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California prog rockers release second video "It's Over"

It's Over Video:

The enduring trio of Erik Norlander (keyboards), Mark McCrite (guitars and vocals) and Don Schiff (Sticks and strings) known as Rocket Scientists released their 7th studio album, "Refuel" which is now available on CD Baby at and on at The full-length album combines both vocal and instrumental songs with the band's signature songwriting, performance and production style in 12 unforgettable tracks. Refuel also features stellar performances by guest musicians Gregg Bissonette (drums), vocalists Lana Lane, Kelly Keeling and Emily McCrite along with others including the brass players from the band's previous release, Supernatural Highways, and Norlander's Hommage Symphonique album which also featured Schiff and McCrite.
The follow up video to "She's Getting Hysterical" from "Refuel" is now available at and on the Rocket Scientists official Facebook page. The song, "It's Over," written by Mark McCrite and Don Schiff, features McCrite on vocals/guitars; Schiff on Stick/bass/cello; and Erik Norlander on keyboards.
Refuel started in 2012 with the idea of marking the band's 20th anniversary of their 1993 debut release. Producer / keyboardist Erik Norlander notes, "We decided to write some new music at the end of 2012 to celebrate 20 years of Rocket Scientists. We wrote a lot. Too much, in fact, for a single album!" The band released a 30-minute all-instrumental EP Supernatural Highways earlier this year which represents the first part of those creative efforts. Refuel contains the balance of those 20-year anniversary recordings and is a more traditional album mixing vocal and instrumental tracks in the style that so identifies the group.

Guitarist / vocalist Mark McCrite takes his craft to new heights on the Refuel album. Says vocalist Lana Lane, "Mark is one of the most musical people I know, and Rocket Scientists wouldn't exist without him. He is always up for the challenge of creating meaningful music and delivers incredible work. The songs he has contributed over the past 20 years to both the Rocket Scientists and Lana Lane catalogs are definitely some of the most memorable."

Keyboardist Erik Norlander turns in another production full of depth and color. Don Schiff comments, "Erik is a never-ending source of master keyboard wizardry. His tones are the best, and his choice of harmony is flawless. As for his keyboard technique, it's the stuff of the timeless legends that we know and love." Norlander's keyboard work especially shines on the instrumental, "Galileo," keeping alive the RS tradition of naming an instrumental track after a famous scientist. Norlander was even persuaded to step out with more vocals to the Refuel effort. Mark McCrite notes, "I'm really excited to have Erik return more prominently as a lead vocalist this time out. This was an important element  of our first album, Earthbound, and I'm happy to see it come back!"

Don Schiff performs his usual Stick and bass guitar magic in addition to penning 2 of the album tracks, "Regenerate" and "Reconstruct." He also plays contrabass, cello and viola throughout the record. Norlander comments, "In the few years since the Rocket Scientists Looking Backward project, Don taught himself to play the cello! He had been experimenting with various bowed guitar-like instruments on the Hommage Symphonique album and even on the last 2007 studio recordings like "Earthbound." Those sounded great, but I think Don decided that he needed to learn the real thing … and he did!" Schiff's cello is prominent on the 26-minute opus, "Traveler on the Supernatural Highways," released earlier this year, and the Refuel album takes his string-player role even further on nearly every song.  

Guest vocalists on Refuel include symphonic rock chanteuse, Lana Lane, and long-time Norlander collaborator, rock icon, Kelly Keeling. Mark McCrite notes, "It's also great to feature the inimitable Lana Lane. Singing at the same mic with her was one of the highlights of these sessions, and I love that our signature blend is featured as the very first vocals you hear on the record." And Don Schiff adds, "Kelly's vocals embody all the characteristics of legendary vocalists in style, power and control. On top of all that he also is 'Kelly Keeling,' a legendary voice on his own. It's always a great pleasure to hear his artistry." Keeling provides guest vocals to the horn-driven anthem, "Cheshire Cat Smile," and Lane concludes with album with a stirring delivery of the symphonic gem, "The Lost Years."

Web sites
"Refuel" Digital release:
Rocket Scientists Official Web Site:
She's Getting Hysterical Video:
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ANTHROPIA album - Artwork

The album is based on the Cthulhu Mythos and H.P. Lovecraft's writings. 

Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon, Star one,…) 
and Edu Falaschi (Almah, ex-Angra) will make guest appearances on it. 

Digital release date is March, 15th 2015 (anniversary of HPL's death), physical album available around this time, TBA.
01. Strange Aeons
02. The Melancholy of R.C.
03. Silver Twilight Lodge
04. The Part Of Them In Me
05. Unknown Kadath
06. Seeds Of Decay
07. When The Stars Come Right
08. Crawling Chaos
09. The Snake Den
10. Lost In Time And Space
11. Fuoco
12. Credits

(71 min.)
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Starting in March, 2015, we are embarking on a 32 date tour of Europe, visiting 13 countries, all to celebrate the release of our new album in our 20th Anniversary Year!

The First night of the tour will take place in the Borderline, London, on the 19th March, this will be the launch night for our 8th Studio album "The Unquiet Sky", as well as a celebration of 20 years since the release of "Songs from the lions cage" in 1995.

