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Audio Fidelity To Release Mahavishnu Orchestra's “Birds Of Fire” On Limited Edition 4.0 Quad SACD

"...sets out to further define and refine its blistering jazz-rock direction."

Camarillo, CA - Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity is releasing the classic fusion album Birds of Fire by the Mahavishnu Orchestra as a limited edition Hybrid 4.0 Quad SACD. Birds of Fire is Mahavishnu Orchestra's second album. It was released in the first half of 1973 and is the last studio album released by the original Mahavishnu Orchestra line-up before the group dissolved. The album became a major crossover hit, rising to number 15 on the pop album charts, and it remains the key item in the slim discography of the first Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Although it has much of the screaming rock energy of the band's first album, Inner Mounting Flame, Birds of Fire is audibly more varied in texture, even more tightly organized, and more musical in content. A remarkable example of precisely choreographed, high-speed solo trading - with John McLaughlin, Jerry Goodman, and Jan Hammer all of one mind, supported by Billy Cobham's machine-gun drumming and Rick Laird's dancing bass.

Birds of Fire consists solely of compositions by John McLaughlin. This includes the track "Miles Beyond (Miles Davis)", which McLaughlin dedicated to his friend and former bandleader. The SACD booklet features a poem entitled "Revelation" by Sri Chinmoy.

2. MILES BEYOND (Miles Davis)

Produced by The Mahavishnu Orchestra
Stereo CD & SACD mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
4.0 Analog to Hi Def DSD Digital Transfer:Gus Skinas 
Quadraphonic Sound Supervision: Harold J. Kleiner
Quadraphonic Re-Mix Engineer: Don Young

Audio Fidelity's Hybrid Super Audio CDs offer three layers on the same disc
o    Single layer  2-channel stereo
o    Dual-layer  - SACD 
o    As an added bonus Surround Sound 4.0 all in one disc
Every Audio Fidelity Hybrid MULTICHANNEL Surround Sound SACD is compatible with all standard CD players.

For more information:
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Yoke Shire: Free Outdoor Irish Concert - Wednesday Night 7.29.15!

Chelmsford Library MacKay Branch • 43 Newfield Street, North Chelmsford, MA 01863

Wednesday, July 29, 2015    6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Yoke Shire makes a return visit to the McKay Library to deliver an outdoor show that will be focused on fun for the whole family! Bring a lawn chair or blanket and even a picnic basket to enjoy a free outdoor Irish performance by Yoke Shire!

The weather forecast is looking good, so we hope to see you there!


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2015 will be another RPWL year!

The Munich based Art-Rock band RPWL has big plans for the 2nd half of 2015. First of all they will tour over Europe with a rarely special PINK FLOYD show.

As if that was not enough they will perform the show of their latest album 'Wanted' for the very last time: RPWL will record a DVD called 'A New Dawn' in their hometown Freising near Munich.

9th - 19th of September 2015 (Europe)

For their tour in autumn 2015, RPWL is going to bring a lost treasure back on stage again: ,The Man and the Journey' was the name of Pink Floyd's legendary first concept show from 1969. This classic show was never recorded for a regular release. RPWL brings most parts of music and show in their very own interpretation to your place, of course presented with special visuals.

The show will be completed by some rare played songs from their meanwhile 12 records history.

More info & tour-dates:

31th of October 2015, Freising (Munich)

The 'Wanted-Tour 2014' was made up of nearly forty shows and took RPWL to no less than eight countries. Now, ultimately, the fascinating live event will be performed one final time and recorded on DVD – a mesmerizing ensemble effort involving the band, theatrical elements and a multimedia spectacle.
"Not only will the show be renamed – 'A New Dawn' –, but we will additionally expand and extend certain elements and chapters. Also we will feature several guests in the show. The whole thing is set to be a true extravaganza," singer Yogi Lang explains.

More info & tickets:
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Aeon Zen release new single for free download / pay what you want

AEON ZEN have released a brand new single, entitled 'DISCONNECTED', for free or pay what you want download.

Disconnected is a landmark for AEON ZEN, it was written and recorded in just 2 days and displays a spontaneous, exposed, and virtuosic side that not many bands dare to show. Having been written during a live stream with input from fans, AEON ZEN's Disconnected shows a band that embrace social media to create a truly original experience.

The band had this to say about Disconnected:
"Creating Disconnected in the way that we did, through a live stream, enabled us to show our fans how we write and record, essentially doing the opposite of the track name and connecting us to music lovers. We really put ourselves out there for everyone to see with creating Disconnected, this is the first track we've written together as a band 100% collaboratively and we can't wait for you all to hear the result! We would really appreciate any 'pay what you want' amount you'd like to give for the song, to help us keep putting on great events and keep the music flowing!"

