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Prog Duo Middlesong Release New EP "Directions" Feat. YES Legend Billy Sherwood

Buffalo, NY - Prog duo Middlesong has release a new three-song EP titled "Directions" featuring YES legend Billy Sherwood. With Joe Schneider (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Phil Tomczak (keyboards, guitars), Middlesong has heavy Prog and Classic Rock influence, along with hints of Folk, Pop and Americana. Middlesong's eclectic sources produce a universal sound that musicians and non-musicians will appreciate!

The three new tracks ("Directions in D Minor (Make Sure That You Learn)", "See This Through", "Rain to Sun") were started at Middlesong Studios in Hamburg NY, followed by mixing and production by Billy Sherwood at his studio in California. Billy, who plays bass, drums, keyboards, guitar on the tracks, is a renowned producer, musician and performer, and is currently the bass player for the progressive rock band YES. Billy has worked as producer and engineer for countless artists in the rock and progressive rock genres. His musicianship and talent is respected world-wide.

"It was great fun working on the music with the guys, I'm very proud to have been a part of it all and very much looking forward to having it now get out there for everyone to hear and enjoy."- Billy Sherwood

Says Phil and Joe, "We both love to write music. We were surprised and very pleased by the way the songs evolved. Never having worked together previously as songwriters, we soon found that the music seemed to write itself, and took off into directions all their own (which led us to the title for the EP). Nothing was off the table. We allowed all of our influences to enter into the songwriting process. Billy Sherwood was then able to polish and bring the songs to life while preserving our original tunes."

For all three songs in the EP, Joe and Phil wanted to write songs with a solid musical structure, but take some chances along the way. Most of their songwriting begins with a nylon and steel string guitar, developing a musical theme, and taking shape from there (the "Middlesong Method").

"In particular, with 'Directions in D Minor (Make Sure That You Learn)', we explored the key of D minor, while providing the listeners with different styles within the same song – a classic Prog offering. Each section of the song represents a stage of one's life; chasing the musical dream; wrestling with the muse.

"With 'See This Through', our intent was to write a song that everybody could relate to, tapping their foot along the way. A fun part of the song for us was setting the scene for an old Western saloon in the bridge and lead section – providing a change from the main structure of the song, and a bit of an unexpected adventure. The theme of the song itself is one of perseverance, and speaks to both the whole of humanity, as well as to the individual."

"Rain to Sun" is a great example of the "Middlesong Method". The song came together quickly, with an instrumental lead melody written by Joe, and an initial arrangement of strings and choir voices written by Phil. In this song (as well as in "Direction in D Minor"), they left plenty of room for producer and performer Billy Sherwood. "In 'Rain to Sun', we were thrilled by his meandering bass line that complimented the dual guitar tracks. Billy precisely interpreted and felt the pulse of all of our songs with his bass and percussion."

Joe Schneider and Phil Tomczak formed Middlesong in 2015. It didn't take long to realize the synergy and soul of their collaborative songwriting! Joe is a veteran of the performance stage. Augmented by his guitar playing, Joe's vocals soar with clarity, smoothness of texture, and deep feeling. Joe finds inspiration from singer-songwriters such as Lennon-McCartney, Tom Petty and Billy Joel. He has great, natural instincts for melody and harmony, and a gift for writing lyrics that touch our souls in just the right place. Phil's love for music stems from the piano, influenced by the likes of Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson. His versatility extends to the guitar, which plays a significant role in Middlesong's songwriting and distinctive sound. Phil's musicianship evokes imagery and will carry you along on the clear road ahead, or sweep you off into a surprising new direction.

As well as Billy Sherwood, Middlesong has worked with renowned mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum. The duo are currently in the studio writing and arranging the remaining tracks to fill out the complete, debut album to be released sometime in 2017.

In closing Phil and Joe have this to impart, "We appreciate your listening and at the purest level, we hope you enjoy our music!"

To purchase:
CDBaby (main links for purchasing):
Full "Directions" EP and Individual Song Download: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/middlesong4
Directions in D Minor (Make Sure That You Learn): http://cdbaby.com/cd/middlesong3



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The Pineapple Thief launches "In Exile" music video

11th album "Your Wilderness" out this August on Kscope

LONDON, U.K. - The Pineapple Thief has launched a music video for the track "In Exile," taken from the group's upcoming 11th studio album, Your Wilderness, out August 12 (August 19 in France) on Kscope. Stream the new clip on YouTube at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LTh10MHMOo and Vimeo at:https://vimeo.com/174219105.

Frontman Bruce Soord comments: "'In Exile' is the first track on our new album and I think it sets the tone perfectly. To me, it's immediately apparent to the listener how important Gavin [Harrison's] drumming is, as well as Darran [Charles'] fantastic guitar work - not to take away anything from the three of us in the band of course! As for the meaning, it's a song about estrangement."

Your Wilderness showcases the group performing without any inhibitions, providing a springboard for the ongoing creative growth of The Pineapple Thief.

For the first time, The Pineapple Thief has brought in several special guest performers. Bruce Soord adds: "Since our last album 'Magnolia,' the most eye catching change is obviously having Gavin Harrison contribute drums throughout the album. This has not only redefined our sound, but also redefined how we approached the songs as a band.  Gavin's drumming is technically brilliant, but also incredibly musical, and it inspired all of us to raise our game. I've also rediscovered my progressive roots in terms of song-writing and arrangement. Added to that, we were lucky enough to have John Helliwell from Supertramp contribute some beautiful clarinet parts and Geoffrey Richardson (Caravan) provided a string quartet. We were also joined by a lovely four piece choir and, to cap it all off, my friend Darran Charles (Godsticks) added some jaw dropping guitar playing... You've never heard a The Pineapple Thief album like this one! I am convinced people will love this record as much as we do."

Your Wilderness was recorded entirely by the band with the exception of the drums, which Gavin Harrison produced and engineered at his own studio. The string quartet was recorded at Geoffrey's own studio in Canterbury. The album was mixed and produced by Bruce Soord and Steve Kitch with mastering duties also carried out by Kitch. There will be a special lossless 5.1 surround mix available with the special edition mixed by Soord.