Here are the dates for the 2015 tour to celebrate our 20th Anniversary and accompany the release of the new album, "The Unquiet Sky"

19th March 2015The BorderlineLondon, England
20th March 2015The CitadelSt Helens, England
21st March 2015Montgomery HallWath, England
22nd March 2015Assembly RoomsLeamington Spa, England
27th March 2015Spirit Of 66Verviers, Belgium
28th March 2015Rock IttervoortIttervoort, Netherlands
29th March 2015Bambi GaloreHamburg, Germany
30th March 2015HypothalamusRheine, Germany
31st March 2015HedonZwolle, Netherlands
1st April 2015Colos-saalAschaffenberg, Germany
2nd April 2015Zeche CarlEssen, Germany
3rd April 2015Paulette Pub RockNancy, France
4th April 2015Prog ShopHeidelberg, Germany
5th April 2015BergkellerReichenbach, Germany
6th April 2015a38Budapest, Hungary
7th April 2015MajesticBratislava, Slovakia
 8th April 2015 Travel Day
9th April 2015RialtoKatowice, Poland
10th April 2015ProximaWarsaw, Poland
11th April 2015Blue NotePoznan, Poland
12th April 2015ReigenVienna, Austria
13th April 2015AusburgGermany
14th April 2015Z7Pratteln, Switzerland
15th April 2015Club Il GiardinoVerona, Italy
 16th April 2015 Travel Day
17th April 2015Bikini BarBarcelona, Spain
18th April 2015MinnuendoPeralta, Spain
19th April 2015Sala LemonMadrid, Spain
20th April 2015Paradise GarageLisbon, Portugal
 21st April 2015 Travel Day
22nd April 2015ConnexionToulouse, France
23rd April 2015Marche GareLyon, France
24th April 2015Divan du MondeParis, France
25th April 2015BoerderijZoetermeer, Netherlands
26th April 2015Centre CulturelSoignies, Belgium


NTH ASCENSION - "Ascension of Kings"
Released December 2014 the latest album and arguably our first official release "Ascension of Kings". Following our debut demo album 'Frequencies of Day and Night' which was made available as a free download through and received some very good reviews, our latest album has been officially released through Sonic Vista Records. The band is formed by Martin Walker - Guitars, Gavin Walker - Bass Guitar, Craig Walker, Drums and Percussion, Alan 'Spud' Taylor - Vocals and Darrel Treece Birch - Keyboards.
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V-Promotion is proud to announce the publication of Jean Kat Ep "Jean Kat".

Jean Kat, multi-instrumentalist singer, developed his interest in music at the age of 14 learning to play guitar. Shortly, he formed the first band "Rage in the cage" (punk hard core) and followed other various groups; the result was the creation of his first demo with "Vladimir" (melodic black metal) which existed for three years

Meanwhile he began to learn the fundamentals of audio recording and programming and from the ashes of Vladimir he decided to create "Musa Industrial", a group heavily influenced by the sounds of the goth and industria scene ; simultaneously he proposed himself as side man guitarist in other formations such as "The Thin Line" and "Mantra Decay".

From 2006 to 2010 worked with many bands as sound engineer, producer, musician and sound designer and in 2010 began writing theatrical soundtracks for independent artists.

In those years, Jean was looking for a 70's sound; he created a band called "Sparkly Cats", his longest creature, and used for the first time his voice deciding to dedicate himself to singing. With "Sparkly Cats" recorded several singles, Ep and videos and implemented its own peculiarities at live shows. Later he decided to break up the band and started to propose to the public his solo project "Jean Kat". He contacted the arranger Fabrizio Grenghi and; it followed a cool collaboration with Massive Arts Studios where Jean improoved his music also thanks to drummer Rob Iaculli. The result is a sound much darker, much more modern and industrial rock based on the goth wave world.

Jean just realized the first music video for the song "Louder", shoted in Tokyo. Now Jean is performing with a live band.

The new EP "Jean Kat", matched by the video of the single "Louder", will be published on January 10th, 2015 by Valery Records and available on Itunes.

The promotion and the press office will be managed by V- Promotion

More information about the band and contacts are available here:

The video of the single "Louder" is viewable at the link

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Audio Fidelity To Release Trans-Siberian Orchestra's “The Christmas Attic” On 2-LP Set!


Camarillo, CA – Christmas arrives early this year with the release of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's  rock opera "The Christmas Attic" on 2-LP Set by Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity. Originally released in 1998, "The Christmas Attic" is the second installment of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Trilogy. The story begins On Christmas Eve,  when a young girl's curiosity leads her to a night of mischief and magic when she decides to sneak up into the attic of her parents' home while she should be asleep.  This album contains a mix of vocal and instrumental songs. The track "Christmas Canon," one of the TSO's most well-known songs, is a variation of Pachelbel's famous Canon in D Major, with lyrics and new music added as well as Boughs of Holly and a soulful rendition of Music Box Blues.

"The Christmas Attic" is being made available on vinyl for the first time in a 2-LP set. The brilliantly remastered records are packaged in a seasonal gatefold jacket that includes a colorful 12-page booklet filled with the tale of The Christmas Attic as well as the lyrics to all the songs.

When founder and producer Paul O'Neill first conceived Trans-Siberian Orchestra, his goal was as straightforward as it was ambitious: "...create a progressive rock band that would push the boundaries further than any group before, following in the footsteps of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Pink Floyd, the Who...but take it way, way further."