Download Disconnected for FREE / PAY WHAT YOU WANT at:

Watch the video for Disconnected here:

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Maestrick announces release of concept album divided in two parts

The new work will be successor of the acclaimed debut "Unpuzzle" released in USA, Europe and Asia by Prog Power Records

In 2011, the brazilian progressive rock/metal band Maestrick presented the music market with an invaluable work of art. The album "Unpuzzle!" brought together 11 tracks of a genial musicality, with references in artistic movements like surrealism and dialogs with several segments such as cinema, painting, literature, dance and performing arts. Back then, the musicians themselves titled Maestrick's music as a "Musical Aquarelle".
"Unpuzzle!" was exceptionally well received by press at the time. The album was elected among the "Best Of The Year" in all voting held by readers of Brazilian specialized magazines and sites. With the release of the album in Europe, United States and Asia in 2013 by Prog Power Records, the album also reached the international press and conquered the critics, receiving statements such as "Masterpiece" (Stormbringer - Germany), "Fascinating" (Metal Temple - Greece) and "Unique" (Lady Obscure - USA). 
After the tour in promotion of "Unpuzzle!" that passed by several states in Brazil, including two unforgetable shows at the festivals Roça 'N' Roll in Varginha/MG and ProgFest II in Lima, Peru, Maestrick started to focus on writting new songs for its second album. 

Still untitled, the album will be conceptual and released in two separated discs. All the structures are defined and it will bring 24 songs, with 12 in each album divided in three movements of four songs. 

According to the vocalist and pianist Fabio Caldeira, this mathematical operation has, as result, a new and big equation with multiple emotions.
"We have practically all composed and the pre-production at an advanced stage", says the musician. "Again we have a conceptual design, and again everything is flowing naturally. From an unassuming talk in my house, an idea emerged and the whole concept has been developed so far. We will have a trip, again uniting various artistic universes and divided into two parts. We decided to give attention to each disc separately, focusing on every detail, every note, every word of every song. We will have everything that Maestrick has to offer, but now on double dose!" 

The recordings of the new Maestrick album will soon begin. Names of producer and studio will soon be revealed.   

Among other news, on May 16th completed five years since the death of one of the greatest heavy metal vocalists of all time: Ronnie James Dio. Musicians from around found a way to honor the master. Maestrick was one of them that recorded a tribute to honor the legacy left by Dio. It is a new recording for Rainbow's classic "Rainbow Eyes", with the special participation of the brazilian orchestra "Belas Artes" (OBA!) under the baton of conductor Andrea Porzio Vernino

Maestrick's version for "Rainbow Eyes" was released on video. It's already available on the band's official Youtube channel: 

For Further Information:
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Legendary Band The Syn Release Live at Rosfest CD/DVD

Album Includes Two Films on One DVD as Bonus Disc 

May 11th, 2015, London, UK – On May 12th, The Syn Live Rosfest will be available world wide. The album was released on Umbrello Records (distribution by NOVA / Universal) on April 27th in Europe, but has not previously been available in the US.  The album is a live cd recorded in 2009 at Rosfest in Philadelphia on the Syn's Big Sky tour. It also includes a bonus DVD featuring two films "The Syn in the 21st Century" and "The Making of Big Sky." 

Formed in 1965, The Syn was a precursor of the band Yes, with that band's bassist Chris Squire as one of the founding members. At various times The Syn has also included Yes alums Peter Banks and Alan White in their lineup. When the Syn played Rosfest in 2009 the band featured a core lineup of Steve Nardelli (founding member, songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist), Francis Dunnery (of It Bites and Robert Plant fame – guitars and vocals) and Tom Brislin (Spiraling – also keyboardist on Yes' Symphonic tour – keyboards and vocals). The lineup was augmented by Paul Ramsey (Echolyn) providing drums and other percussion, Brett Kull (also of Echolyn) on guitar and Dorie Jackson doing backing and harmony vocals.

The 2009 edition was the sixth annual Rites of Spring Festival. Located in the Greater Philadelphia Area (Glenside, PA), the festival features some of the best progressive rock acts from all over the globe. Other acts at the 2009 show included Nektar, Lazuli, John Lees' Barclay James Harvest, Apocalypse, Iluvatar, Frost*, Mangala Vallis, Abigail's Ghost, Moon Safari, Moth Vellum and Touchstone.  For more information on the festival go to

In a review at USA Progressive Music (, Mike Flavin said of the Syn's Rosfest performance, "their set was an easygoing affair, with Nardelli's relaxed vocal style perfectly complimented by Dunnery's kinetic acoustic guitar and Brislin's familiar orchestral sound. Most of their set was taken from their excellent new album Big Sky, with one of the highlights for me being a very nice version of 'The Reason.'" It's worth noting that the Big Sky album was voted best progressive music album of 2009 by that same publication. The Live at Rosfest album was described by Precision Mastering as "the finest live album we have worked on." 