A lyric video for the track "No Man's Land" can be seen on YouTube at:https://youtu.be/qxYFXw5I45A and Vimeo at: https://vimeo.com/167882200

Your Wilderness will be released by Kscope on the following formats:

Deluxe 12" hardback book featuring:

44 page artwork book
CD8 track original album
New bonus 8 Years Later CD
DVD-AV -  8 original tracks hi resolution stereo & 5.1 audio (24/96 MLP Lossless stereo, 24/96 Lossless 5.1 surround, 24/96 PCM stereo & DTS 96/24 5.1 Digital surround) mixed by Bruce Soord.

CD featuring:

8 original album tracks with a total playing time of 41.07 minutes.
24page booklet in digisleeve

180g heavy weight LP featuring:

8 original album tracks (with MP3 download code).
8 page booklet

Digital download featuring:

8 original album tracks mastered for iTunes (pre-orders receive "No Man's Land" and "In Exile" as instant downloads)

All formats (CD / LP / Deluxe Edition / exclusive bundles) are now available to pre-ordervia the Kscope webstore at: www.kscopemusic.com/store (all physical format pre-orders through Kscope store will receive signed band postcard). Digital pre-orders are available at:

1. In Exile (05:40)
2. No Man's Land (04:20)
3. Tear You Up (4:53)
4. That Shore (04:36)
5. Take Your Shot (04:34)
6. Fend For Yourself (03:49)
7. The Final Thing on My Mind (09:52)
8. Where We Stood (03:46)

Seen as one of the most vital rock bands the U.K. has produced over the last two decades, The Pineapple Thief was formed in 1999 by founder and chief songwriter Bruce Soord. The band has steadily evolved and refined its sound with the bass playing of Jon Sykes and the production and keyboards of Steve Kitch now so integral to the sound. "After so many years, The Pineapple Thief has become way bigger than the sum of its parts," says Soord.

The Pineapple Thief is currently booking a European tour for late 2016 and planning live shows in the U.S. and Canada.

Stay tuned for more information on The Pineapple Thief and Your Wilderness, out this summer on Kscope. 
The Pineapple Thief online:
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Matt Stevens - New album out now.

Matt Stevens is a solo guitarist, band member and composer from North London. He is probably currently best known for his work as a guitarist and songwriter for the instrumental rock band The Fierce And The Dead. Between 2006 and 2015 he performed a series of live concerts using an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal across the UK opening for Steve Rothery, Nick Harper, Jon Gomm, RM Hubbert, IQ, Thomas Leeb, Fish, Mike Keneally, Daevid Allen and many others. He has recorded four solo albums. In 2014 he signed to Esoteric/Cherry Red records for the release of the Lucid album which featured members of King Crimson, Knifeworld, Chrome Hoof and Frost*. It stayed in the Prog magazine chart for 3 months peaking at 8.

Matt Stevens was voted 5th in the Prog Magazine 2014 Reader's Poll for best guitarist alongside Steve Howe, Steve Hackett, Steve Rothery and Guthrie Govan. He was nominated for a Breakthrough Artist Prog award in 2014. Lucid was a Guitar Player Magazine Editor's Album Of The Month and in various magazine and website's albums of the year critics polls. He was also worked with Judy Dyble, Cosmograf, Lextrical, Shineback, Emmett Elvin, Andy Tillison, Nine Stones Close and numerous others. 

The Fierce And The Dead have released 2 albums and 3 EPs since 2010 and are currently signed to BEM records. They continue to tour regularly and have recently supported bands including The Aristocrats & Crippled Black Phoenix and played at the Arctangent festival with 65daysofstatic, Deafheaven and Deerhoof, amongst many other festival appearances. They were nominated for a Prog Magazine Award for best new act and have received positive press from Time Out New York, Total Guitar, Rock A Rolla, Echoes And Dust and others. They have been selected to be the first instrumental act to play the 2016 Ramblin Man festival with Hawkwind, Europe & Whitesnake and are currently recording their third album.

"An effortless display of cleverly arranged and resourceful playing....(an)acoustic masterclass"Classic Rock Presents Prog (live review June 2011)

"A one man guitar orchestra" Acoustic Magazine UK

"This is a unique album coming from a unique musician and one i would seriously implore anyone to experience it."Music Mafia UK.

This collection includes a live solo guitar and loop pedal set from a church for Farncombe Music Club from 2014 that was recorded from the desk, 2 ambient pieces and two lost songs.  I'm really pleased that the live songs exist as a record of my live performances from this period, no overdubs were made to the recording. The versions of the songs are really different from the studio ones, I usually wrote the songs in this format and added the production with Kevin afterwards so it's nice to have these versions out there. Pecadillo was recorded for my friend Kavus Torabi's Believers Roast label for a compilation in 2012 and Blue Filter is an out take from the recording of the Ghost album from 2010. I believe the ambient tracks were recorded around 2011 live on my home studio. This is material that has been released as downloads online but never on CD before and they have been remastered and tidied up for this album.

Matt Stevens Sites
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New Album from scandinavian Nordberg

Music transcends language and Peter Nordberg is an example of that. He has been far more successful outside Sweden even though he sings in his native tongue swedish.

Peter is something of a restless soul. He spent his twenties and thirties travelling and performing all over Europe, before eventually landing in Stavanger, Norway in the mid nineties.

At his neighborhood pub on Stavanger's east side, Nordberg finally found the collaborators, and the peace of mind, to finish writing his first album of original songs. Recorded over two weeks at a fjord-side cabin, "Tiden Visar Vägen" (Time Shows The Way) contains 11 songs about love, loss and belonging. It was released in 1999.

The second, somewhat darker solo effort, "Slott I Sanden" (Sandcastles) was recorded in Stockholm, Stavanger and New York, and released in 2005.

The following year, Nordberg joined forces with Norwegian singer/songwriter Vidar Johnsen. The duo spent the next few years frantically writing, recording and touring. They released three records in as many years. 2007's Ord & Ögonblick, Mål & Mening from 2008, and I Ild & Vatten (2009) brought a string of radio hits, several local Grammy nominations and combined sales of more than 100 000 copies.

After moving home to Stockholm in 2010 Nordberg continued to collaborate with musicians from both Sweden and Norway. Här I Nord (Here In The North), released in 2012, shows Peter from a lighter, airier side. There is also an even deeper connection to Sweden's long and rich folk tradition than had been evident on the Johnsen / Nordberg albums and Peter's previous solo efforts.

