tons of Metal, Fort Lauderdale, USA
Apr 14, 2016 Roadburn Festival, Tilburg, Netherlands (playing entire "Gothic" album)
May 27, 2016 Maryland Deathfest, Baltimore, USA
Jun 17-18-19, 2016 Graspop Festival - Dessel, BE (performance date TBA)
Jun 17-18-19, 2016 Hellfest - Clisson, FR (performance date TBA)
Aug 11-12-13, 2016 Party San Open Air - Schlotheim DE (performance date TBA)
Aug 13, 2016 Bloodstock Festival - Derby UK

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ASIA Guitarist Sam Coulson Releases Debut Album “Electric Classical”. OUT NOW!

London, UK - Sam Coulson is the current guitarist in legendary rock band ASIA. Coulson also has a tremendous following online through his extensive Youtube tuition and performance videos. "Electric Classical" is his FIRST solo album and features guitar interpretations of famous classical works.

Says Sam, "I'm very proud of my first solo Album 'Electric Classical'. It's 10 of my favourite classical pieces played on a couple of Fender Stratocasters. I really enjoyed recording these tracks. I hope you enjoy listening to them!"

Sam Coulson made his debut on YouTube in 2007, sharing videos of himself playing songs on the electric guitar. His playing attracted the attention of guitarist Paul Gilbert, who invited him to be a guest instructor for the Great Guitar Escape he created in July 2012. This would eventually lead to Coulson joining the British rock band Asia. When Asia's guitarist Steve Howe departed from the band in January 2013 in order to pursue other projects, Coulson was selected as his replacement. Coulson has, so far, worked with Asia on their latest studio album, "Gravitas", released in 2014

Watch Sam Coulson's new promotional video: http://youtu.be/zjk1wx_Rhig

Sam Coulson's "Electric Classical" is OUT NOW!

Track Listing:

3. OP. 35 NO. 22
6. OP. 6 NO. 11
8. BWV ANH 114
9. OP. 35 NO. 17

To purchase:
Amazon Digital: http://geni.us/Gcf

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Joe Bonamassa announces March 2016 UK tour dates

Following the recent announcement of Joe Bonamassa's live DVD, Blu-ray and album, Live At Radio City Music Hall, and 2014's critically acclaimed studio album Different Shades of Blue, the internationally renowned guitarist has re-scheduled his recently postponed Bournemouth BIC concert to Sunday 20 March 2016.  Click here for the official press release and hi res photos - www.noblepr.co.uk/Press_Releases/joebonamassa/march2016.htm.
In addition to the re-scheduled Bournemouth BIC concert, Joe Bonamassa will perform two new dates - Birmingham Barclaycard Arena (Saturday 19 March) and Plymouth Pavilions (Monday 21 March). Tickets go on sale to the general public from the venues at 9am on Friday 13th November.  Tickets will also be available online to purchase from www.jbonamassa.com, www.eventim.co.uk, www.ticketmaster.co.uk and www.seetickets.com.
Bonamassa will perform songs from his classic albums including Sloe Gin, Dust Bowl, The Ballad of John Henry, Driving Towards The Daylight (the latter reached #2 in the Official UK Album Chart 2012), and his critically acclaimed 2014 album Different Shades of Blue.
Joe Bonamassa – March 2016 UK Tour
Birmingham Barclaycard Arena Saturday 19 March
Bournemouth BIC Sunday 20 March (re-scheduled date)
Plymouth Pavilions Monday 21 March
"Joe Bonamassa's concert was billed as 'the guitar event of the year' and it certainly didn't disappoint, delivering two hours of mind blowing guitar virtuosity." – South Wales Echo
"Joe Bonamassa is undoubtedly one of the finest living blues guitarists, and the Arena witnessed over two hours of jaw dropping, ear splitting fretwork from a genius clearly in his element." – Nottingham Post
"Joe Bonamassa, quite possibly the most gifted guitarist on the planet." – Liverpool Echo