With more than 9 million albums sold TSO has inspired generations of fans to rediscover the multi-dimensional art form of the rock opera. They've become one of the world's top acts and listed in Billboard magazine as one of the top touring artists of the past decade. Their $20 million-plus stage production has played to over 11 million people in 80+ cities across the globe. TSO will once again be touring during the 2014 and 2015 holiday season with "The Christmas Attic" show. Last year they welcomed-in the New Year in front of over one million German fans in a nationally televised show live from the Brandenberg Gate.

"... a little Pachelbel, a little Bach, and some rock and blues"

Disc One
1 The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve
2 Boughs Of Holly
3 The World That She Sees
4 The World That He Sees
5 Midnight Christmas Eve

1 The March Of The Kings/Hark The Herald Angel
2 The Three Kings And I (What Really Happened)
3 Christmas Canon
4 Joy/Angels We Have Heard On High

Disc Two
1 Find Our Way Home
2 Appalachian Snowfall
3 The Music Box
4 The Snow Came Down

1 Christmas In The Air
2 Dream Child (A Christmas Dream)
3 An Angel's Share
4 Music Box Blues

Produced by Paul O'Neil
Co-Produced by Robert Kinkel
Mastered for this vinyl release by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio

For more information:
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ALKALOID Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for "The Malkuth Grimoire"

New progressive metal supergroup Alkaloid, featuring singer Morean (Dark Fortress, Noneuclid), drummer Hannes Grossmann (Blotted Science, ex-Obscura, ex-Necrophagist), guitarists Christian Muenzner (Spawn of Possession, ex-Obscura, ex-Necrophagist) and Danny Tunker (Aborted, ex-God Dethroned), and bassist Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura, Noneuclid), have announced an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in support of the band's upcoming debut album "The Malkuth Grimoire." The album is due in spring 2015.

Alkaloid is a band that is defined through the field of tension created between the musical opposites. The band merges extreme metal and other more diverse music genres into a unique style that most people will find familiar, but haven't heard yet.

The band members are well-known and are active in some of the leading death metal bands today, but they all have a much broader view of music than just blastbeats and growls. From the beginning, Alkaloid tends to show multifaceted approach to the music, oscillating between stylistically diverse segments.

"The music we write with Alkaloid is very diverse, it's radical, new, and it's very progressive. Music labels want music that they can label," Hannes Grossman says in a video about their choice of starting the crowdfunding campaign.

Alkaloid offer great exclusives for everyone who donates and helps the band to reach the goal that would help them to release "The Malkuth Grimoire" next year. Donate here.

Alkaloid online:


YUKA & CHRONOSHIP is formed in 2009 by keyboardist, vocalist and composer Yuka FUNAKOSHI, along with three leading studio musicians: bassist Shun TAGUCHI, guitarist Takashi MIYAZAWAand drummer Ikko TANAKA.  Highly reminiscent of late Seventies Progressive rock, the sound of the band is reputed for its philosophical depth, lyrical brilliance, and technical virtuosity.
YUKA & CHRONOSHIP has released two albums so far.  The debut album "Water Reincarnation" (Musea in FRANCE, 2011) depicts such an ever-recurring water cycle.  Two years later, the Japanese band strikes back with "Dino Rocket Oxygen" (Musea Parallèle, 2013): illustrated by a logo designed by none other than Roger DEAN, this fantastic second album offers three philosophical epics and mixes symphonic rock, jazz-rock, new-age and ethnic music. 
For your information, YUKA & CHRONOSHIP had perform at the Prog'Sud 2013 (France) and the Crescendo Festival 2014 (France), and it has been decided to appear in 2Days Prog +1 2015 / Veruno Prog Fes in September 2015 in Italy. 

Moreover, we are delighted to announce that YUKA & CHRONOSHIP will make their British debut with the 3rd forthcoming album in 2015 via distributor Cherry Red Records Ltd. in the U.K.
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Billy Sherwood’s Mix Of Queensrÿche’s Frequency Unknown Finally Available In A Special Deluxe Edition Reissue!

Frequency Unknown, the 13th album by metal legends Queensrÿche arrived in April of 2013 amidst a swarm of controversy. The band had just split in 2 with founding vocalist/frontman Geoff Tate leading an all-new group of musicians while the remaining original members of the band carried on with a new vocalist. Dubbed "The Heaviest Rÿche Ever," Geoff Tate's version of the band included longtime QR guitarist Kelly Gray plus Ozzy Osbourne bassist Rudy Sarzo and legendary AC/DC / Dio drummer Simon Wright. This group quickly recorded and released Frequency Unknown and though the album earned a significant amount of praise from critics, complaints began to surface about the quality of the album's mix. In response, Cleopatra Records commissioned multi-instrumentalist producer Billy Sherwood (of Yes) to remix the entire album. However, due to schedule restrictions, Sherwood was never able to complete his mix...until now!

Cleopatra Records in association with Deadline Music proudly announces A WHOLE NEW FREQUENCY! Coming November 4, a special limited edition deluxe reissue of Frequency Unknown will be released. Packaged in a striking 2CD digipak, the deluxe edition includes the original album plus a full-length bonus disc of Sherwood's complete reimagining of the album. Many of the songs were rearranged almost from scratch, with Sherwood adding orchestral arrangements and his own unique spin on these brilliant compositions. Despite the controversy, Sherwood's Frequency shows that this album contained some of Queensrÿche's most complex and rewarding songs in years! Revisit this historic recording and be prepared to hear this album like you've never heard it before!