This trend continued on the 2014 EP "Hellre I Det Blå" (Rather In The Blue) with more prominent use of traditional Swedish instruments such as nyckelharpa.

2016's "Om Man Inte Är Här", on the other hand, strikes quite the contrast, with its heavily electronic soundscapes and the almost total sidelining of Nordberg's acoustic guitar. However, even if the album is an at least temporary departure from some of Peter's trademarks, the humanity, the storytelling and his distinct voice are very much present.

Released on April 29th, the album was the result of a very successful crowd-funding campaign.

Peter Nordberg is currently travelling Scandinavia and, for a week in June, he was in the US, promoting the brand new record. And even if "Om Man Inte Är Här" is fairly devoid of Peter's acoustic guitar, it is still his primary travelling and performing companion. When you see him in concert, expect an intimate and sympathetic performance boosted by a remarkable catalog of songs.
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John Wesley announces forthcoming new album 'a way you'll never be' plus US tour dates with Marillion & Steven Wilson

Renowned singer / songwriter & guitarist John Wesley has announced he will release his forthcoming 8th studio album 'a way you'll never be' on October 7th, 2016, and you can view the stunning cover art by Carl Glover of Aleph Studio (Porcupine Tree, Marillion) above.

John had this to say:
"'a way you'll never be' was fairly big step for me in that I have worked extremely hard at bringing the two sides of my writing together; the "acoustic singer songwriter" and the "electric heavy guitar" elements. This album is most certainly the set of songs that has successfully combined my introspective lyrics with the aggressive type of guitar playing and writing that I love. Mark Prator and Sean Malone brought the songs to life as an amazing rhythm section. The themes of the lyrics, the melodies, and the playing make these my favourite, most cohesive and adventurous set of tracks to date. Stylistically the songs revisit some of the guitar music of the 70's that grabbed me and made me want to be a guitarist. Sonically I combined those 70's big guitar tones with the modern sounds available to us as guitarists today."
In support of the album, John will head out as support to Marillion & Steven Wilson in the US & Canada and you can find the full list of dates below:

With Marillion
Friday 21 October 2016 - The Regency Ballroom San Francisco, CA, USA
 Saturday 22 October 2016 - Saban Theater Beverly Hills Beverly Hills, CA, USA
Tuesday 25 October 2016 - Paramount Theatre Denver, CO, USA
Thursday 27 October 2016 - Vic Theatre Chicago, IL, USA
Friday 28 October 2016 - Vic Theatre Chicago, IL, USA
Saturday 29 October 2016 - Hard Rock Live Northfield, OH, USA
Monday 31 October 2016 - Danforth Music Hall Toronto, ON, Canada
Tuesday 1 November 2016 - Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre Montreal, QC, Canada
Wednesday 2 November 2016 - L'Impérial Bell Québec, QC, Canada
Friday 4 November 2016 - Royale Boston Boston, MA, USA
Saturday 5 November 2016 - 9:30 Club Washington, DC, USA
 Sunday 6 November 2016 - Keswick Theatre Philadelphia, PA, USA
 Tuesday 8 November 2016 - Playstation Theater New York, NY, USA
With Steven Wilson
Thursday 17 November 2016 - Center Stage Atlanta, GA, USA
Friday 18 November 2016 - The Plaza Live Orlando, FL, USA
Saturday 19 November - State Theatre Tampa, FL, USA
Sunday 20 November - Culture Room Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
'a way you'll never be' was produced by Jim Morris at the legendary Morrisound Studios and you can find the full track-listing below:

1.   by the light of a sun
2.   a way you'll never be
3.   to outrun the light
4.   the revolutionist
5.   nada
6.   the silence in coffee
7.   unsafe space
8.   sun.a.rose
9.   epic
10.  pointless endeavors
John Wesley has built a long and varied career as a songwriter, guitarist, and recording artist. His music has been called lyrically sensitive and musically dynamic. His song-writing style incorporates emotionally-charged vocals that evoke the honesty and intimacy of Roger Waters and Patty Griffin coupled with a melodic yet intricate guitar style reminiscent of David Gilmour, Alex Lifeson, and Jeff Beck. John Wesley has performed as guitarist/vocalist for critically acclaimed UK based recording act Porcupine Tree, during the "In Absentia", "Deadwing", "Fear of a Blank Planet", and "The Incident" world tours with whom he played with for nine years, culminating in 2010 with sold out performances at Radio City Music Hall and the Royal Albert Hall.
Look out for more information on the album in the coming weeks.

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Fifth studio album "Scintilla" out September 2 on Kscope

ROME, Italy - Ahead of the release of its fifth studio album Scintilla on September 2 via Kscope, Nosound has launched a new video for the song "Sogno E Incendio" featuring acclaimed Italian singer Andrea Chimenti. Stream the clip on YouTube at:

Nosound's Giancarlo Erra explains: "The video was directed by Erika Errante. She was introduced to me by Andrea [Chimenti] via his son, as she had produced a few videos for his band and I wanted a video done by someone else for once, not myself. For this reason I wanted to give her full freedom. All we knew is that we didn't want to go too literal with the lyrics in the song, but instead expressing the concept in another way. So the concept is explained through the idea of lost and found people and feeling, and transformation from one into the other. It is a more loose and artistic connection, and I liked it a lot for that reason."

Giancarlo Erra co-wrote the song with Andrea Chimenti: "Working with Andrea was extremely easy; we discovered we have a common emotional ground, so the theme of my album immediately vibrated with him and together we quickly arrived to the meaning this song was meant for. The song is all about the spark (scintilla) that can ignite a fire, but for that to happen there's a need for dead dried leaves, or branches, or old paper, so the old and dead stuff that seems useless is what is really needed for the fire to start again."