INGLORIOUS premiere "Until I Die" music video

British classic hard rock band INGLORIOUS have launched the official music video for their forthcoming single Until I Die.  The single is taken from the eponymous debut album released by Frontiers Music SRL on Friday 19 February 2016.  Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/SJTdvTfEFGc
Fans can pre-order the album from either iTunes or Amazon, and get a fre grat track of the song Breakaway, plus the new single Until I Die.  Pre-order the album on iTunes: http://radi.al/Inglorious.  Pre-order the album on Amazon: http://radi.al/IngloriousAmazon
INGLORIOUS are being championed by Queen's Brian May who recently told the band, "You guys really do look like a potent young Deep Purple but with a new slant - very Classic! "The musicianship is stunning. Good luck with it all - I'm sure you will do great. Amazing vocals, by the way!"
INGLORIOUS will support their debut album by supporting The Winery Dogs on their European tour from 29 January until 17 February, followed by their official album launch concert a London's Islington Assembly Hall on Sunday 21st February.
INGLORIOUS are being hailed as one of the UK's heaviest new hard rock bands to emerge from the British underground scene.  Originally formed in February 2014, the band is fronted by Nathan James, who made a name for himself having sung for the multi-platinum selling Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Scorpions guitar legend Uli Jon Roth.  Inspired by musical giants such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Bad Company, Aerosmith, the band's song Breakaway has already found its way on to UK rock radio.   
INGLORIOIUS special guests on THE WINERY DOGS'  European Tour 2016
Esseigfabrik - Cologne, Germany Jan 29
Kulturfabrik - Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg Jan 30
O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire - London, UK  Jan 31
O2 Academy - Bristol, UK Feb 2
O2 Ritz - Manchester, UK Feb 4
O2 Institute - Birmingham, UK  Feb 5
Trabendo - Paris, France Feb 6
Kate Antzokia - Bilbao, Spain Feb 8
Joe Eslava - Madrid, Spain  Feb 9
Apolo - Barcelona, Spain Feb 10
Crossroads - Rome, Italy Feb 12
Z7 - Prattelin, Switzerland  Feb 13
Backstage Halle - Munich, Germany  Feb 15
Majestic Music Club - Bratislava, Slovakia  Feb 16
Barba Negra - Budapest, Hungary  Feb 17
INGLORIOIUS Official Album Launch Concert
Islington Assembly Hall, London, UK Feb 21

Jon Anderson & Matt Malley's Single “Family Circle” Entered For Consideration For Grammy Nomination!

Los Angeles - Legendary YES singer/songwriter Jon Anderson and Counting Crows Matt Malley's recent critically acclaimed single for charity, "Family Circle", has been entered for consideration for a Grammy nomination! The money received from the single has gone to the following charities: Flutie Foundation - www.flutiefoundation.org (Jon Anderson), Sahaja Yoga Meditation - www.sahajayoga.org (Matt Malley) and National Autistic Society - www.autism.org.uk (Rob Ayling, GONZO Multimedia president)

" 'Family Circle' came together when Matt sent me the beautiful music earlier this year. I sang the song and lyric idea and sent it back to Matt, thanking him for the great energy. Eventually, Matt added some more sounds and the haunting guitar solo. We decided to have all sale proceeds go to our respective charities. It's a pleasure to release this around Thanksgiving time, reminding us of our connection with our families and how our children keep us together, bonding our love of life." - Jon Anderson

"Not only am I a fan of Jon's voice but I'm a fan of his fearless spiritual outlook which appears in all of his music. A mutual friend said we should meet and got us in touch and after talking a little,Jon said, 'So send some music!' - so I had a cup of my best Darjeeling tea, went into my studio and came up with the instrumental arrangement that you hear on 'Family Circle'. I sent the file up to Jon and it came back with his marvelous voice, lyrics…everything that brought the song to becoming fully realized." - Matt Malley

Jon Anderson is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable voices in progressive rock as the original lead vocalist and creative force behind YES. Anderson was the author and a major creative influence behind the ground-breaking album 'Fragile' as well as the series of epic, complex pieces such as "Awaken", "Gates of Delirium" and especially "Close to the Edge" which were central to the band's success. Additionally, Anderson co-authored the group's biggest hits, including "I've Seen All Good People", "Roundabout", and "Owner of a Lonely Heart". In addition, Jon Anderson had great success with a series of albums he did with Vangelis, and most recently released the critically-acclaimed solo album entitled "Survival and Other Stories" (GONZO Multimedia). In the fall of 2014 Jon Anderson teamed up with jazz violin legend Jean-Luc Ponty to form the AndersonPonty Band. The ensemble is currently on tour promoting the newly released CD/DVD titled "Better Late Than Never".

