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Bart Schwertmann new Kayak singer

March 17th 2017 is Kayak D-day. Maybe we should call it B-day, because the name of Kayak's new lead singer is Bart Schwertmann, who also happens to celebrate his 30th anniversary as vocalist this year.

Bart started as singer/bass player in a band called Galaxy, gained national recognition in 2000 for winning a popular Dutch tv talent show with his rendition of 'Gethsemane' from Jesus Christ Superstar, and played with too many bands and artists to mention. At the moment he is also guitarist/singer in a southern rock band called Vanderlinde that's doing well in Germany. Bart will soon release a solo album entitled 'Doing Time'.

Can't wait to hear how Bart sounds in Kayak? Simply pre order the new album 'Seventeen' at and listen to a demo of the track 'Cracks', marking Bart Schwertmann's Kayak debut.
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Experimental Guitarist Rex Shepherd Releases Three Albums Digitally!

For Immediate Release

Experimental Guitarist Rex Shepherd Releases Three Albums Digitally!

Described as Robin Trower meets Miles Davis!

Guitarist Rex Shepherd has released three albums digitally: "Ohio", "Sonority" and "Duets". Combining elements of jazz improvisation and harmony with an approach to guitar playing heavily influenced by diverse players such as Jim Hall, Robin Trower, Fred Frith, and sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar, Rex Shepherd has forged a niche for himself with original music that typically lies somewhere just outside the usual genre labels but is still music that is approachable.

Says Rex, "This new music was recorded in my personal studio, much of it with other musicians in duets, and at various times throughout the last few years. The past several years have delivered to me a greater understanding of the fleeting nature of this lifetime, so I decided to release much of what I had accumulated, in part to satisfy my own need to communicate musically with the world outside of my little sphere of existence, but also I wanted to honor the musicians who played this music with me. It is these musical and personal relationships that are at the heart of creating music, whether composed or improvised, and for the people who listen to it I hope it also creates a connection between us. Much peace and music to all people, everywhere."

Having been described as "Robin Trower meets Miles Davis", Shepherd's music spans from full on instrumental jazz rock tunes to traditional jazz compositions with a good dose of free improvisation and sound experimentation using "prepared" and effected guitar sounds and instruments such as the "oceanharp" and the Theremin.

Shepherd's band, sometimes going under the name No End of Now, employs a revolving cast of the most creative players he can find who are willing to take part in a project that is often arranged while playing and with no limitations on the players' expression of the music. The compositions are also a blend of influences, from Wayne Shorter to John Cage, and most often are directly inspired by people, literature and other art forms, and experiences that hold significant meaning in Shepherd's life.

Says Rex, "I feel really lucky to get to play with some great musicians and always look forward to meeting new people to create sounds's amazing how the same music can sound so different with the personalities of other players in any given moment. Playing with a group is a very fluid thing when everyone is listening, then becomes intuitive and ethereal, the closest thing to telecommunication I've ever experienced. When I play solo it's similar in a way, in that I am responding to inner voices and emotional impulses in a meditative sort of way. I'm not a technical player, I rarely practice technique unless I discover a particular thing I want to use to express my ideas. With whatever technique I have, I hope that I can bring out the best of my musical ideas. One of my main influences, Jim Hall, is a master lyricist and I could only hope for a fraction of the melody under that guy's fingers. I play what I want to play and I don't want to copy anyone, but I do a pretty good impression of myself most of the time."

The releases:

With the exception of "Desire", a ballad Rex wrote several years ago, the music on this recording is all improvised. The songs consist of duet recordings captured in his studio after he had returned home to Ohio for a short time. "The musicians joining me on this recording are not only thoughtful and skillful players but are also beautiful people, and I am grateful to them for their music and their friendship during my stay on the 'North Coast'".

This recent recording features a set of improvised tunes that were arrived at after John and Rex conducted their usual pre-roll discussions about the state of current affairs in the U.S. "Being fortunate enough to have two voices with which to speak out against what I see as injustice, inequality, and hatred, I felt that releasing this music, even if not listened to by many, would at least add to the spirit and energy of the peaceful movement for change taking place currently."

Except for the improvisations "Etude #2" and "April 9th", this release features compositions by Rex that have existed anywhere from 15 years, in the case of "In the Shade", to just two days before being recorded like "Happy Little Trees". "The takes are imperfect. The music is presented here with minimal changes in the mixes so that it will accurately depict our journey feeling our way through it. I preferred to keep the imperfections so that these takes more closely resemble the music that one might hear if John and I were playing the tunes live, where boundaries are pushed and the music flows moment by moment. When challenged with making music I am buoyed by a quote from my musical hero, the great Jim Hall, 'The instrument keeps me humble. Sometimes I pick it up and it seems to say: No, you can't play today. I keep at it anyway, though.' Much peace and music to all people, everywhere."

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Megaton Leviathan Announce Lineup Additions, Studio Album in Progress

In the three years since Megaton Leviathan released their last album, 2014's critically acclaimed "Past 21," Andrew James Costa Reuscher and Mort Subite have been diligently creating new material to meet and exceed Megaton's reputation for fusing disparate elements into new, borderline narcotic compositions.