On the collaboration and creative thought process Chimenti adds: "Giancarlo Erra had long ago sent me an instrumental song to listen to. It struck me immediately and I liked very much the idea of working with him, but as often happens we were busy with various things and that tune remained in the drawer for a while ... maybe it was not the time to deal with it because everything happens when it has to happen. At the beginning of this year, after a series of events that have transformed my life, the text and singing for that song were born. The extraordinary piano sequence of Nosound, with its perpetual motion, rolled out the words, one after another like a string of pearls and the album title 'Scintilla' was the thread on which they walked.
"The crescendo of the second part suggested to me fire as a purifying element that from a spark turns into a real fire. I love music when it manages to be evocative, calling into dreams and images. The music of this song has in it all that strength and not just that of the dream, but that of the spark, the fire prelude."

Inspired by personal upheaval and a desire for change, Scintilla is an emotionally complex and musically direct work, presenting a stripped-down set of compositions that mark a major departure from Nosound's trademark symphonic lushness and production precision. Taking in influences from post rock, shoegaze and alt-singer-songwriters, the album imaginatively utilizes a mostly organic and acoustic sound palette.

In addition to Andrea Chimenti, Anathema's Vincent Cavanagh lends his distinctive vocals to two of the album's tracks, and cellist Marianne De Chastelaine returns once more to the Nosound fold (this time in a more free-flowing and improvisational capacity).

An additional Scintilla track and video, "Short Story," can be streamed on YouTube at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLtfb-HcTz8&feature=youtu.be and Vimeo at:https://vimeo.com/167108079.

Scintilla is available to pre-order via the Kscope webstore at: https://www.burningshed.com/store/nosound as a deluxe CD/Blu-Ray in Mediabook (with 24 page booklet and Blu-Ray containing HD stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixes, plus additional video content) and audiophile double 180g vinyl edition (mastered at 45rpm to ensure quality) in a gatefold cover with booklet and poly-lined inner bags. Download and streaming versions will be available to pre-order at: http://smarturl.it/SCINTILLA_DIGITAL with instant downloads of "Short Story" and "Sogno E Incendio."

1. Short Story [02:24]
2. Last Lunch [07:00]
3. Little Man [04:38]
4. In Celebration of Life [05:34]
5. Sogno E Incendio [04:44]
6. Emily [03:19]
7. The Perfect Wife [07:27]
8. Love is Forever [02:51]
9. Evil Smile [04:33]
10. Scintilla [06:27]

Regarded by critics and fans alike as one of the most interesting up and coming alt/art rock bands in Europe, Nosound inventively combines influences from '70s psychedelia, '80s/'90s ambient and contemporary alternative, progressive and post rock. The project started as a one man studio project in late 2002 by Giancarlo Erra, but has since grown into a five piece band, evolving into something unique, focused and powerful. The music is evocative and intense, with personal songwriting.

A cathartic album of emotional extremes, Scintilla marks the brave beginning of the second phase of Nosound's fascinating career. Stay tuned for more information on Nosound andScintilla, out this September on Kscope. 

Nosound is:
Giancarlo Erra - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Marco Berni - keyboards, vocals
Alessandro Luci - bass, upright bass, keyboards
Paolo Vigliarolo - acoustic/electric guitars
Giulio Caneponi - drums, percussion, vocals
Nosound online: 
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YES Legend Jon Anderson To Receive Prog God Award From Progressive Music Awards!

London, UK – Music legend Jon Anderson will be presented with the Prog God award at this year's Progressive Music Awards, in association with currencies.co.uk, which will be held at London's Underglobe on September 1, 2016! This very special honor is awarded to musical innovators within the world of progressive rock music and sees Anderson joining such music luminaries as Rick Wakeman, Ian Anderson, Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks, in collecting the prestigious award.

Says Jon "After all these years, it's just wonderful to be getting this very special award. Music has guided me along to this point in my life and I'm forever excited about the new and progressive musical adventures I am given by the gods of music. Making music is like breathing to me, and I am blessed to be able to create music every day. A very grateful and humble thank you."

Read about the Prog God award here:

YES's original singer/songwriter for 35 years, Jon Anderson has had a successful solo career, which includes working with such notable music artists as Vangelis, Kitaro, and Milton Nascimento. Jon recently joined musical forces with jazz violin legend Jean Luc Ponty to form the AndersonPonty Band. The duo released their critically acclaimed CD/DVD titled "Better Late Than Never" in 2015 and have completed two successful tours of North America. Jon's new album with Swedish guitarist Roine Stolt titled "Invention of Knowledge" was released on InsideOut Records on July 8, 2016 and it's getting amazing rave reviews worldwide! His latest venture is reuniting with YES alumni Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman - ARW.

Catch Jon Anderson on tour with ARW this Fall 2016!
ARW official website: http://www.arw-tour.com/

Watch the new Anderson/Stolt video "The Knowing": https://youtu.be/scVF-gF3pIM

For more information:
Jon Anderson official website: www.jonanderson.com
AndersonPonty Band official website: http://www.andersonpontyband.com/
Jon Anderson & Roine Stolt FB page: https://www.facebook.com/AndersonStolt/

                                      Photo by Deborah Anderson

About Prog Magazine:
Prog launched in March 2009 as a four-edition special highlighting one of popular music's biggest, boldest and most original forms. It quickly grew to nine issues a year. Prog now has a worldwide readership of 50,000 and a dedicated website www.progmagazine.com. In 2012 Prog debuted The Progressive Music Awards to further celebrate and support the best in the genre both classic and upcoming. Due to demand, the mag is now published ten times a year and has previously been nominated at the PPA Awards for Specialist Magazine Of The Year.
About TeamRock:
TeamRock is the global home of rock and metal music. It connects rock fans with incredible content on a range of platforms and is already the go-to destination for fans and artists alike. Owner of the leading rock and metal brands TeamRock, Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog, TeamRock engages with fans through websites and apps for mobile and desktop, digital and print magazines, radio and gaming. TeamRock is backed by Harwood Private Equity.
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Marblewood new line-up

As you might have recognized on the picture above we have a change in our line-up. As Ariane Bertogg takes a break from touring in order to finish her PhD, she is currently substitued by Renato Matteucci on bass for this years shows. Furthermore, we extended Marblewood with guest musicians Giuliano Nodari on Moog synthesizer/guitar and Vikram Sekerovic on vocals. Both of them are also appearing on our second album which we finished recording and which is currently being mixed and mastered.