Matt Malley is an Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe nominated songwriter who is best known for co-founding the multi-platinum selling rock band Counting Crows back in the early 90's. He appears as bassist on their biggest hit records and songs. In 2004 Matt retired from the band so he could work from his studio at home and be with his family. He is a student of the Indian Slide Guitar and a fan of Progressive Rock, Celtic Folk, World and Indian Music.

Listen to a sample of the track here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hATdN-XMBSQ

To purchase Jon Anderson & Matt Malley's "Family Circle": https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/family-circle-single/id911786898

Jon Anderson's official website: www.JonAnderson.com

The Mute Gods launch video for 'do nothing till you hear from me' title track

The Mute Gods, a brand new band from the mind of renowned bassist, chapman stick player & vocalist Nick Beggs, recently announced the release of their debut album. Joined by drummer Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson), and long-time Steve Hackett collaborator & keyboardist Roger King, they will release the full length "do nothing till you hear from me? on January 22nd, 2016. 

They have now launched a video for the album's fantastic title track directed by Crystal Spotlight, and you can watch that here: https://youtu.be/-k1vVCqlrdE 

Further to the above, you can check out a revolutionary 4K 360 degree version of the same video here:

Nick had this to say about the track: "The track was inspired by the speeches of General Dwight D. Eisenhower and his warning to the free world about the rise of the Independent Industrial Military Complex."

The enigmatic artwork for the record, created by Lars 'Zeituhr" Tellmann, can be viewed below and the album will arrive on a limited edition digipak CD (incl. bonus tracks), gatefold 2LP with CD & digital download. You can find the track-listing below: 

1.     Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
2.     Praying To A Mute God
3.     Nightschool For Idiots
4.     Feed The Troll
5.     Your Dark Ideas
6.     Last Man On Earth (bonus track)
7.     In The Crosshairs
8.     Strange Relationship
9.     Swimming Horses
10.  Mavro Capelo (bonus track)
11.  Father Daughter 

Nick has most recently been involved with Steven Wilson's solo band, both in the studio and on tour, whilst also playing live with legendary guitarist Steve Hackett as part of his Genesis Revisited run of shows. In recent years he has contributed to projects such as Lifesigns, Fish On Friday & Lonely Robot, as well as playing live with Rick Wakeman.
The Mute Gods have also launched a brand new website which will be updated with new content and information on how the band came together in the coming months. 
Head over there now:  http://www.themutegods.com 

The Mute Gods Online: 

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Shuggie Otis Releases New 7" Single, Announces First Leg Of 2016 European Tour!

Los Angeles, CA - R&B guitar legend Shuggie Otis is preparing a massive comeback that is sure to make the music world sit up and listen. 2016 will see the release of a brand new solo album from this much revered singer-songwriter-guitarist, his first since the 1974 all-time classic Inspiration/Information. That's right, fans have waited more than 40 years for a new Shuggie album, and this month they can get a taste of what awaits them by picking up the Ice Cream Party 7", which will be released on November 27 as part of the Black Friday Record Store Day promotion. This spectacular new jam finds Shuggie exploring his psychedelic side while turning in an explosive, guitar-heavy performance. The 7" will be available in a limited edition gold vinyl pressing.

Shuggie is also pleased to announce the first leg of his European tour, which will kick off in Paris on February 17. Nobody brings as much soul, style, and swagger to a live performance as Shug with his signature red Gibson SG, and fans who have followed this multi-talented performer's tumultuous career know that a Shuggie Otis concert is not an event to be missed. Whether it be the fabulous grooves of "Inspiration Information" or the funkdafied rhythm of the stone-cold classic "Strawberry Letter 23," Shuggie's songs have a magical sway over audiences, both young and old, guaranteed to get them on their feet and dancing in the aisles!

The son of renowned bandleader and musician Johnny Otis, Shuggie Otis began his incredible career at the tender age of 15, playing as a session guitarist alongside Al Kooper before releasing his first solo album Here Comes Shuggie Otis in 1970. Already being hailed as a uniquely skillful guitarist, Shuggie proved his mettle as a songwriter the following year with the hit single "Strawberry Letter 23" from his second solo album. Now one of the most sampled songs in all of modern music, "Strawberry Letter 23" became an even bigger smash when The Brothers Johnson recorded their version in 1977 (produced by Quincy Jones). After the release of his third album Inspiration Information failed to meet outsized expectations, Shuggie seemed to retire permanently from music. But, thankfully, he reemerged in 2013 with a deluxe reissue of Inspiration Information as well as a live CD & DVD Live In Williamsburg. Now, Shuggie is about to embark on the comeback of a lifetime, and his adoring fans stand ready to re-embrace him!