To order the CD from Amazon:
To order the digital version on iTunes:

DISC 1: The Original 2013 Version
1. Cold
2. Dare
3. Give It To You
4. Slave
5. In The Hands Of God
6. Running Backwards
7. Life Without You
8. Everything
9. Fallen
10. The Weight Of The World

BONUS TRACKS: 2013 Versions
11. I Don't Believe In Love
12. Empire
13. Jet City Woman
14. Silent Lucidity

DISC 2: Billy Sherwood's Mix
1. Cold
2. Dare
3. Give It To You
4. Slave
5. In The Hands Of God
6. Running Backwards
7. Life Without You
8. Everything
9. Fallen
10. The Weight Of The World

11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025
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Rock Legends LUCIFER’S FRIEND Reform for 2015 Dates and New Material!

London, UK - Lucifer's Friend's self-titled debut of 1970 is a famous album among connoisseurs of 70's hard rock. Its heavy and majestic overtones made it a pioneer release of progressive rock genre.

Lucifer's Friend continued to create classic albums, especially the three subsequent ones – of which no two sound alike.

In 1976 Lucifer's Friend suffered a hard blow when British vocalist John Lawton jumped ship for none other than Uriah Heep. The band broke up in 1982. The band briefly reformed in 1994 for their ninth album "Sumo Grip". Now they're back, after 20 years, literally by the fans' request…

The band will also be releasing a compilation, AWAKENING, which also includes new original material, via Cherry Red Records in March 2015. At this stage, the CD is available to pre-order via the Cherry Red website ONLY and all fans placing an order prior to the release date will receive an exclusive signed item.

The band will be playing Sweden Rock Festival and the reformation is expected to be one of the most extraordinary highlights of 2015!  The band is receiving a variety of offers from around the world and look forward to playing their greatest hits and new material to fans!

Peter Hesslein said: "Over the years I have been asked many times, by all sorts of people, regarding a re-union / re-formation of Lucifer's Friend. As there are currently several international bands releasing cover versions of our old songs and in particular creating a "Hype" about Lucifer's Friend amongst the skateboarder's world-wide, we thought that before it really is too late, to give our fans, especially the younger ones, a chance to experience a part of the founder members of Hard Rock..."

Dieter Horns added: "When I received the first call regarding a re-union of Lucifer's Friend, on the spot I was wide awake and electrified. In recent decades we often discussed the possibility of a restart, made contact with studios and record companies, but now it should finally come true."

John Lawton then added: "The reformation of Lucifer's Friend has been a long time coming, but we all feel that the time is right…To get back together with the guys with whom I had worked together for so many years and recorded albums that have in many respects stood the test of time, is for me, an upcoming highlight. We're joined by Yogi Wichman on keyboards, who played on our last album Sumo Grip, but unfortunately the original drummer Addi Rietenbach died many years ago, so we will be introducing drummer Stephan Eggart into the band line-up…"

Official Website:

Lucifer's Friend is exclusively represented by QEDG Management
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Sputnikmusic Streams OPUS OF A MACHINE’s Debut “Simulacra”

Australian progressive alternative rock purveyors, Opus of a Machine are set to release their debut album "Simulacra" on November 16th. The record is available for streaming in entirety on Sputnikmusic. 

Upon their inception in 2013, Opus of a Machine has been stripping away the macho pretence of modern metal unlike any other band today. Their debut, "Simulacra" is fast, energetic, expressive and emotive. An explosion of high-energy heavy rock and colourful, progressive elements that infers little of the current paradigm of heavy music today. Taking with them the raw conviction of bands separate from the zeitgeist of progressive rock, Opus of a Machinebends the traditional, stares down the barrel of experimentation and explores sonic landscapes too fearful for most.

Formed in 2012, Opus of a Machine began as a labour of love for guitarist Zac Greensill (also in Caligula's Horse) and vocalist/guitarist Mitchell Legg, who over a large period of growth, laid the foundations for their debut LP. With bassist Dale Prinsse and drummer Trevor Geejoining in mid 2013, the energy and passion that lifts their recorded work made it's way to the live arena. Following a string of successful, high-intensity live shows with the likes of Caligula's Horse, Jericco, Guards of May, Mass Sky Raid, The Orchard and other outstanding bands throughout 2014 in anticipation of their debut album, Opus of a Machine is forging a path onto the Australian and international stage.

Opus of a Machine's debut "Simulacra" is out on November 16th. The album is available for pre-order on Bandcamp. Stream it on Sputnikmusic at THIS LOCATION.

Opus of a Machine is:

Mitchell Legg – vocals, guitars
Dale Prinsse – bass
Trevor Gee – drums
Zac Greensill – guitars

Opus of a Machine online:

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Audio Fidelity To Release Eric Clapton's "Rainbow Concert" on 180gm Vinyl LP & "Time Pieces" on Limited Edition Hybrid SACD!

Camarillo, CA - Adding to the series of Eric Clapton reissues, Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity will be releasing Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert on 180gm limited edition Vinyl LP & Time Pieces on Limited Edition Hybrid SACD!
"Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert"
Alive and Kickin' Clapton Makes a Comeback!