A couple of pictures from the first show this year - the annual rooftop party in Zürich - you'll find on our new facebook page, feel free to like it:

This summer we have the chance to play three beautiful festivals. We will start next Saturday July 23rd at Albispass Openair in Switzerland, which features a terrific view overlooking the Swiss Alps

Following that, we will perform at Burg Herzberg Festival (28.7-31.7) in Breitenbach (GER) and Finkenbach Festival (13.8) in Odenwald near Heidelberg (GER). Many thanks to Mani Neumeier for inviting us again to perform on such a wonderful event.


We are very happpy to annouce that we could gain Krautrock legends Guru Guru, the German Stoner Institution Colour Haze as well as Sons of Morpheus from Switzerland to participate in a two day festival we will host on November 17th and 18th at Alte Kaserne Zürich!


2016-11-18 - Zürich(CH) - Alte Kaserne with Colour Haze & Sons of Morpheus
2016-11-17 - Zürich(CH) - Alte Kaserne with Guru Guru
2016-10-07 - Hausen A.A(CH) - HAS Club Festival
2016-08-13 - Finkenbach(GER) - Festival (with Kraan, Amon Düül II, My Sleeping Karma, Siena Root...)
2016-07-30 - Burg Herzberg(GER) - Mentalstage
2016-07-23 - Albispass(CH) - Openair



Taliesyn Productions
Rosengartenstrasse 1 
8037 Zürich - Switzerland
+41 77 456 13 17
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Anderson / Stolt - "Knowing" video launched; Jon Anderson named as Prog God 2016

Anderson / Stolt, the brand new duo of legendary Yes vocalist & singer/songwriter Jon Anderson, and progressive rock veteran Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings, Transatlantic), recently released their debut album 'Invention of Knowledge' via InsideOut Music.
Now they are pleased to launch a video for the track "Knowing" which you can view here: 

Jon Anderson was also recently announced as this year's recipient of the Prog Godaccolade at the Progressive Music Awards 2016, set to take place in London on the 1st September 2016. Jon joins illustrious company, with previous winners representing some of the most legendary musicians in progressive rock, including Rick Wakeman, Peter Gabriel, Ian Anderson & Tony Banks.

'Invention Of Knowledge' charted in several countries upon release and you can find those below:

#61 - US Billboard Top Current Albums Charts
#21 - US Billboard Rock Chart
#18 - German Album Charts
#58 - UK Album Charts
#26 - Swiss Album Charts
#61 - Austrian Album Charts
#67 - Italian Album Charts
#56 - Dutch Album Charts

You can order the album through these links:

InsideOut Music Shop:



Jon Anderson recently had this to say about the new record: ".....Music is always the driving force in my life...working with such a wonderful musician as Roine Stolt made the creation of this album very unique,we are very excited with the release of 'Invention of Knowledge'."

Roine Stolt adds: "It is not aiming at being new Yes music; just new music, modern and classical, rock and ethno, tribal and orchestrated, grooving and floating. Hopefully in the true spirit of "progressive" - leaning forward, surprising and also comforting with familiar run-arounds. 

We've been "inventing" as we go along - Jon is an endless source of new ideas. We've been bouncing ideas back and forth for months and as a result there are probably dozens of versions of these songs.  It's been a very interesting and rewarding time and the result is just insanely detailed."

InsideOut label-head Thomas Waber comments: "I have been talking to Jon for ages about making an album of 'Yes music' - as Jon calls it - and Roine seemed like the perfect guy for him to work with. I am really happy that it has finally happened and I am also thrilled with the material they have come up with. I think it will please a lot of fans!"

The idea came to life swiftly off the back of a performance from Roine's band Transatlantic, and Jon Anderson on the Progressive Nation At Sea Cruise in 2014, and was initially instigated by InsideOut Music label boss Thomas Waber.  The duo set about crafting new music in the spirit of early epic works such as 'Tales From Topographic Oceans', 'Olias Of Sunhillow' & 'Awaken', but giving it a modern twist.

Written & recorded over the course of 1 and a half years, the tracks have been in a state of constant change as Roine and Jon swapped & refined ideas by sending tracks to each other via the internet. In March 2015, an ensemble was put together by Roine to realise the music live in the studio. Joining him there was Tom Brislin (who played on the Yes Symphonic tour) &  Lalle Larsson on keys, Jonas Reingold & Michael Stolt on bass and Felix Lehrmann on drums. The sessions were also bolstered by appearances from Daniel Gildenlöw, Nad Sylvan, Anja Obermayer, Maria Rerych and Kristina Westas who all provided backing vocals.

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Earthside to support Leprous on North American tour this fall

Debut album 'A Dream in Static' out now; Earthside nominated for Progressive Music Awards 'Vanguard' category

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - New Haven-based progressive ensemble, Earthside, has been announced as tour support for Norwegian progressive metal act, Leprous, on its upcoming North American run this September/October. The fall tour reunites the two groups following a European stint with Voyager earlier this year. Binary Code and Dissona will round out the North American tour package. A full list of dates can be seen below.

Earthside drummer Ben Shanbrom comments: "Leprous is truly a part of the next generation of progressive music. In less than a year they have become one of Earthside'sabsolute favorite bands - they're good friends, great people, and unbelievable musicians and performers. It was an amazing experience touring with them and Voyager earlier this year across Europe, and we are so happy to be supporting them in our home country this fall."

Earthside previously toured in the U.S. in October 2015 with Soulfly, Soilwork andShattered Sun.

Earthside is touring in support of its debut album A Dream in Static, which released last October. An epic undertaking of cross-continental collaborations, A Dream in Static was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden under the watch of renowned producer and mix engineer, David Castillo (Opeth, Katatonia, Bloodbath), and additional mix and mastering engineer, Jens Bogren (Opeth, Soilwork, The Ocean, Devin Townsend). The instrumental collective recruited several acclaimed guest vocalists including Lajon Witherspoon (Sevendust), Daniel Tompkins (TesseracT, ex-Skyharbor), Björn Strid (Soilwork) and Eric Zirlinger (Face the King, ex-Seer) to provide their prowess across four of the eight cinematic tracks, as well as the Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra (MSSO) for live orchestral compositions.