Feb 17 Paris - New Morning
Feb 18 Dublin - Sugar Club
Feb 19 Manchester UK - Academy Club
Feb 20 Edinburgh - Liquid Room
Feb 21 London UK - Koko
Feb 25 Birmingham UK - O2 Institute
Feb 26 Brighton UK - Coalition
Feb 27 Bristol UK - Marble Factory

Visit http://www.shuggieotismusic.com for up to date tour information

11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025
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Joe Satriani & Robin DiMaggio Release "Music Without Words" - To Benefit UNICEF


(Los Angeles, CA) World-renowned guitarist, JOE SATRIANI and United Nations Musical Director ROBIN DIMAGGIO, recently teamed up to compose a new song entitled, "Music Without Words" set for a digital release on November 4th.  A portion of all proceeds raised from downloads and streams will be donated to support UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund.

The song was first unveiled at the June 30th "Annual Presidential General Assembly of the UN 69th Session Gala" in New York City after being co-written by the two exclusively for the special event.  The Assembly and Gala featured world dignitaries as well as the Heads of States from nations across the globe. 

Accompanying the song is a dramatic music video directed by Ramin Ouladi, Los Angeles-based director, cinematographer, and editor, who developed the video concept.  "Joe and I had a concept of doing a song about healing, where the music spoke without words. That's why I think we called it 'Music Without Words.'" DiMaggio explains. "When it came time to add some images, it was tough to create abundance through visual statements. Ramin was the perfect addition. He brought a palette of pastels needed to make the story sync with the music."

The video is premiering today on YAHOO! and can be viewed at  music.yahoo.com.   DiMaggio offers, "I am sure that when the audience, young and wisely aged, watches this, they will feel the message, whether they just listen to the audio or intensely watch the video." 

"Collaborating with Robin evolved naturally," SATRIANI says. "Starting with him challenging me to create a melody that would touch the hearts of seven billion people, a call to humanity; a message of love. I'm thrilled with the song and this video fits the music perfectly."

The song also features vocals from Ms. Monet, a Grammy-award winning vocalist, songwriter and performer who has sung with everyone from Boz Scaggs to Faith Hill, Toto and Queen Latifah.  It was DiMaggio's decision, as the producer, to blend the beauty of Ms. Monet's vocals with SATRIANI's guitar to create such an incredibly moving piece. 

SATRIANI recently released 15th solo album, "Shockwave Supernova" and is celebrating his 30th year as a recording artist with the "Surfing to Shockwave" 2016 Tour. U.S. dates begin in late February and continue through April (see current itinerary below). SATRIANI is the world's most commercially successful solo guitar performer, with six gold and platinum discs to his credit (including one more gold award for the debut album by his band Chickenfoot), and sales in excess of 10 million copies.  The critically acclaimed guitarist also has 15 Grammy nominations for songs such as "Always With Me, Always With You," "The Crush Of Love," and "Summer Song," as well as full albums like Surfing With The Alien, The Extremist and Super Colossal.

Robin DiMaggio is known as one of the world's premiere drummers and classical/world percussionists. Robin is also a highly skilled songwriter, composer, conductor, arranger, producer, engineer, and instrumentalist. He has toured and recorded with veterans such as Paul Simon, David Bowie, Jackson Browne, Diana Ross, Tupac, Dr. Dre, Luther Vandross, Lil Jon, Martina McBride, Daft Punk, Johnny Cash, and Chris Isaak, as well as with acclaimed world musicians, sitarist/composer Ravi Shankar and violin maestro L. Shankar. Robin was Musical Director and drummer for late-night TV's Arsenio Hall Show on CBS Syndication, and TBS' Lopez Tonight, hosted by George Lopez.  He has appeared on David Letterman, performed at the Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, World Music Awards in Monte Carlo, and the MTV Music Awards. Robin produced former Eagles guitarist Don Felder's 2012 album, Road to Forever, and Stephen Bishop's 2014 release, Be Here Then. For the fifth straight year, Robin has been assigned the returning position of Music Director for the United Nations, where one of his many responsibilities includes coordinating musical guests for the official General Assembly Summit in New York City each September at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria.   Robin has some incredible projects in the works, as he is in the preliminary stages of his new vision — the first U.N. School of Art, Culture and Music in Southern California. 