Two promo films are available for viewing on Youtube. The first is located at The second can be seen at 

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New album from "The Raptor Trail"

The Raptor Trail has been slowly and quietly plotting its course over the last 25 years. Founding members John Meyer and Matthew Mayes had been kicking around the idea of recording something together for decades. Finally in 2014, the planets aligned and the idea actually transcended into a studio recording project which later came to be called The Raptor Trail. The Raptor Trail was actually the first song that Meyer and Mayes wrote together for the project, and it snowballed from there, with "Gravity x Ten" following, and then ten more songs over the course of the next year.

Considering the musical backgrounds of Meyer and Mayes, one might not think the styles would mesh. Meyer coming from a harder edged, heavier guitar style; highlighted by the fact that he tunes his guitar to a "D" tuning (and no – not a normal D tuning), and Mayes coming from more of a progressive bluegrass, jamrock background; highlighted by an instrument called a Guijo ( Half Strat, Half Banjo, tuned in open G). But in reality, quite the opposite occurred. Not only did the styles mesh, but their melodic interplay and vast, yet different, musical
influences pushed one another out of their respective comfort zones. The result was the creation of some extremely prolific, diverse, and conviction-fused progressive rock music ever heard (if you had to put a tag on it).

Before the project could be completed however, there was needed one addition. Gene Bass, long time musical companion with Meyer and Mayes, was brought on to play all drums and percussion. Gene and John grew up together in Macon, Ga., playing in a number of bands together starting back in 1980. Adding to this storied history is the fact that Mayes and Bass played together for 12 years in pioneer Jamrock band Jupiter Coyote. Adding yet more history to the story is the fact that Meyer and Mayes were roommates back in those days and Meyer was actually the first sound man in that band. Meyer is also the person that came up with the name Jupiter Coyote.

So the evolving path that has lead to The Raptor Trail has taken many turns and twists over the years. But, it has somehow reunited a great and long lasting friendship between three individuals who share a unique musical chemistry and history. The music has largely been recorded in each member's home studio. Then, simply passing the files back and forth over the internet and ultimately back to Meyer who has been the mastermind behind the production and

The self titled album will be released in digital format May 19th through Red Eye World Wide distribution. Physical CDs will be available through CD Baby June 1st, and the audio CDs will feature alternate mixes as well as a bonus track. 

Three Syn Discs Are Being Re-Released

Syndestructible, Original Syn and Big Sky Get Revisited 

May 19th, 2015, London, UK – To coincide with the release of  The Syn Live Rosfest, three older Syn albums (Syndestructible, Original Syn and Big Sky) have been re-released. The Syn Live Rosfest is a live CDrecorded in 2009 at Rosfest in Philadelphia on the Syn's Big Sky tour. It also includes a bonus DVD featuring two films "The Syn in the 21st Century" and "The Making of Big Sky." Formed in 1965, The Syn was a precursor of the band Yes, with that band's bassist Chris Squire as one of the founding members. At various times The Syn has also included Yes alums Peter Banks and Alan White in their lineup. All these albums are released on the Umbrello Records label with distribution by Nova/Universal in Europe and Alliance/Universal in America and Japan. 

Syndestructible was originally released in 2005. The lineup on the set was Steve Nardelli, Chris Squire, Gerard Johnson and brothers Paul and Jeremy Stacy. Mark Stephens of Prog Positivity said the album was "one of those rare reunion projects that surpasses the original!" He also said, "From songwriting to arrangements, and vocals and instrumentation, everything on Syndestructible is sublimely understated, creating a uniquely disarming and sensitive brand of art-rock music." At LiveWire Bill Forman said, "Titled Syndestructible, the band's 'comeback' album is a winning combination of post-Invasion Britpop and progressive rock tendencies." Writing for 20th Century Guitar Magazine, Robert Silverstein called Syndestructible "the best album of the 21st century." 

Another 2005 release, Original Syn is a double disc set. Musicians on the album include Andrew Pryce Jackman and Gerard Johnson (keys),  Steve Nardelli, Chris Slater, Denny Ward, Ayshea Brough (vocals), Martyn Adelman, Gunnar Hákonarson and John Bowring (drums), Peter Banks, James Nisbet, John Wheatley and John Painter (guitar) and Chris Squire and Steve Gee (bass). The first disc is made up quite literally of Original Syn music from the 1960s. The second CD included new music from the reformed Syn. Reviewer Henry Potts said, "Original Syn is well worth getting. There is some classic '60s music, there is some great new music, there are some historical oddities and it is all put together behind a great cover." 