After being hailed by critics and fans alike, Earthside has been nominated for the 'Vanguard' award at Prog Magazine's Progressive Music Awards, recognizing "bands already hailed in prog circles and now pushing for wider attention in the mainstream." Vote for Earthside online at: http://2016.prog.awards.teamrock.com/vote/vanguard

A music video for "Mob Mentality" - featuring guest vocals from Sevendust frontmanLajon Witherspoon and a full orchestral arrangement composed by Earthside guitaristJamie van Dyck and performed by the Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra (MSSO) - can be streamed on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/WhtEusYxATQ. The clip won the"Outstanding Video by an Unsigned Artist" award from the North American Independent Rock Music Association earlier this year.

Stream A Dream in Static in its entirety on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/mu62Q1N64zc.

Purchase A Dream in Static now through the Earthside web-store at:http://earthsideband.com/shop/, iTunes at: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1044809003?ls=1&app=itunes, Bandcamp at: https://earthside.bandcamp.com and Google Play at:

'A Dream in Static' track listing:

I. The Closest I've Come
II. Mob Mentality
              Featured Guest Vocalist: Lajon Witherspoon (Sevendust)
              Featured Ensemble: The Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra (MSSO)
III. A Dream In Static
              Featured Guest Vocalist: Daniel Tompkins (TesseracT, ex-Skyharbor)
IV. Entering The Light
             Featured Guest Performer: Max ZT -- Hammered Dulcimer
             Featured Ensemble: The Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra (MSSO)
V. Skyline
VI. Crater
             Featured Guest Vocalist: Björn Strid (Soilwork)
VII. The Ungrounding
VIII. Contemplation Of The Beautiful
             Featured Guest Vocalist: Eric Zirlinger (Face the King, ex-Seer)

Stay tuned for more information on Earthside and A Dream in Static.
Earthside w/ Leprous, Binary Code & Dissona:
9/27 - Atlanta, GA @ Vinyl at Center Stage
9/28 - Baltimore, MD @ Cafe 611
9/29 - TBA
9/30 - New York, NY @ Marlin Room at Webster Hall
10/01 - Niagara Falls, NY @ The Rapids Theater
10/02 - Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks
10/03 - Montreal, QC @ TBA
10/04 - Quebec City, QC @ TBA
10/06 - Toronto, ON @ The Garrison
10/07 - Detroit, MI @ Token Lounge
10/08 - Chicago, IL @ Reggie's
10/09 - Minneapolis, MN @ TBA
10/11 - Calgary, AB @ Distortion
10/12 - Vancouver, BC @ Red Room
10/13 - Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
10/14 - Portland, OR @ High Water Mark
10/15 - San Francisco, CA @ Brick & Mortar Music Hall
10/16 - Los Angeles, CA @ Complex
10/17 - Phoenix, AZ @ Joe's Grotto
10/19 - San Antonio, TX @ Rockbox
10/20 - Fort Worth, TX @ Tomcats West
10/21 - Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room
10/22 - Mexico City, MX @ Foro Indie Rocks * LEPROUS only 
Earthside online:
Earthside is: 
Jamie van Dyck - Guitar
Frank Sacramone - Keyboards
Ben Shanbrom - Drums
Ryan Griffin - Bass
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domingo, julho 17, 2016

Americana Guitarist - JESSE DAYTON - Releases "The Revealer" on Sept. 16....Tour with Supersuckers & The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band This Fall...



Tour with The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band &

The Supersuckers This Fall… 

(Los Angeles, CA – July 7, 2016) – Texas guitarist, singer/songwriter JESSE DAYTON releases his new album, The Revealer, on September 16t via his new record deal with Blue Elan Records.  DAYTON, the country-blues-punk guitarist from Beaumont, TX, has been building a cult following around the globe, playing 180 shows a year in North America and Europe, with his guitar shredding, country-infused, Americana sound. 

Recorded in Houston at the Gulf Coast's hit factory, SugarHill Studios, The Revealer puts DAYTON's considerable talent on full display as he plays guitar, bass, percussion, and keys, as well as singing his own harmonies. He's assisted by childhood buddy Eric Tucker, Mike Stinson, and Eric Hughes on drums, and Austin ringers Riley Osbourne (piano and B3) and Beth Chrisman (fiddle). Evans and engineer Steve Christensen, a Grammy Award winner for his engineering work on Steve Earle's 2009 Grammy nominated album Townes, round outDAYTON's dream team. "John and I go way back to our days in Houston," DAYTON explains, "and once we got in the studio it felt like the ghosts of Freddy Fender, George Jones, and Doug Sahm were in the room with us. They all recorded massive hits there with Huey Meaux and there's just such a powerful vibe. You're surrounded by all this Texas music history and that's inspiring."

The Revealer starts right off with a bang, from the track titled "Daddy Was A Badass," a driving piece recalling the hard charging life of DAYTON's own father and uncles. This opening track explains a whole hell of a lot about who JESSE DAYTON is and why he sounds so different from the current wave of Americana artists. Other highlights include "Three Pecker Goat" which Dayton co-wrote with longtime friend and Americana star Hayes Carll and a duet on "Match Made In Heaven" with Austin songbird Brennan Leigh. 

An early chance meeting with Austin blues impresario Clifford Antone (the man who discovered Stevie Ray & Jimmie Vaughn, Charlie Sexton, Doyle Bramhall Sr. & Jr, etc.), led to an invitation for DAYTON to "come to Austin and play Antone's, anytime."  This priceless exposure, coupled with the #1 ranking of his first record, Raisin' Cain (1995) on Americana radio, led to DAYTON being hired at a young age to play with his heroes. DAYTON played lead guitar for Waylon Jennings' on the album Right For The Time and on Ray Prices' Prisoner of Love.  Then he recorded with Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Johnny Bush & played live with Kris Kristofferson & his hero Glen Campbell. DAYTON formed his own label in 2002, Stag Records, and began his most prolific recording period. He recorded five solo records, one duet record and one live record, all on Stag. He also recorded two soundtrack recordings, Devil's Rejects and Halloween 2, for rocker/director Rob Zombie. DAYTON also found time to act in movies and music videos, produce several records for other artists (the latest being Supersuckers front man Eddie Spaghetti's The Value Of Nothing on Bloodshot Records), write two screenplays, and most recently write and direct the horror movie, Zombex starring Malcolm McDowell, Sid Haig, John Doe, and Lew Temple (The Walking Dead). 