To help facilitate this goal, several new members have been drafted in both studio and live capacities, including ex Lord Dying drummer Jonathan Reid, vocalist and concert violinist Andrea Morgan, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Travis Hathaway, and bassist Trejen. This new, diversely talented cast has already inspired unexpected creative reward in the studio, and will no doubt entrance live audiences worldwide as Megaton Leviathan take to the road once again to support their presently incubating goliath later this year.


Since 2007 Megaton Leviathan have been concocting an increasingly discriminating solution of heavy rock, psychedelia, shoegaze and more, one distinctive album at a time. Originally a solo project consisting of little more than multi-instrumentalist Andrew James Costa Reuscher and a strong desire to create, various impermanent collaborators would augment this lineup for several years, including drummer Matt Brim and bassist Chris Beug, whose orchestral influence would permanently transfigure Megaton's sound. Varying permutations of these players would propel the band through its first two full length releases and several US tours.

In the aftermath of a lineup overhaul in 2014, producer/multi-instrumentalist Mort Subite signed on to mix the band's third full length, Past 21. Proving vital to the new direction and creative core of the band, Subite remained and he and Costa Reuscher successfully navigated several independent tours in support of the then new material.

In the wake of Past 21, an even further evolved Megaton Leviathan has washed up on uncharted shores. Swathing deeper into territories unknown, and gaining refugees from the storm, Costa Reuscher and Subite have assembled a crew of talented and creative minds eager to push the boundaries of drone, rock, psychedelia, post punk and beyond. Past 21 saw Megaton Leviathan experimenting with the likes of kraut-rock, darkwave, and even orchestral themes. The impending full length will continue these flirtations as a full on romance, met with even stranger partners in the ever expanding theater of the real.
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Widely acclaimed as one of the best in-concert releases by King Crimson, Live In Toronto will be released as a 4LP set next month.

It's barely a year since the release of the 2CD edition of the Toronto concert. Yet in that short space of time the album has received universally positive reviews, becoming one of the fastest selling DGM titles. It's already spoken of by many KC fans – the most knowledgeable source when it comes to the vast array of live Crimson material – as "a classic".

There has also been consistent demand for both representation of this album on vinyl & in hi-res format. This limited edition release, issued just over a year to the day from the original 2CD set, meets both of those demands & adds to them – by also including the material from the limited edition picture disc 12" sold at the band's live dates in 2016.

Please note that this will be a limited edition mail order exclusive only available via Inner Knot and Burning Shed. Broader availability in other outlets may be possible at a future date but will of course be subject to availability.

Japanese customers please note there will be information for mail order sales as soon as possible.

Presented as 4LPs, each in its own protective inner polybag & outer album sleeve with a DVD featuring all audio in hi-res (Toronto material at 24/48, USA at 24/96) with 12" booklet, all contents enclosed in a rigid slipcase, presents the album in twin deluxe audio formats & with the same level of high standard packaging that has been used for the band's CD/DVD-a/Blu-Ray boxed set editions.

1 Threshold Soundscape   
2 Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part I
3 Pictures Of A City
2 Radical Action (To Unseat the Hold of Monkey Mind)   
3 Meltdown  
1 Hell Hounds of Krim    
2 The ConstruKction of Light   
3 Red   
1 Epitaph   
2 Banshee Legs Bell Hassle   
3 Easy Money   

1 Level Five   
2 The Letters   
3 Sailor's Tale   
1 Starless

1 The Court of the Crimson King
2 21st Century Schizoid Man   
[Live in America 2014]
1 The Light of Day
2 Hell Hounds of Krim
3 21st Century Schizoid Man

Toronto concert audio 24/48
Live in America audio 24/96
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Prince's REVOLUTION Expand North American Tour...


Tour expands into the Midwest & Texas before winding up the West Coast
April – July 2017
(Minneapolis, MN) March 6, 2017 -  After a stunning response to the surprise announcement of their first tour in decades, The Revolution have now confirmed plans for an extensive North American tour.  The reunion, which began as just six dates, including a special show at Paisley Park for Celebration 2017, quickly expanded even further when demand made it necessary to add second shows in Chicago, New York and Philadelphia.  Now, the quintet are set to bring their exciting new show to the rest of the U.S. with additional dates that bring the band through the midwest and on to the west coast.  The current itinerary ends on July 15th in Seattle, with even more dates expected to be announced soon.
The Revolution formed in 1979 when Prince joined drummer, Bobby Z and keyboardist Matt Fink. Over the next four years, several formations would emerge until finally Prince found the band he felt could master the challenging musicality of his vision.  The legendary final line-up included Lisa Coleman on keyboards/piano, Wendy Melvoin on guitar and Brown Mark on bass. The Revolution was credited on three Prince studio-albums, Purple Rain, Around the World In a Day and Parade while some members also played on 1999. Together, they earned multiple #1 hits, as well as two Grammy® Awards and an Oscar, with the song "Purple Rain," for Best Original Song Score in 1985.
After Prince passed away in April of 2016, The Revolution came back together for three special sold-out shows at the famous Minneapolis venue, First Avenue, the birthplace of Purple Rain.  "When we played those shows, I choked up every single night," says Brown Mark, "but now, I'm past that stage of it—now I'm looking at my happy times, remembering being a kid, joining this huge band and starting out a journey in my life I did not ever expect."
When they were approached to perform at Paisley Park on the first anniversary of Prince's death, they decided it was time to take The Revolution back on the road.  "I think everybody in the Revolution is singular, not like anybody else," says Melvoin, "So while we still have a shot at getting that same feeling, let's do it with as much grace and integrity as we can. We're still a band, still vital human beings, so let's play this stuff before we can't anymore."
The Grammy® Award winning group is now rehearsing for the tour and are ready to bring back their powerful music, spreading a message of hope, love, and unity.  "Prince said that music is medicine," Bobby relates, "People need it, and we need it, and we can make it as authentic as we can. In honor of him, we'll give it everything we've got."