Listen/Purchase "Music Without Words": http://smarturl.it/Satriani_MWW_iTunes

SATRIANI will tour the U.S. in 2016 featuring an evening of music spotlighting music from his entire

30-year career.  Dates are as follows:

 "Surfing to Shockwave" Tour Itinerary:

February 25       Paramount Theatre                                Seattle, WA
February 26       Historic Elsinore Theatre                        Salem, OR
February 27       Grand Sierra Theatre                              Reno, NV
February 28       Fox Theater                                          Oakland, CA
March 1            Balboa Theatre                                      San Diego, CA
March 2            Fox Tucson Theatre                               Tuscon, AZ *
March 3            Fox Performing Arts Center                     Riverside, CA
March 4            Pearl Concert Theater @ Palms Casino   Las Vegas, NV
March 5            Talking Stick Resort Ballroom                 Scottsdale, AZ
March 7            Historic Paramount Theatre                     Denver, CO
March 8            Abraham Chavez Theatre                        El Paso, TX
March 9            The Majestic Theatre                              Dallas, TX
March 10           House of Blues                                      Houston, TX
March 11           Laurie Auditorium                                   San Antonio, TX
March 12           Orpheum Theater                                   New Orleans, LA
March 14           Iron City                                                Birmingham, AL
March 15           Saenger Theatre                                    Pensacola, FL
March 16           Parker Playhouse                                  Ft. Lauderdale, FL
March 17           Ruth Eckerd Hall                                   Clearwater, FL
March 18           Hard Rock Live                                     Orlando, FL
March 19           Florida Theatre                                      Jacksonville, FL
March 21           Carolina Theatre                                    Durham, NC
March 22           Knight Theater                                       Charlotte, NC
March 23           Symphony                                             Atlanta, GA **
March 24           The National                                          Richmond, VA
March 25           Sandler Center                                       Virginia Beach, VA
March 26           Orpheum Theatre                                    Boston, MA
March 29           College Street Music Hall                         New Haven, CT
March 30           Capitol Theatre                                        Port Chester, NY
March 31           The Vets                                                 Providence, RI
April 1                Tilles Center                                          Brookville, LI
April 2                Lincoln Theatre                                      Washington, DC
April 4                Count Basie Theatre                               Red Bank, NJ **
April 6                Venue to be announced                           Philadelphia, PA
April 8                Danforth Music Hall                                Toronto, Ontario
April 9                UAB Center for the Arts                          Buffalo, NY
April 10               Hard Rock                                              Cleveland **
April 12               Carnegie Music Hall                                 Pittsburgh, PA
April 13               Fillmore Detroit                                        Detroit, MI **
April 14               Pabst Theatre                                          Milwaukee, WI **
April 15              Chicago Theatre                                      Chicago, IL **
April 16              The Fitzgerald Theatre                             St. Paul, MN
April 21              Grey Eagle Event Centre                          Calgary
April 22              River Creek Casino                                   Enoch, AB
April 24             Venue to be announced                            Vancouver, BC
* on sale 11/18
**on sale date 11/13
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Spock's Beard Preview New Track "Falling For Forever" from Compilation

Legendary Prog group Spock's Beard are set to release their first Best Of collection entitled 'The First Twenty Years.'  The spectacular 2CD/DVD compilation, available on November 20th on Radiant Records, contains some the band's best tracks from each of their 12 studio albums.
Pre-orders the collection at RadiantRecords
All the tracks have also been re-mastered by long-term collaborator Rich Mouser, and the DVD portion of the release will feature old, live and archival footage from the band's impressive 20+ year career.

Also featured in the collection is the brand new 20-minute epic track, "Falling For Forever," written by founding member Neal Morse and performed by all members both past and present.   The track combines all the elements of a classic Spock's beard track and with vocals from Neal Morse, Nick D'Virgilio and Ted Leonard, this is sure to be a song that will please fans of every era of the band.
Now you can check out an exclusive preview of the epic track on The Prog Report:
Dave Meros had this to say about the new track: "We were adamant about not wanting to just release a bunch of our earlier material in a new package, especially to loyal fans who probably own most, if not all of our albums already. With that in mind, Neal came up with the new epic "Falling For Forever" which clocks in at almost 20 minutes and was written specifically to include all current and past members of the band.  Luckily, everyone's schedule lined up to be able to record it and even better, Rich Mouser was available to record and mix it as well as remaster all of the earlier songs.  Add to that a DVD with a lot of previously unseen video footage from the early days of the band and we think we have a package our fans will really get into."