Big Sky originally saw a 2009 release. The album features a core lineup of cofounder/band leader Steve Nardelli, Francis Dunnery (ex-It Bites) and Tom Brislin (currently touring with Renaissance). Robert Silverstein of 20th Century Guitarsaid, "Big Sky offers a unique, 21st century mod-prog rock recording that's just as inclined to draw on electronica, acoustica, World Beat, jazz and lyrical, Dylan-esque folk. With ten tracks clocking in at 54 minutes, on Big Sky many musical treasures can be discovered on a big musical canvas."
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Progressive Rock icon Neal Morse, (also of Flying Colours and Transatlantic and ex-Spock's Beard) is pleased to announce his new live album Neal Morse - Morsefest 2014 Testimony And One Live

Released on Friday August 21, the live album is available as a 2-Blu-Ray or Special Edition 2 DVD/4 CD set, and will be up for pre-order from Tuesday July 21 from

The album was recorded live in Nashville on November 14 and 15, 2014. Long-time collaborators Mike Portnoy and Randy George, as well as Neal Morse Band anchors Bill Hubauer and Eric Gillette, joined Neal to perform hisrenowned classic albums Testimony and One. Complete with 4-piece horn section, 6-member female background vocal section, violin and cello, full orchestra percussion with timpani and chimes, dancers, special guests and special staging; this is the most elaborate live release of Neal's career. 

This stunning live album concert features over 5 hours of great performances including the entire Testimony and One albums, plus special encores of the Spock's Beard classic "The Light" featuring Alan Morse, and the Transatlantic epic "Stranger In Your Soul." Also included is a behind-the-scenes documentary with footage of Neal's exclusive acoustic concert, the rehearsal footage, "Name That Prog Tune" game with Mike Portnoy, and lots more. 

To access the official online press release and downloadable Hi-res artwork and photos, click here –
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RIVERSIDE - First "Love, Fear and the Time Machine" album trailer; NOTP fest & North American tour!

InsideOut Music Header
Polish prog masters RIVERSIDE are currently on the road and pre-promoting their much anticipated new studio album "Love, Fear and the Time Machine", set to be released on September 4th, 2015 via InsideOutMusic. 

A first trailer ("Love") for the album has now been launched here:  

Previously, RIVERSIDE revealed a first track off the album via a lyric-video.
Check out "Discard Your Fear" here: 

RIVERSIDE's 6th studio album features cover artwork by longtime design-partner Travis Smith / Seempieces (Katatonia, Opeth, Nevermore, etc.) and will contain the following track-listing:

RIVERSIDE - "Love, Fear and the Time Machine"

1. Lost (Why Should I Be Frightened By a Hat?)
2. Under the Pillow
3. #Addicted
4. Caterpillar and the Barbed Wire
5. Saturate Me
6. Afloat
7. Discard Your Fear
8. Towards the Blue Horizon
9. Time Travellers
10. Found (The Unexpected Flaw of Searching) 

A musical package entitled "Day Session", the brighter companion of the "Night Session" presented on the band's previous album "Shrine of New Generation Slaves", will be available as bonus material well.  

RIVERSIDE are currently playing a string of European dates and next up they will be performing at Germany's Night Of The Prog festival in St. Goarshausen on July 18th. Other bands appearing this coming weekend at NOTP include IOM labelmates Pain Of Salvation, Steve Rothery, Steve Hackett, Haken, Kaipa, Beardfish, Anneke van Giersbergen / The Gentle Storm, Neal Morse and many more. Further details can be found here: 

RIVERSIDE North America tour with special guests The Sixxis: 
Sep 12 - Atlanta, GA - ProgPower USA Center stage
Sep 13 - Richmond, VA - The Canal Club
Sep 15 - Philadelphia, PA - Bull Shooters Saloon
Sep 16 - New Brunswick, NJ - NJ Proghouse at The Crossroads Theatre
Sep 18 - New York, NY - The Marlin Room  
Sep 19 - Quebec City, QC - L'Imperial
Sep 20 - Montreal, QC - The Plaza Theater
Sep 22 - Toronto, ON - Mod Club
Sep 23 - Detroit, MI - Token Lounge
Sep 24 - Chicago, IL - Reggies
Sep 25 - Cleveland, OH - Agora Ballroom
Sep 27 - Whittier, CA - The Center Theater   

RIVERSIDE's previous album, "Shrine Of New Generation Slaves", entered the national sales charts of several countries upon release as follows (highest chart week position mentioned!): Germany: # 33, Poland: # 2, The Netherlands: # 28, The Netherlands (Alternative Charts): # 9, Switzerland: # 51, UK (Rock Charts): # 24, Finland: # 41, France (Top 200): # 194, USA (Billboard New Artists Chart): # 18.
More details about "Love, Fear and the Time Machine" will follow soon... 


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David Gilmour’s new album details, plus more live dates

It's been a while in the making, but we can finally announce details of David's new album.
Entitled Rattle That Lock, it will be released via Sony Music on 18th September worldwide.
The first single is the title track, Rattle That Lock, due to debut on radio
in the UK and around the world on Friday 17th July.
It will be available to buy from digital platforms on the same day.