Other than one appearance in August 1971 at George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh, Eric Clapton had not been heard from until Pete Townshend coaxed him to headline a concert appearance. The show was scheduled for January 13, 1973 at London's Rainbow Theatre. An all-star band was assembled for the show and in addition to Townshend the other English rock luminaries included Clapton's old Blind Faith pals, Steve Winwood and Rick Grech, Winwood's Traffic mate Jim Capaldi, Ron Wood, Jimmy Karstein and Rebop Kwaku Baah. It was an ensemble effort but the show demonstrated that the reclusive Clapton, nursing a heroin addiction, could still play, and that was welcome news.

If the classic Derek and the Dominos' "In Concert" album shows Clapton on the upswing, then "Rainbow Concert" explores the lower reaches of his psyche. The Rainbow performance was his attempt at starting all over again and coming out of isolation to return to his music. Upon listening to Rainbow Concert it becomes clear just how much the concert helped to re-energize him. The concert at London's Rainbow Theatre stands as the beginning of Eric Clapton's return to the stage.

"Rainbow Concert" is a recording of monolithic melancholy, the music is rich in its make-up and sad in tone. Townshend's and Wood's guitars and Winwood's organ surround Clapton in a protective aural capsule, but he cuts loose as much as his setting allows in "Badge," and he's solid for most of the show.  The album's excitement comes from the layered instrumental textures, the solemn measured movement into climaxes that are majestic if not explosive, and the nuances of Clapton's restrained playing and singing in a suitably course and bluesy voice.

In addition to "Badge," written by Clapton and George Harrison and covers such as J.J. Cale's "After Midnight" and a very soulful rendition of Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing," Steve Winwood steps back as lead vocalist in Eric Clapton's favor for Blind Faith's "Presence of the Lord" and Traffic's "Pearly Queen."

A historic live appearance...all gritty rock n' roll and smouldering blues

TRACKS: Original 1973 release
Side One
Badge (Eric Clapton, George Harrison) – 3:32
Roll It Over (Clapton, Bobby Whitlock) – 6:43
Presence of the Lord (Clapton) – 5:37

Side Two
Pearly Queen (Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood) – 7:00
After Midnight (J. J. Cale) – 5:12
Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix) – 6:32

Producer Bob Pridden
Mastered for this vinyl release by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio

For more information:
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Ripple Music and Geezer: Psychedelic Blues Trio Announce Worldwide Release of Gage LP

Though Kingston, NY's blues-based stoner/psych trio Geezer originally released their 2014 EP Gage on VERY limited vinyl through STB Records, selling out almost immediately, Ripple Music is now teaming up with STB to release the worldwide version on February 9th in Europe/UK and February 10th in North America.

More on the tale of Geezer...
In a dark corner of an old dusty metal shop, alongside the menacing blasts of industrial age freight trains, that's where the sound was forged. Where the rusted steel of a bygone era meets the ancient spirits of legendary mountains, that's where the reckoning came to be. As a whole greater than it's parts (and a whole lotta noise along the way), a beacon arose from the valley below and brought forth a new sense of old ways and a recalibration of doctrine.

In other words: Geezer lays down thick heavy grooves rooted in the tradition of pre-war slide guitar blues, while simultaneously breaking boundaries through sonic experimentation and improvisation. Known for their mind-bending live performances, Geezer has shared the stage with some of the heaviest hitters around, including Wo Fat, The Midnight Ghost Train, Lo-Pan, Gozu and Borracho, as well as Volume IV, Order Of The Owl, Kings Destroy and others at The Eye Of The Stoned Goat Festival in Worchester, MA.

Listen to Gage in its entirety here:

Geezer is:
Pat Harrington - guitar, vocals
Freddy Villano - bass
Chris Turco - drums

"The bass is a leviathan of low end rumble, the blues guitar forging molten riffs of iron and steel, and the drum work massive and purposeful."
- Heavy Planet

"It's a powerful and soothing expression of nearly a hundred years of music placed upon an altar that a thousand giants built and cherished, and this one may stand the test of time in ways that will continue to define the genre for a long time to come. Yes, it's that damn good."
- The Ripple Effect

"The whole thing sounds like a peyote trip in the desert. Languid guitar passages swirl visibly like heat rising from a long stretch of highway asphalt. You can taste the sand in your teeth, smell the chopper fumes, feel the urge to finally find solace in a dusty saloon. This shit works."
 - Vinyl Junkies

To speak with Geezer, please contact

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Todd Rundgren At The BBC Four-Disc Collection Released By Esoteric Recordings

An extensive 4 disc clamshell boxed set featuring 3CDs & a DVD (NTSC Region Free) featuring all of Todd Rundgren's BBC radio & television performances between 1972 & 1982!

London, UK – Todd Rundgren fans rejoice! Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the first ever official release of TODD RUNDGREN AT THE BBC. This four-disc collection comprises three CDs and a DVD (NTSC / Region Free) featuring all of the surviving radio and television broadcasts in the BBC archive transmitted on radio and television in the UK between 1972 and 1982. The set features on CD Todd's solo 1972 BBC Radio One "In Concert" performance, recorded soon after the release of his seminal album "Something Anything", the classic 1975 performance by Todd Rundgren and Utopia at Hammersmith Odeon, London, (including a previously unreleased track "Something's Coming") – on the first ever UK concert tour of Todd Rundgren and Utopia, a 1977 performance at the Oxford Polytechnic by Todd Rundgren and Utopia (promoting the "Ra" album), and a DVD featuring three different performances for the classic "Old Grey Whistle Test" series; the 1975 Todd Rundgren and Utopia session, a film of Todd Rundgren & Utopia at the Bearsville Picnic in 1977 (performing "Singring and the Glass Guitar") and the entire recordings made for a 1982 solo Todd Rundgren Whistle Test special (including two songs not featured on the original TV broadcast).