The collection bookends a banner year for the band, which saw the release of their 12th studio album 'The Oblivion Particle.'   Released in August 2015 on InsideOutMusic, the album was a successful follow up to the band's 2013 release "Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep", and charted all over the world.   


A lyric video is for the album's opening track "Tides of Time," was just released and can been viewed here: 

Spock's Beard recently completed a European tour and can next be seen on the
Cruise to the Edge, Nov 15th-19th in Miami, FL. 
Spock's Beard Online:

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London, UK - Three years after their critically acclaimed debut 'Pictures of You', creative powerhouse duo Chris Braide and Geoff Downes come together again for the second chapter of their joint venture the Downes Braide Association - DBA in short. The album, entitled Suburban Ghosts, will be released on 6th November through Cherry Red Records.

Singer songwriter and producer Chris Braide has written and produced songs for Beyonce, Lana del Rey, Paloma Faith, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, David Guetta, Sia, Afrojack and Marc Almond's latest album The Velvet Trail; in his accomplished career he was awarded Ivor Novello, ASCAP and Billboard Awards.

Prog legend Geoff Downes has played keyboards in The Buggles, Asia and Yes. He co-wrote the hits Heat of the Moment and Video Killed The Radio Star. It was at The Buggles' reunion show in London back in 2010 that Chris and Geoff's paths crossed for the first time.

From there, with Braide busy working with both Paloma Faith and Lana del Rey and Geoff recording Yes Fly From Here, it took a year of secret 'moonlighting' sessions to create 'Pictures of You'; the stunning result left critics in awe.

Roll on to 2015: once again, the Downes Braide Association doesn't let a busy schedule deter them. Chris has just released the debut album for This Oceanic Feeling, his new project with Ash Soan and Lee Pomeroy, while Geoff is on the road with Yes. Again, the duo's creative juices seem to thrive in those stolen sessions, and Suburban Ghosts is born.

Chris Braide explains: "'Suburban Ghosts' is an album about isolation and loneliness in small town suburbia." The story goes back to his and Geoff's childhood in the small county of Cheshire in the North West of England: its beautiful varied countryside landscapes in contrast with grey industrial wastelands, the feeling of claustrophobia that led them both away looking for a new adventure and those sentiments of nostalgia as they come back to a town populated with the ghosts of their past. "A blank town under a sky full of stars, the same blank town you left behind," continues Braide – "Now everyone has long gone, you're haunted by images of those former frost covered school gates and the laughter of children in the park and of the lovers you had once loved. The alternative life you could have lived. You see a photograph that reminds you how fragile we are. Somebody close to you whom you should have been there for. But it's too late to go back now. It's time to let them go, those suburban ghosts."

Geoff Downes says about Chris Braide: "He never ceases to amaze with his application to the finest detail. And as on our previous collaboration 'Pictures Of You', I once again provided him with the musical fabric and raw materials, and from that point he has manufactured and polished our latest gem with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker." Talking more about the creative process and influences behind 'Suburban Ghosts', he adds "Of course, the massive history of the thriving 60's, 70's of the music scenes of both Liverpool and Manchester can not be ignored and would be indelibly stamped on all of us, right the way from the Beatles to 10cc. But that's only a small part of the picture… I find it is quite difficult to describe in words as it's a natural creation that comes from our collective hearts. Sure, some might say: technopop, 80's, electronica etc, but to us it's much more than a label. This music is made with love. It is a true joint project."

Join Chris and Geoff on this journey back to the land of their childhood as they relive the memories and put their suburban ghosts to rest. Immerse yourself in this powerful soundscape, let your own ghosts finally find their peace.

Track list as follows:



SALANDER - "The Fragility Of Innocence"
Salander are re-releasing The Fragility Of Innocence on November 20th. The album has been totally remastered and will contain three extra tracks that date back to 2005. These were the first tracks recorded by Dave Smith and Dave Curnow and sowed the seed of ideas that would later find the two Dave's forming Salander. These tracks too have been remastered. Two are instrumentals and the other came about when Dave C discovered a Jon Anderson Lyric generator on the internet. All he had to do was enter a name, a place and a general item onto the site. He chose Floppsy The Bunny,Osnabruch, and a Pot Noodle. Thus, the words spat back to us became the song. The Fragility Of Innocence will be available from www.salander.bandcamp.com as a name your price in order for people who bought the original to download the remastered version with bonus tracks for free. There are no plans for any new Salander music in the near future as Dave Smith is now living and working in Lanzarote in The Canary Islands but he hopes to start writing in the new year.