The album will be available for Pre-Order from tomorrow, Friday 17th July, in various formats.
Please see below for format details.
If ordering from iTunes, when you pre-order the album, you can get the full version
of the title track straight away via their 'Instant Grat' programme.

David has also announced his
taking place in March and April 2016.
Tickets go on sale on Friday 17th July at the times listed:

24 MARCH 2016: Los Angeles – Hollywood Bowl on sale 12 noon (PST) – click here for details
31 MARCH 2016: Toronto – Air Canada Centre on sale 10.00am (EST) – click here for details
08 APRIL 2016: Chicago – United Center on sale 12 noon (CST) – click here for details
11 APRIL 2016: New York – Madison Square Garden on sale 10.00am (EST) – click here for details

Tickets can be purchased at, at all Ticketmaster outlets, or by phone.
Every ticket purchased online will include a copy of the new 'Rattle That Lock' album.
Terms & Conditions apply.

Rattle That Lock contains 10 tracks composed by David Gilmour, 
including five with lyrics by author Polly Samson, two by David himself and three instrumentals. 
It was produced by David, with long-time collaborator Phil Manzanera.

The striking cover imagery was realised under the aegis of Creative Director Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis, with design by The Creative Corporation. The front sleeve landscape photograph was by Rupert Truman of StormStudios, with album booklet and sleeve photography by Kevin Westenberg, while Polly Samson has contributed the studio session shots found in the booklets in the various formats.
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Amadeus Awad to release “Death Is Just A Feeling” in late August.

Middle East's progressive mastermind Amadeus Awad is back with "Death Is Just A Feeling" 
Featuring an all star lineup: Anneke Van Giersbergen (The Gathering, Ayreon, The Gentle Storm), Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon, Guilt Machine, Stream of Passion), Elia Monsef (Ostura, Amadeus Awad), Marco Minnemann (Joe Satriani, Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats) and Jimmy Keegan (Spocks Beard, John Waite, Santana).

The new album from Lebanese maestro Amadeus Awad will be released worldwide on the 20th of August 2015 via Melodic Revolution Records. As with previous releases from Awad, "Death Is Just A Feeling" is a concept album and contains 6 tracks clocking in at around 47 minutes with one instrumental track. 

According to Amadeus: 
This album is the result of: "my personal experience with death, both the tragic loss of loved ones (Father, Brother and a Best Friend) as well as my own attempt of committing suicide, which I contemplated more than once at a certain stage in my life."

For his newest opus, Amadeus chose some of the best names in the business to collaborate with, "each one of the characters in the story represents a certain side of me, and I wanted myself to be represented by the greatest personalities in the progressive rock/metal world; being able to work with my idols is a great honor"

Amadeus is always stretching the boundaries with his music and lyrics, and it's no different with his new album, he is opening up and revealing his most inner and darkest secrets and coming to terms with death. "Death is just a Feeling" is his finest work to date.

The album was mixed and mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studios. 

Amadeus Awad: Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitars, Keyboards and Orchestration. 
Anneke Van Giersbergen: Vocals. 
Arjen Lucassen: Vocals. 
Elia Monsef: Vocals.
Marco Minnemann: Drums on Tracks 2, 3, 5 & 6. 
James Keegan : Drums on Track 4. 
Nareg Nashanikian: Cello. 
Rafi Nashanikian: Clarinet.
Dan Harper: Narration. 

For More Information:
Official Website: Coming Soon!
Melodic Revolution Records:
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QUEENSRYCHE Announce New Album, Condition Human

QUEENSRYCHE Announce New Album, Condition Human
Direct Support On Scorpions Tour In North America
Band Releases New Song "Arrow Of Time"

Against the formidable obstacles of an ever-changing cultural landscape, the rise and fall of various musical trends, and the near collapse of the record industry itself, QUEENSRŸCHE secured a triumphant legacy as one of hard rock's most respected and celebrated acts, selling 30 million albums around the world across a 30-plus-year career. 

The much-anticipated new offering, Condition Hüman, sees vocalist Todd LaTorre deliver the performance of a lifetime on what is now his sophomore recording effort with the band. Produced by Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed, Sanctuary) in the band's native Washington, Condition Hüman is a new mountain towering over many of the peaks and valleys of the hard rock landscape. Look for the album via Century Media Records on Oct 2nd. Pre-Orders are available now at 

The epic album opening track, "Arrow of Time," can be heard now exclusively at the link below

Also, don't miss QUEENSRŸCHE on tour as direct support to the legendary Scoprions across North America from Sept 10th to Oct 9th. For all dates head either see below or head over to  

The band's name is uttered in the same breath as many of the groups they looked to as influences and others who arose as peers. Queensrÿche built a dedicated legion of fans traveling the globe on tour with fellow rock giants like Iron Maiden, Guns N' Roses, Metallica, Judas Priest, and Def Leppard. In recent years, they've consistently delivered high-octane live shows combining the hungry fire of a new band with the tempered experience of master showmen. Even with eleven gold and platinum plaques and a several Top 10 hard rock anthems woven into the very fiber of the genre, Queensrÿche won't relent. In fact, they're in the throes of a jaw-dropping creative resurgence. 