This set is sure to delight the legions of Todd Rundgren fans and is a superb document of Todd's continuing development as both a solo artist and with his band Utopia between 1972 and 1982.
"Todd Rundgren at the BBC" has been remastered and authored from the original BBC masters and is presented in a clamshell box with a booklet featuring a new essay.

*An extensive 4 disc clamshell boxed set featuring 3CDs & a DVD (NTSC Region Free)
*Featuring all of Todd Rundgren's BBC radio & television performances between 1972 & 1982
*With 30 previously unreleased tracks on CD & DVD including two never broadcast songs from Todd's 1982 Old Grey Whistle Test special
*Remastered from the original BBC master tapes
*Includes illustrated booklet

CD Disc 1
Todd Rundgren:

1. I Saw the Light
2. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
3. Piss Aaron
4. Hello It's Me
5. Be Nice to Me
6. Black Maria
BBC Radio One "In Concert"
Recorded at the Paris Theatre, London 6th July 1972
First broadcast 15th July 1972

Todd Rundgren & Utopia:

7. Real Man
8. The Seven Rays

The Old Grey Whistle Test – 14th October 1975

CD Disc 2
Todd Rundgren & Utopia:

1. Freedom Fighters
2. Mister Triskets
3. Something's Coming
4. The Last Ride
5. Sunset Boulevard / Le Feel Internacionale
6. Heavy Metal Kids
7. The Wheel
8. Open My Eyes
9. Sons of 1984
10. Do Ya
11. Couldn't I Just Tell You

Recorded at Hammersmith Odeon, 9th October 1975
First broadcast on BBC Radio One on 1st January 1976

CD Disc 3
Todd Rundgren & Utopia:

1. Communion with the Sun
2. Love of the Common Man
3. Sunburst Finish
4. Jealousy
5. Windows
6. Singring and the Glass Guitar
7. Utopia Theme

Recorded at Oxford Polytechnic, 25th January 1977
for BBC Radio One

DVD Disc 4 - NTSC /Region Free

Todd Rundgren & Utopia:

1. Real Man
2. The Seven Rays

The Old Grey Whistle Test – 14th October 1975

Todd Rundgren & Utopia:

3. Bearsville Picnic
Featuring "Singring and the Glass Guitar"

The Old Grey Whistle Test – 2nd May 1978

Todd Rundgren:

4. Love of the Common Man
5. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
6. Too Far Gone
7. Can We Still Be Friends
8. The Song of the Viking
9. Compassion
10. Lysistrata
11. Tiny Demons
12. Time Heals (promotional video)
13. One World
14. A Dream Goes on Forever

The Old Grey Whistle Test – 3rd June 1982

To purchase Todd Rundgren At The BBC:
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Drum Heroes Carmine & Vinny Appice Go Head-To-Head On The New Release Drum Wars Live!

Drumming demi-gods Carmine & Vinny Appice have both had extraordinary careers behind the drum kit, beginning with Carmine's tenure in such legendary classic rock bands as Vanilla Fudge and Cactus as well as supporting stints with Rod Stewart and Ozzy Osbourne. Meanwhile, younger brother Vinny made his name as a metal drummer for monster acts such as Dio, Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell. Recently, these two virtuosos have been wowing audiences with their own rock show called "Drum Wars," featuring not only the hits of their associated bands but also a thrilling series of solos that pit them against each other like the Gene Krupa/Buddy Rich drum battles of yore. Fortunately for us mere mortals, this unique concert experience was recorded in June of this year at the Iridium in New York and is now available on CD courtesy of Deadline Music and Rocker Records.

Along with Carmine and Vinny, the Drum Wars Live CD features Jim Crean, Ethan Brosh and James Caputo!

For those unsure of their ability to withstand the aural assault that the Appice brothers bring, a free downloadable track from the album has been made available on the Rocker Records website. Visit here:

"When me and Vinny play together we push each other to our limits. Either while drum battling or playing great songs from our history on this CD, while backed up with a great band behind us!" - Carmine Appice

"A CD of great music and drums that punch with power and energy." - Vinny Appice

Coinciding with this exciting release is a series of European shows featuring both Carmine & Vinny performing alongside a jaw-dropping list of metal vocalists and musicians. Dubbed the Metal All-Stars, this year's crop includes Black Label Society's Zakk Wylde, Anthrax's Joey Belladonna, Geoff Tate formerly of Queensrÿche, Dave Ellefson of Megadeth, James LaBrie of Dream Theater, Testament's Chuck Billy and lots more! For details, visit:

To order the CD on Amazon:

Track List:
1. Intro
2. The Mob Rules
3. Drum Wars
4. Holy Diver
5. We Rock
6. The Flintstones
7. Carmine Solo
8. Bark At The Moon
9. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
10. Drum Wars Part 2
11. Vinny Solo
12. Stand Up And Shout / Heaven And Hell
13. Crazy Train 

11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025
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Dead Bouquet – As Far I Know

The Italian rock band present their debut album, out on October 27th via Seahorse Recordings, comprised of 13 mystical and nocturnal songs, ranging from psychedelia to folk. As Far As I Know has been produced by Paul Kimble (Grant Lee Buffalo) and mastered by Joe Gastwirt (Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, Tom Petty, Jimi Hendrix, The Beach Boys).