DAYTON is currently on tour with X's John Doe hitting Colorado, Kansas City and Houston in July.  He'll head out for more solo shows in August, up and down the west coast ending with the Rock N Rye Music Festival in Mammoth on Labor Day.  Beginning October 7th, DAYTONwill join his good friends, the Supersuckers, and The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band on a full U.S. Tour.   Current tour dates are below with more dates TBA. 

W/John Doe
WED JUL 6 - Ft. Collins, CO  Surfside 7
THR JUL 7 - Denver, CO  Lions Lair
FRI JUL 8 - Denver, CO  Lions Lair
SAT JUL 9 - Denver, CO  Lions Lair
TUE JUL 12 – Kansas City, MO Knuckleheads
FRI JUL 15 – Houston, TX Mucky Duck 

Solo Dates

TUE AUG 16 – Troutdale, OR Edgefield Red Shed
WED AUG 17 – Bend, OR Ol St. Francis Father Luke Room
THR AUG18 – Portland, OR Kennedy School
FRI AUG 19 – Forest Grove, OR Grand Lodge Pats Corner
SUN AUG 21 – Bothell, WA Anderson School – The Shack
TUE AUG 23 – Centralia, WA Olympic Theater
MON SEPT 4 – Mammoth, CA – Rock N Rye Music Festival

w/The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band and the Supersuckers:
FRI OCT 7 – Englewood, CO, Gothic Theater
SAT OCT 8  - Salt Lake City, UT, Urban Lounge
SUN OCT 9- Boise, ID, Neurolux
THR OCT 13 – Bellingham, WA, The Green Frog
FRI OCT 14 - Seattle, WA, Tractor Tavern
SAT OCT 15 - Portland, OR, Dante's
SUN OCT 16 – Bend, OR, Volcanic Theatre Pub
TUE OCT 18 - Sacramento, CA, Goldfield Trading Post
WED OCT 19 - San Francisco, CA, Bottom Of The Hill
THR OCT 20 - Petaluma, CA, Mystic Theatre
FRI OCT 21 - San Jose, CA, The Ritz
SAT OCT 22 - San Luis Obispo, CA, Slo Brewing Co
MON OCT 24 – Los Angeles, CA, Echoplex
TUE OCT 25 – Las Vegas, NV, Backstage Bar
THR OCT 27- San Diego, CA, The Casbah
SAT OCT 29 - Phoenix, AZ, Valley Bar
SUN OCT 30 – Tucson, AZ Club Congress 
WED NOV 2 – San Antonio, TX, Sam's Burger Joint
THR NOV 3 – Dallas, TX, Gas Monkey
FRI NOV 4 – Austin, TX, Antone's
SAT NOV 5 - Houston, TX, Fitzgerald's
SUN NOV 6  - New Orleans, LA Tipitina's
MON NOV 14 - Atlanta, GA, Masquerade Hell Stage
TUE NOV 15 - Athens, GA, 40 Watt
WED NOV 16 - Asheville, NC, Asheville Music Hall  
THR NOV 17 – Carrboro, NC, Cat's Cradle
SAT NOV 19 - Philadelphia, PA, Milkboy
SUN NOV 20 – Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Sound Stage  
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Ceti – new album “Snakes Of Eden” to be released in Autumn

Polish heavy metal band Ceti return this Autumn with their tenth studio album entitled "Snakes Of Eden". The follow up to the acclaimed album "Brutus Syndrome" (2014) is scheduled for the worldwide release on October, 7th 2016 via Metal Mind Productions. 
Today the band reveal the cover artwork of "Snakes Of Eden". As it was with their previous offering, the artwork was done by Piotr Szafraniec.
Grzegorz Kupczyk, Ceti's vocalist comments: "It's a wonderful, almost unbelievable coincidence that fate brought Piotr Szafraniec and Ceti together. Piotr -  a brilliant artist with an open mind, full of artistic visions, and us - people without complexes, artistically independent. I gave Piotr a free hand, he had a freedom of expression as an artist and graphic designer. Final result is simply stunning."
Ceti is a Polish heavy metal band founded in 1989 by Grzegorz Kupczyk (vocals) and Maria Wietrzykowska (keyboards). Fronted by the living legend of the Polish heavy metal and one of the most charismatic frontmen of the genre, Grzegorz Kupczyk (ex-Turbo, ex-Non Iron), the band return in late 2016 with their tenth studio album. New album is the follow-up to the highly acclaimed album "Brutus Syndrome" from 2014. Heavy and guitar-laden, but also tastefully melodic, "Snakes Of Eden" is a brilliant compromise between the contemporary production and the classic Metal sound. Highly recommended and a valuable addition to your Metal album collection.

Karmakanic release lyric video for "God, the Universe, and Everything Else No One Cares About, Pt.1"

Karmakanic release lyric video for 
"God, the Universe, and Everything Else No One Cares About, Pt.1"

Sweden-based progressive rockers Karmakanic are set to release their fifth album 'DOT' on July 22nd, 2016.  Now they are pleased to reveal the first lyric video for an edit of the originally 23-minute epic track "God the universe and everything else no one really cares about, Pt. I (Edit)",
 You can see the lyric video edit here:

Jonas Reingold had this to say about the track, which also features his colleague from The Tangent, Andy Tillison, on Hammond organ:
"When you are trying to compress a 30-minute prog epic into 6 minutes, you know that you are up for a difficult task. What parts should be in it? Will the fans get the lyrical content? Can I somehow make a coherent piece of music in this format? Well, that's really up to the listener to decide but I feel strongly that the parts I put together really work well in combination with this fantastic video. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did while working on this.  Soon you all will hear the whole song, but until then, enjoy!!!" - Jonas
The album is available for pre-order at these links:
The is the band's first studio album since 2011's much-praised 'In A Perfect World' and the current line-up includes Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings), Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen), Morgan Ågren (Casualties Of Cool, Frank Zappa, Steve Vai), Lalle Larsson (Agents Of Mercy), Nils Erikson, Krister Jonsson, Andy Bartosh and Ray Aichinger

You can find the full track-listing below:
1.     Dot
2.    God The Universe And Everything Else No One Really Cares About Part. 1
3.     Higher Ground
4.     Steer By The Stars
5.     Travelling Minds
6.    God The Universe And Everything Else No One Really Cares About Part. 2
The artwork for 'DOT' (below) was created by Hugh Syme, who has previously made covers for Rush, Aerosmith & Iron Maiden. The album will be available as a CD/DVD Jewel case (featuring 'The Making Of DOT', Karmakanic Live In The US and Interviews), LP with CD & digital download.