QUEENSRYCHE w/Scorpions 

Sep 10 @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion - Boston, MA
Sep 11 @ The Chance - Poughkeepsie, NY*
Sep 12 @ Barclay's Arena - Brooklyn, NY
Sep 13 @ Meadowbrook - Gilford, NH
Sep 14 @ State Theatre - Portland, ME*
Sep 16 @ Moncton Coliseum - Moncton, Canada
Sep 17 @ Imperial Theatre - Quebec, Canada*
Sep 18 @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre - Toronto, Canada
Sep 19 @ Bell Centre - Montreal, Canada
Sep 22 @ LC Pavilion - Columbus, OH
Sep 23 @ Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica - Cleveland, OH
Sep 24 @ The Vogue - Indianapolis, IN*
Sep 25 @ Caesar's Windsor - Windsor, Canada
Sep 26 @ Allstate Arena  - Chicago, IL
Sep 29 @ Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre - Denver, CO
Oct 01 @ SAP Center - San Jose, CA
Oct 02 @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe - Stateline, NV*
Oct 03 @ The Forum - Los Angeles, CA
Oct 04 @ House of Blues - San Diego, CA*
Oct 06 @ Santa Barbara Bowl - Santa Barbara, CA
Oct 07 @ The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, NV
Oct 09 @ ShoWare Center - Seattle, WA
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Greg Lake's Legendary 1981 Performance At the Hammersmith Odeon In London To Be Issued On CD & Vinyl

Los Angeles – Purple Pyramid Records will be releasing legendary Greg Lake's live album from the Hammersmith Odeon in London, November 5, 1981, featuring guitar hero Gary Moore on CD & vinyl! The concert recording features ELP and King Crimson classic tracks such as "Lucky Man", "Karn Evil 9", "21st Century Schizoid Man" and "In The Court of The Crimson King", as well as songs from his critically acclaimed first solo album from 1981. As a founding member of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Greg Lake has been a major force in music for over 40 years. He has long been considered a legendary voice and musical powerhouse whose impact changed the landscape of rock and roll. Many simply refer to him as "The Voice".

The Greg Lake Band made its live debut on one of the biggest stages available to it, the annual Reading Festival in England in August 1981. Much of the set was new to the audience – Greg's first solo album would not be released for another month. But the band received a wild reception regardless, and there were enough old favorites on display to ensure the fans remained happy…including the show opener "Fanfare for the Common Man," truly one of the most effective showstoppers ever to have opened a concert.

The band's full tour kicked off in October. Purposefully, Lake demanded smaller venues, the theaters and universities that truly represented a refreshing change from the monster domes he'd visited the last time he hit the road in 1977 with ELP. The string of shows launched in Wales, at Aberystwyth University, then moved onto Cardiff University, Dunstable Queensway Hall, Norwich University, Liverpool Royal Court Theatre, Newcastle Mayfair, Glasgow University, Edinburgh Playhouse, Sheffield Lyceum, University of Kent Canterbury, Birmingham Odeon, Leicester Polytechnic, Bournemouth Winter Gardens, Exeter University, St Austell Cornwall Coliseum, Crawley Leisure Centre and, finally, London's Hammersmith Odeon.

It was not an extravagant performance - no lasers, no levitating keyboards, no priceless Persian carpets. The myths and legends that surrounded ELP when they toured were all firmly locked away. The Greg Lake Band toured like a band, and on stage they simply took up their positions and played. Brilliantly.

That last date on the tour is where this disc was recorded, in front of 2,000 fans who now had every note of Greg's new album memorized, and the rest of the set firmly entrenched in their DNA: the snatch of "Karn Evil 9" that eased out of the opening "Fanfare"; "Love You Too Much," the song Lake co-wrote with Dylan in what remains another of the tantalizing collaborations of the age; "Retribution Drive" and "The Lie" from Greg Lake. "21st Century Schizoid Man" and "The Court Of The Crimson King," from Lake's stint with King Crimson, wrapped up the evening in positively rhapsodic fashion, and, finally, "C'est La Vie," from ELP's Works. (The version of this track included on the CD is taken from a show in New York City 1981)

"A single night at the tail end of a single tour, alive with promise, bristling with presence. And welcoming back some new friends, too" - Dave Thompson, writer

Medley: Fanfare For The Common Man / Karn Evil 9
Nuclear Attack
The Lie
Retribution Drive
Lucky Man
Parisienne Walkways
You Really Got A Hold On Me
Love You Too Much
21st Century Schizoid Man
In The Court Of The Crimson King
Bonus Track: C'est La Vie (Live in NYC 1981)

To purchase:
Pre-order the CD:
Pre-order the Vinyl:
Pre-order the digital:

Greg Lake's official website:

11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025
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As was previously announced, punk legend, legendary guitarist and all-around nice guy, Billy Zoom, was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer.  Zoom immediately began chemo treatment and his fellow bandmates, along with manager Mike Rouse, called out to the fans and music community, alike, to help support Zoom and his family during this difficult time.  The response was overwhelming, far surpassing the original goal of $50,000 in a matter of days.  