Genre: psychedelic folk-rock,
Label; Seahorse Recordings;
Digital Distribution: The Orchard;
Physical Distribution: Audioglobe

Dead Bouquet announce the release of their debut album As Far As I Know, produced by Paul Kimble (Grant Lee Buffalo), which has officially come out on the 27th of October by the Italian label Seahorse Recordings. After all, Autumn is a key season for this collection of songs. Beyond having recorded, mixed and being the artistic producer of the album, Paul Kimble has also been the extraordinary session man, coloring many tracks with his multi-instrumental abilities. Fantastic has also been the collaboration with legendaryJoe Gastwirt, mastering engineer that has worked with Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, Tom Petty, besides being famous for his re-mastering of historical albums by Jimi Hendrix, The Beach Boys and so on... "Knowing that your album has passed through the same mixing board as Time's Out of Mind by Dylan, or Fuzzy and Mighty Joe Moon by Grant Lee Buffalo gives you the shivers, especially if the owner of that mixing board has become a fan of yours." says the Italian band, adding: "We are grateful for having had the possibility to work with these two huge world wide talents. As for us, in this album we put all ourselves, not only melodies and signatures. We thank Fabio De Angelis for the wonderful support at the drums during the session of As Far As I Know, an album that largely represents our life, past and present".The album has been launched by Dead Bouquet's first single, Nobody's Sky, whose videoclip can be seen below:

Watch the first single's videoclip "Nobody's Sky"

Dead Bouquet
Dead Bouquet is a rock trio from Italy that expresses mystical and nocturne atmospheres through moors of eclectic psychedelia, sealed by distortions from a twelve string acoustic guitar and characterized by folk, Celtic and boundary sonorities, hanging in balance between light and darkness. They have been playing together since summer of 2012, performing in some of the most relevant clubs in Rome and surroundings, furthermore participating toLazioWave festival at Isola Tiberina. They immediately decided to register their debut album,As Far As I Know, with the contribution of Paul Kimble, formal bass player from Grant Lee Buffalo, in the role of producer and additional musician. In addition to the previously mentioned Grant Lee Buffalo, Paul Kimble has been the producer of several bands for Slash/London Records (Warner Bros); he has produced the album The Days of Our Nights by the rock band Luna, for Elektra Records/Jericho (Warner Bros), he also has contributed as singer and multi-instrumentalist to the soundtrack for the film Velvet Goldmine, where he worked with artists the likes of Michael Stipe, Thom Yorke and Andy Mackay of Roxy Music (with whom Paul sang a duet in Bitter's End). Paul's enthusiasm for the band lead him, beyond participating as a multi-instrumentalist during the album sessions, to make his huge talent available to play with Carlo and Daniele at The Spot Live Club in Marino, Rome,donating an unforgettable evening of rock and magic to the public. The mastering has been provided by Joe Gastwirt, well-known mastering engineer, who has contributed to hundreds of Gold and Platinum Records for the likes of Bob Dylan (in Time Out Of Mind), Neil Young,Pearl Jam, Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead, Paul McCartney; nominated for a Grammy Award with Pet Sounds Box Set by The Beach Boys. The recording sessions for As Far As I Know have taken place in Italy, at SoundClub Recording Studio; mixing has been done by Paul Kimble in Seattle, U.S.A. The band will be on the road very soon for their debut album's promotion.


Dead Bouquet are: Carlo Mazzoli:12-string acoustic guitar, vocals and author; Daniele Toti: bass guitar and backing vocals; Alberto Croce: drums.
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GONG releases new album, I SEE YOU

Gong's new album I SEE YOU is now out on Madfish (a division of
Snapper Music) in North America.

Please note that Gong co-founder Daevid Allen currently is in
treatment for cancer. We will set up interviews with other band
members: Orlando Allen on drums, bassist Dave Sturt, guitarist Fabio
Golfetti, and horn player Ian East winds. Another guitarist Kavus
Torabi (formely of The Cardiacs and also with Gong guitarist Steve
Hillage) is new to the band; he is also available.

The current incarnation of Gong comprises vocalist / lyricist Daevid
Allen, who, even at the age of 75, still radiates an incandescent
creativity, the original anarchic vibe that was born out of
counter-culture revolution in the Paris commune in 1968. Allen's own,
highly idiosyncratic worldview helped kick-start the classic Brit
psychedelic explorers, Soft Machine when the '60s were still swinging.
His co-conspirators on I SEE YOU are Orlando Allen on drums, new
guitarist Kavus Torabi (The Cardiacs), guitarist Brazilian Fabio
Golfetti, horn player Ian East winds, and bassist Dave Sturt (the
sonic manipulator).

I SEE YOU is timeless and timely, a welcome antidote to an
increasingly homogenized musical mainstream. The playful song "I See
You" is fusion and kicks off the album. "Syllabub" could be a hit, and
namedrops culture in a fun-loving way. Tracks such as "This
Revolution," a spoken piece which namechecks Gil Scott-Heron and picks
up the vibe of his "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," articulates
the kind of concerns and theories that've always inspired Daevid Allen
and informed the Gong worldview, contrasts with the ferocious
inter-stellar Funk of "You See Me," which is sure to be a live
favorite. "Thank You" is a heavy slab of psychedelicised blues, whilst
the closing song "Shakti Yoni Dingo Virgin," a moody, melodic
instrumental piece with heavy pant-singing--serves to illustrate the
immense musical firepower and musical diversity that lurks within the
current line-up of Gong.