Salander are re-releasing The Fragility Of Innocence on November 20th.

Salander are re-releasing The Fragility Of Innocence on November 20th. The album has been totally remastered and will contain three extra tracks that date back to 2005. These were the first tracks recorded by Dave Smith and Dave Curnow and sowed the seed of ideas that would later find the two Dave's forming Salander. These tracks too have been remastered. Two are instrumentals and the other came about when Dave C discovered a Jon Anderson Lyric generator on the internet. All he had to do was enter a name, a place and a general item onto the site. He chose Floppsy The Bunny,Osnabruch, and a Pot Noodle. Thus, the words spat back to us became the song.

The Fragility Of Innocence will be available from www.salander.bandcamp.com as a name your price in order for people who bought the original to download the remastered version with bonus tracks for free.

There are no plans for any new Salander music in the near future as Dave Smith is now living and working in Lanzarote in The Canary Islands but he hopes to start writing in the new year.

MARTYR signs multiple deal for new album and management

MARTYR has signed an exclusive deal with Into The LimeLight Records
for their new album in combination with a worldwide promotion and
publishing deal with Pure Steel Promotion and a worldwide distribution
deal with Soulfood Music Distribution. As icing on the cake MARTYR has
also signed an exclusive management deal withAgentur EAM. The band is
ready for the next step.

After one and a half years of writing new songs and a year in the
studio (Jack's Place) with producerJack Nobelen (also responsible for
the production of Circle Of 8) the new album is ready. It is a real
masterpiece. Heavy, diverse, innovative but also maintaining the
characteristic MARTYR sound. The album includes guest appearances

Gert Nijboer (Highway Chile)
Nick Holleman (Vicious Rumors, Powerized, Methusalem)
Marloes Voskuil (Izegrim)
John Jaycee Cuijpers (Praying Mantis)
Andreas van Lipinski (Wolfen)

The album "You Are Next" will be released next year March/April 2016
on CD and with a special vinyl edition. The exact date will be
announced soon.

MARTYR: "The reason for us to choose for the Dutch Into The Limelight
Records, despite the foreign interest, has to do with the good and
short lines of communication as well as the fantastic label deal
offer. Add to that the addition of the global promotion and
publishing deal by Pure Steel, worldwide distribution from Soulfood
and an attractive management deal by Agentur EAM and our choice was
there. We are very happy with this deal and expect to release our new
album in March/April 2016 with a grand release party."
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terça-feira, novembro 17, 2015

Original DIO members reunite to form "Last In Line"


Original DIO Members Vivian Campbell, Vinny Appice and Jimmy Bain
Reunite To Form New Band With Vocalist Andrew Freeman

On Friday 19 February, Frontiers Music SRL will release one of the
most highly anticipated Hard Rock releases of 2016: the debut album
from LAST IN LINE, "Heavy Crown". Formed by three original members of
DIO including Def Leppard's Vivian Campbell (guitar), Vinny Appice
(drums) and Jimmy Bain (bass) and named after DIO's 1984 studio album
"The Last In Line", the band are on a mission to bring classic hard
rock to fans who can't get enough of the real thing. The album will be
released on CD, CD/DVD (including a bonus track) and digital formats.
Pre-order the album here: http://radi.al/LastInLine.

First single, Devil In Me was premiered on Planet Rock (UK) and
SiriusXM (US) on Monday, November 16th. The official music video for
the track is available to view and embed here:
https://youtu.be/P8t-9o-jyrI. The single is now available as an
instant grat with digital pre-orders from iTunes:
http://radi.al/LastInLineiTunes and AmazonMP3:
http://radi.al/LastInLineAmazon. Click here for the UK web release
page; download album artwork and official band photo:

Says guitarist Vivian Campbell, "When we started this project a few
years ago, the initial idea was to reunite the original Dio band to
play the songs we wrote and recorded with Ronnie in the early 1980's.
Joined by Andrew Freeman on vocals, we played a handful of shows in
southern California, the UK, and Japan. It was a limited ambition, but
it brought us great joy in reconnecting to this great music, to each
other, and to our collective history."