Now, The Music Cancer Fund @SweetRelief will be working with Billy Zoom and his family through their Directed Artist Funds program. The program was created to assist individuals with long term expenses and treatment for cancer and other severe illnesses or disabilities.   Program services include guidance on medical bills and insurance plans as well as after care patient resources. Sweet Relief will also assist with fundraising events, managing contributions and providing charitable tax receipts.  

Rob Max, Executive Director at Sweet Relief

"X and Billy Zoom have been amazing supporters of our cause to assist musicians for the past two decades. We are grateful and honored to be working with Billy and his family." 

Some artists face such overwhelming financial and personal distress when major illness or injury is coupled with a complete lack of, or have a grossly under insured health plan.  Even with the best of health insurance, treatment can take a toll on the financial well-being of someone in terms of lost wages and other daily living expenses that one typically has. 

The Mission of SWEET RELIEF is simple:  Sweet Relief Musicians Fund provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems.  In other words, Healing Musicians in Need.  We all have received so much out of music, it's time to give a little back! 

While Zoom battles this dreadful disease, his bandmates have made the difficult choice to continue their previously planned summer tour, in support of Billy.  Exene, John Doe and DJ Bonebrake are joined by Texas guitar player,Jesse Dayton (Waylon Jennings, Supersuckers) sitting in for the iconic guitarist temporarily.  

X Summer 2015 "How I Learned My Lesson Tour"

July 22         Music Box Supper Club                       Cleveland, OH
July 24         The Magic Bag                                    Ferndale, MI
July 26         City Winery                                         Chicago, IL
July 27         City Winery                                         Chicago, IL
July 28         City Winery                                         Chicago, IL
July 30         The Sinclair                                        Cambridge, MA
Aug 1           City Winery                                          New York City, NY
Aug 2           City Winery                                          New York City, NY
Aug 3           City Winery                                          New York City, NY
Aug 8           Annenberg Space for Photography         Los Angeles, CA
                   (KCRW sponsored show)
Aug 28         Shank Hall                                             Milwaukee, WI
Aug 29         Mill City Nights                                       Minneapolis, MN
Sept 1          The Bottleneck                                       Kansas City, MO
Sept 2          The Duck Room                                     St. Louis, MO
Sept 4          House of Blues                                       New Orleans, LA
Sept 5          The Saturn                                             Birmingham, AL
Sept 6          City Winery                                            Nashville, TN
Sept 8          Georgia Theatre                                      Athens, GA
Sept 9          Terminal West                                        Atlanta, GA
Sept 11         Ramshead                                              Annapolis, MD
Sept 12         Hopscotch Festival                                  Raleigh, NC
Sept 19         KAABOO Festival                                   Del Mar, CA

For more information on Billy Zoom's Sweet Relief Fund, visit:
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segunda-feira, julho 20, 2015

Perfect Beings Final weeks of voting and pre-order

Just a reminder that we are in the final weeks of voting and pre-ordering of our new record. Please vote now for Perfect Beings for the Limelight award from Prog Magazine in the UK. It takes just a minute and can be done here:

If you could share that with your friends, we would truly appreciate it!

We are also in the final weeks of our pre-order. The mastering of the record has begun and we are finishing up the artwork. We hope to give you a sneak peak into the art and song titles in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for that! In the meantime, if you have not pre-ordered the album, you can do that here:

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DOMINATION (Argentina) - New EP "My Name is Alice"

Godsticks pretty excited to release the second video from our forthcoming album, Emergence.

We're pretty excited to release the second video from our forthcoming album, Emergence.  Filmed in various locations in deepest darkest Sheffield, England this is the single edit of the opening track of the new album called 'Below the Belt'.  The album version is actually a little longer, featuring a heavy and intense instrumental section.  You can watch it on our Facebook page, or on YouTube at:

This particular song is actually one of the most challenging songs we've written, and it took many, many different forms during the *gulp* almost 12 months it took to write - that's how long it took to finally nail the groove we were looking for.  Anyway, this is one of our favourite tracks from the new album!  Let us know what you think by commenting on YouTube or Facebook.