Gong hopes to take I SEE YOU out on tour in the coming months when
Daevid's health will allow. Do listen, because I SEE YOU offers up yet
more proof that Daevid Allen's creative wellspring shows no sign of
running dry, and that the latest Gong line-up has the kind of musical
acumen that matches any of their classic line-ups of yore.

Gong is a Franco-British rock band formed by Australian musician
Daevid Allen. Other notable band members include Kevin Ayers. Tim
Blake, Didier Malherbe, Pip Pyle, Gilli Smyth, Steve Hillage, Francis
Moze, Mike Howlett, Pierre Moerlen, Allan Holdsworth, Bon Lozaga,
Hansford Rowe. Mick Taylor & Darryl Way have played on Gong albums,
and Van Der Graaf Generator drummer Guy Evans played with Gilli
Smythe's Mother Gong Others who have, albeit briefly, played in Gong
include Bill Bruford, Brian Davison, Don Cherry, and Chris Cutler.
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Exquisite Rock Odyssey Cry Of The Ocean Out Now Via Ripple Music

London, England's heavy psychedelic trio Stubb has released their exquisitely intricate sophomore album, Cry Of The Ocean, via Ripple Music. Some critical acclaim for this exquisite piece of heavy rock:

"Cry of the Ocean is undoubtedly a release of superb heartwarming, hard rocking soulfulness."
- Ninehertz

"For the dedicated music fan, hearing a great new album is rather akin to the feeling that a gourmet gets when introduced to a particularly tasty meal. The pulse quickens, the heart pulses and a sense of excitement. It is just this feeling that strikes when you are introduced to the flaming guitars and psychedelic visions of London's mighty Stubb."
- Sonic Abuse

"A more complex offering...and in case you're worried, there's no shortage of fuzz, either."
- The Obelisk

Stream/Purchase Cry Of The Ocean right here:

Listen to "Sail Forever," which premiered on The Obelisk here:


The power trios of the late '60s and early '70s are the blueprint for Stubb's loud, hard-driving, fuzzed-up heavy blues rock. The band recorded their first full length album for UK label Superhot Records, and hit the road, gigging with such heavy rock luminaries as the Gentlemans Pistols, Firebird, Cherry Choke, Steak, Sungrazer and The Machine as well as playing to a packed house at Desertfest. Making the trip over to Europe twice with Stone Axe from the USA further cemented Stubb's reputation as a solid live act with some serious chops. Quickly, their debut album sold out and fans of heavy rock have been waiting eagerly for their sophomore effort. Now, Ripple Music is proud to deliver Cry of the Ocean, a blissed-out new album that will cement Stubb's place in the hierarchy of elite heavy rock bands.

Stubb is:
Jack Dickinson - Guitar and vocals
Tom Fyfe - Drums
Peter Holland - Bass

To speak with a member of Stubb, drop an email to

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Focus Members Release Double Instrumental Album Under the Name Swung!

SWUNG is an improvisational trio featuring members of the Dutch progressive rock band FOCUS. This set collects together to tour only CD VOL. 1 and the new album VOL. 2 which was completed in SEPTEMBER 2014.

VOL. 1 features bassist BOBBY JACOBS, drummer PIERRE VAN DER LINDEN and former guitarist NIELS VAN DER STEENHOVEN.

VOL. 2 features bassist BOBBY JACOBS, drummer PIERRE VAN DER LINDEN and current guitarist MENNO GOOTJES.

These innovative instrumentals include elements fans will recognise along with new and experimental directions.

The VOL. 2 line-up will be on tour again with FOCUS in late 2014 and throughout 2015.

Producer and bass player Bobby Jacobs described the two discs as: "These are studio versions of all the fun we have always during our Focus soundchecks, often before Father Focus (Thijs van Leer) arrives. We always start to play from zero and this is what happens! Enjoy!"

The very first review on Amazon reads: "This CD is fantastic. Thanks to the 3 Focus guys for this initiative. This CD captures the true adventurous spirit of the original Focus. All tracks blend well in each other.  This is a must have for all Focus fans... (I've been a fan of Focus for almost 45 years). This release easily levels with Focus 2 & 3."

The album is available from the below links:

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Three years after releasing their first album "SYNCRONIZED", SYNCROMIND PROJECT are back with "SECOND". This album continues what already emerged on the debut album: attention to detail, playing finesse and inspiring as well as driving structures – to name but a few characteristics of "SECOND". On this Album, Enzo Ferrara and Vito Lis prove a clear evolution of their work, which started already in 2009. Each of the eight songs of "SECOND" lives from its own story told by means of a powerful sound and interesting structures. "SECOND" opens the door to exciting soundscapes, waiting to reveal itself to the listener in the course of a trip through a variety of scenes and snapshots of life. The result is a multifaceted work, based on a solid foundation of very diverse and narrative songs that use their homogeneous sound to underpin their belonging to each other. The production of "SECOND", for which Vito Lis is once more responsible, was realized only by the two musicians again. This time, only the mastering process was committed to the Abbey Road Studios in London.
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