Look out for more info in the coming weeks!

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LEPROUS - Announce North American headlining tour; Touring Europe with Devin Townsend Project and Between The Buried And Me!

LEPROUS - Announce North American headlining tour; 
Touring Europe with Devin Townsend Project and Between The Buried And Me!


After having recently recorded a hometown show in Oslo for an upcoming DVD / live album release, Norwegian prog metallers LEPROUS have announced further live action in support of their current album "The Congregation", which was released worldwide via InsideOutMusic.
The next live campaign steps include some European festival dates in the summer, a North American headline run in September/October as well as a massive European tour supporting Devil Townsend Project alongside Between The Buried And Me.
LEPROUS vocalist and keyboardist Einar Solberg checked in about the recent DVD shoot as follows:
"The recording of the DVD went great, and it was one of the best nights of our career so far! We just received the rough mix of the Audio, and we can tell that it's definitely approved. On most live albums these days, bands are re-recording most of the stuff afterwards in the studio, to make it sound "perfect". For us that's out of question. We wanna keep the live feel, especially to give a big contrast to the rather "perfected" studio albums! Definitely more organic!"
And he added the following comment about the upcoming European tour:
"We're very happy to be a part of such a fantastic tour package, and it will be pure joy to play together with both Between The Buried And Me and Devin Townsend Project! We believe this tour can help us up to the next level, and that there are many potential new followers to convince here!"
Here is a list of all upcoming shows for LEPROUS:
LEPROUS - European festival dates 2016:
08.11.2016 Josefov (Czech Republic) - Brutal Assault Open Air / www.brutalassault.cz
09.03.2016 Bryne (Norway) - Brynerocken / www.brynerocken.no
11.04.2016 Barcelona (Spain) - AMFest / www.amfest.es
LEPROUS - North American headline tour with Earthside, Binary Code and Dissona:
09.27.2016 Atlanta, GA - Vinyl at Center Stage
09.28.2016 Baltimore, MD - Cafe 611
09.29.2016 TBA
09.30.2016 New York City, NY - Gramercy Theater
10.01.2016 Niagara Falls, NY - The Rapids Theater
10.02,2016 Ottawa, ON - Mavericks
10.03,2016 Montreal, QC - TBA
10.04/05.2016 Quebec City, QC - TBA
10.06.2016 Toronto, ON - The Garrison
10.07,2016 Detroit, MI - Token Lounge
10.08.2016 Chicago, IL - Reggie's
10.09.2016 Minneapolis, MN - TBA
10.11.2016 Calgary AB - Distortion
10.12.2016 Vancouver, BC - Red Room
10.13.2016 Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
10.14.2016 Portland, OR - High Water Mark
10.15.2016 San Francisco, CA - Brick & Mortar Music Hall
10.16.2016 Los Angeles, CA - Complex
10.17.2016 Phoenix, AZ - Club Red
10.19.2016 San Antonio, TX - Rockbox
10.20.2016 Fort Worth, TX - Tomcats West
10.21.2016 Kansas City, MO - Riot Room
10.22.2016 Mexico City, MX - Foro Indie Rocks * LEPROUS only!
LEPROUS - European tour with Devin Townsend Project and Between The Buried And Me:
01.28.017 Antwerpen (Belgium) - Trix * No BTBAM
01.30.2017 Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg) - Rockhal
01.31.2017 Paris (France) - Bataclan
02.01.2017 Bordeaux (France) - Rockschool Barbey
02.03.2017 Madrid (Spain) - La Reviera
02.04.2017 Barcelona (Spain) - Razzmatazz 2
02.05.2017 Marseille (France) - Le Moulin
02.07.2017 Milan (Italy) - Live Club
02.08.2017 Pratteln (Switzerland) - Z7
02.09.2017 Stuttgart (Germany) - LKA Longhorn
02.10.2017 Munich (Germany) - Backstage
02.12.2017 Zagreb (Croatia) - Tvornica Club
02.13.2017 Budapest (Hungary) - A38
02.14.2017 Vienna (Austria) - Arena
02.16.2017 Prague (Czech Republic) - The Roxy
02.17.2017 Leipzig (Germany) - Täubchenthal
02.18.2017 Kraków (Poland) - Kwadrat
02.19.2017 Warsaw (Poland) - Stodola
02.21.2017 Hamburg (Germany) - Grünspan
02.22.2017 Aarhus (Denmark) - Voxhall
02.23.2017 Göteborg (Sweden) - Pustervik
02.25.2017 Bergen (Norway) - Blastfest
02.26.2017 Oslo (Norway) - Sentrum Scene
02.28.2017 Helsinki (Finland) - The Circus
03.01.2017 Seinajoki (Finland) - Rytmikorjaamo
03.03.2017 Stockholm (Sweden) - Berns
03.04.2017 Malmö (Sweden) - KB
03.05.2017 Copenhagen (Denmark) - Amager Bio
03.07.2017 Berlin (Germany) - Columbia Theater
03.08.2017 Dortmund (Germany) - FZW
03.09.2017 Tilburg (The Netherlands) - 013
03.10.2017 Amsterdam (The Netherlands) - De Melkweg

LEPROUS - "The Congregation" online links:
"The Price" video: https://youtu.be/0G9Qd_84YZs
"Slave" lyric video: https://youtu.be/2GWPzBXNY2g
"The Congregation" entered the official national sales charts in several European countries upon release, as follows: Germany # 78, The Netherlands # 66, Belgium (Flemish) # 167 and Finland # 39.
"The Congregation" is still available as standard Jewelcase CD, Digital Download as well as on limited editions as Mediabook CD and 2LP featuring a bonus track entitled "Pixel". The album can be purchased in Europe in its various physical formats from the IOM webshop here:
Look out for more details on the first DVD / live album release, which is expected for the end of 2016, coming soon...
LEPROUS online:
www.leprous.net/mobile (mobile website)
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