If you want to be one of the first people to receive your copy of Emergence, then you can pre-order  All pre-ordered CDs will be signed by the band and will include: a free digital version of the album and remixes of two tracks by Bruce Soord from The Pineapple Thief, available for download on the release date [4th September 2015].  As you can see from the 'Press' section below, a few reviews of Emergence have already been published, and we're very grateful for the positive reaction.

In other news, we will be supporting Tony MacAlpine on part of his European tour this autumn!  In addition to two dates in the U.K., we will also be playing shows in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.  For full details and ticket links just head on over to our website at:  Prior to the Tony MacAlpine tour, we'll be playing our new material at a few shows in and around South Wales - including Geckgo Festival on the 23rd August, an extreme sports festival set in the heart of the Welsh countryside.
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London, England - Hot on the heels of their highly successful tour of China, Swedish rockers We Are The Catalyst have today confirmed Metal Hammers announcement that they are to play the prestigious Bloodstock 2015 along side such metal giants as Trivium, Rob Zombie, Within Temptation and Delain. 

The bands profile has continued to rise on an ongoing basis, most recently with the announcement that the band are to open for Delain in Birmingham on the 23rd of October. This news also follows global media support of the bands critically acclaimed charity cover release of "Don't You Worry Child" in aid of The Fostering Network. 

"We are of course thrilled to be playing Bloodstock this year. Growing up in Sweden, your eyes are always drawn to the UK and US metal scenes and festivals such as Bloodstock are honestly a dream to play" said drummer Håkan Strind. 

Lead vocalist Cat Fey hinted "This is only the start of our UK plans, we are coming back later in the year for a full UK tour and we have some more major announcements coming very soon too".

"We can't wait to play Bloodstock" added Joni Kaartinen, Bass player for WATC "We love the whole festival vibe and playing live is what we do best. Plus it does not get much better than playing the biggest independent metal festival in the UK!" 

Recently signed to Ferocity Records in the UK and Seven 13 Music in the US, the band are already making plans to tour the US, Russia and a return to China in 2016, additionally they are also working on new tracks for the eagerly anticipated follow up to their debut album "Monuments", which was describe by critics as "Phenomenal", "Genius" and "Simply Stunning". 

You can check out We Are The Catalyst via their website at - via Twitter at and on Facebook at
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Chris Braide, Ash Soan & Lee Pomeroy Launch This Oceanic Feeling With Debut Album “Universal Mind”

New exciting three-piece This Oceanic Feeling, fronted by prominent singer/songwriter and producer Chris Braide, has announced the release of their debut album Universal Mind on 17th July 2015 through Cherry Red Records.

Chris and drummer Ash Soan had developed a strong musical connection as founder members of The Producers with Trevor Horn, before Braide moved to the US in 2009. When they linked up again, the old chemistry was still there and the idea of forming a new band immediately took shape.

The muse was swiftly awakened and an album's worth of new songs came to life, the lyrics facing the unresolved dualism between fake and real self and their eternal fight for dominance. "It's a positive album, one that I'm proud of and one that I had to make" - says Braide enthusiastically.

Outstanding bassist Lee Pomeroy was called to join Chris and Ash in their distinctive creative venture and This Oceanic Feeling was born. Braide compares the album's sound to 'The Police or YES 90125 era, big shiny new wave pop music with rock trousers on and occasionally prog sandals!'

The 12 songs on Universal Mind feature some of the most rich, dynamic musicianship of 2015. In times of self-obsession, virtual personas and overpowering ego, the thought-provoking lyrics are bound to strike a chord with the more conscious listener.

For all those liking their melody with a meaningful aftertaste, this is possibly your album of the year; take the journey across its cinematic landscape, from darkness to light, to escape the person you were and embrace the person you really are.

Tracklist as follows:
1. Lie Detector
2. Put Down The Gun
3. Radio
4. Logotherapy
5. Universal Mind
6. Intensive Care
7. Wake Up
8. I Play Debussy
9. Johnny Tragic
10. Karma Camera
11. Season of Light
12. Finale

About This Oceanic Feeling

Chris Braide's prestigious curriculum includes producing and writing songs for Beyonce, Lana del Rey, Paloma Faith, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, David Guetta and Sia amongst others. He recently produced and co-wrote Marc Almond's new album The Velvet Trail.

As well as performing in the band for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert (Tom Jones, Robbie Williams etc) and for the return of ELO in Hyde Park last year, bass and guitar specialist Lee Pomeroy has worked in the past with Rick Wakeman, It Bites and James Morrison; more recently was busy performing with Steve Hackett on the 2014 Genesis Revisited Tour and is currently working with Take That.

British drummer Ash Soan has played with the likes of Adele, Lily Allen, Rumer, Mark Owen, Cher, Dido, The Wanted, Nelly Furtado and on Billy Idol's latest album Kings And Queens of the Underground.

Amazon CD edition:

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