"When we first got together as the Last In Line line-up, our ambition
at that time didn't extend to writing and recording any new music,
says Campbell, "but when we were offered the opportunity to do so by
Frontiers, we decided to enter the studio to write this new album in
the very same spirit as we did the Holy Diver album; Back in 1982
Ronnie, Vinny, Jimmy and I went into Sound City studios to kick around
ideas and riffs, and about six weeks later we started laying down the
tracks for what was to become the Holy Diver album."




1. DEVIL IN ME (Videoclip)
2. STARMAKER (Videoclip)
3. Making of Heavy Crown
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Swiss hard/prog rockers Orymus returned this year with the follow-up to their 2013 debut album "Escape to Reality."

The band loves contrasts. It's impressive how "Miracles" manages to, musically speaking, drift apart even more than their debut album but still leave the impression to be one. "'Miracles' is harder but at the same time softer than our debut album. For example, we are totally leaving away the drums in the ballad 'Carried Away' – rather unusual for hard rock bands," says singer Daniel Brönnimann. Central pillar of the album is – last but not least – also the gigantic presence and liveliness of the sounds. That's where producer Yann Rouiller (Nazareth, Core 22) kicked in. "He is definitely the most gifted producer I've ever met. He pushed us to the maximum and added so much power to Miracles," Brönnimann continues.

"Miracles" is an impressive proof the hard rock musicians from Orymus were able to surpass the high expectations aroused by their debut album. We will follow their career with pleasure.
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10th studio album due out next year on Peaceville

SWEDEN - Swedish master of melancholy, Katatonia, has confirmed details of its new band member, drummer Daniel 'Mojjo' Moilanen.

Vocalist Jonas Renkse recalled: "We first met Mojjo back in 2009 where his band at the time, Engel, had joined up with us and Paradise Lost on a U.K. tour and we soon realized we shared the same musical background and ideals. We stayed in touch over the years and when Daniel Liljekvist quit Katatonia in 2014 we decided to give Mojjo a call. He has now been with us for well over a year, so far only as a live member, but now is the time for him to join the Katatonia album cycle and most importantly - make his own impression on our new material. We can't wait to see what this will lead to. Love him up!"

Mojjo added: "From 1993 via 2009 to 2014, from today and onward into future battles. I am thankful, delighted and proud to take part in the next phase of Katatonia and I am looking forward to the journey being as giving as it has been for the last 22 years."

Along with Mojjo, Katatonia has entered Stockholm's Studio Gröndahl with engineer Karl Daniel Lidén to commence the recording of its 10th album. The new album is due out in 2016 on Peaceville Records and follows up the 2012 Peaceville album Dead End Kings. More details on the band's new album will be released in the coming weeks and months. Fans can look forward to updates from the studio on the official Katatonia Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/katatonia.

In addition, Katatonia has confirmed live shows for 2016. All announced dates, along with two Bloodbath appearances next month, can be seen below.

Stay tuned for more information on Katatonia.

Katatonia live...
2/04 - 2/08 - Fort Lauderdale, FL @ 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise
4/29 - Kopervik, Norway @ Karmoygeddon Festival
6/19 - Clisson, France @ Hellfest
7/03 - Helsinki, Finland @ Tuska Festival 
Bloodbath live...
12/16 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Debaser Strand
12/18 - London, UK @ Electric Ballroom

Katatonia online...

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Standing Ovation - Gravity Beats Nuclear

Finnish Standing Ovation releases their long awaited second album on
the 27th of November. The 2012 published "The Antikythera Mechanism"
got a good reception among both the audience and the critics at home
and abroad.

The new album presents a fused band showing its best material till
now. Their well-known trademarks are even more finely executed this
time. The engaging melodic adventure containing a flurry of addictive
details has a lot of time and recourses invested in it and figures
such as Hiili Hiilesmaa (Amorphis, HIM, Apocalyptica) have added value
to the production.

Reinforcements also arrived before the band stepped into the studio
and world renowned guitarist Samuli Federley joined the band. Founded
in 2006, this unit is now in its best shape ever and prepared to take
over new territories. And never the less the band is a must see when
they perform live on stage.

Don't miss their new catchy out of the box music video, which will
surely put a smile on your face.

Release date:
Finland: November 27th
International: December 4th

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