THE REVOLUTION Tour Itinerary:
April 21              Celebration 2017 @ Paisley Park             Minneapolis, MN
April 23              Metro                                                      Chicago, IL
April 24              Metro                                                      Chicago, IL
April 27              The Fillmore Silver Spring                       Washington, DC
April 28              BB Kings                                                 New York, NY
April 29              Theatre of Living Arts                               Philadelphia, PA
April 30              Theatre of Living Arts                               Philadelphia, PA
May 3                 Webster Hall                                            New York, NY
May 4                 Capitol Theatre                                        Port Chester, NY
Leg 2 – New Dates Announced:
May 12              Barrymore Theatre                                      Madison, WI
May 14              The Vogue                                                 Indianapolis, IN
May 16              Bogart's                                                    Cincinnati, OH
May 18              House of Blues                                          Cleveland, OH
May 20              Majestic Theater                                        Detroit, MI
May 21              Phoenix Theatre                                         Toronto, Ont
June 14              House of Blues                                          Dallas, TX
June 15              House of Blues                                          Houston, TX
June 16              The Aztec Theater                                     San Antonio, TX
June 17              ACL Live                                                   Austin, TX
June 21              Brooklyn Bowl                                           Las Vegas, NV
June 22              House of Blues                                         San Diego, CA
June 23              Wiltern                                                      Los Angeles, CA
July 12                The Fillmore                                             San Francisco, CA
July 13                Artown                                                     Reno, NV
July 14                Roseland Theater                                      Portland, OR
July 15                The Showbox                                            Seattle, WA
More dates TBA
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HAKEN - launch '1985' playthrough; 10th anniversary tour begins this month

Haken recently returned from a triumphant appearance on Cruise To The Edge in the US, and now have their sights set on their 10th anniversary European tour which starts later this month. In advance of that, the band have launched a special playthrough video with guitarist Charlie Griffiths which you can see now here: 

Charlie had this to say: "For me, the perfect format for an instructional guitar video is VHS. Loading one of those Don Mock, Frank Gambale or Yngwie Malmsteen tapes into the machine was such a magical moment - as it was often the only way you could actually see how those seemingly impossible licks were done! I watched, rewound and re-watched those videos hundreds of times until the tapes were worn out.
There's something about that tactile experience that I really miss, so for this play-through of '1985' from our album 'Affinity' it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to those days when everything was in lower resolution, yet somehow seemed more palpable."
You can also watch an interview with Charlie and Rich Henshall where they discuss the forthcoming tour here:

Make sure to catch HAKEN live on the band's 10th anniversary tour kicking off in March 2017, with support from The Algorithm & Next To None.

'Haken X' Tour 2017
22nd March - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK
23rd March - O2 ABC2, Glasgow, UK
24th March - Academy 3, Manchester, UK
25th March - O2 Academy 2, Birmingham, UK
26th March - Islington Assembly Hall, London, UK
28th March - Le Splendid, Lille, France
29th March - La Maroquinerie, Paris, France
30th March - La Laiterie, Strasbourg, France
31st March - KIFF, Aarau, Switzerland
1st April - Keller Klub, Stuttgart, Germany
3rd April - Zona Roveri, Bologna, Italy
4th April - Szene, Vienna, Austria
5th April - Dürer-Kert, Budapest, Hungary
6th April - Futurum, Prague, Czech Republic
7th April - Beatpol, Dresden, Germany
9th April - Chez Heinz, Hannover, Germany
10th April - Kesselhaus, Wiesbaden, Germany
11th April - Turock, Essen, Germany
12th April - Rockhal, Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
13th April - Melkweg OZ, Amsterdam, Holland

The band recently reissued their first two albums 'Aquarius' and 'Visions' as brand new remastered editions. 
Buy limited colored vinyl and the 2CD digipak here:

Laser's Edge

Find more purchasing options below:

Vocalist Ross Jennings commented on the releases: "As advocates of the physical format and fellow record collectors, it seems almost criminal that our first two albums have never had a vinyl release until now, so we are thrilled to finally give these albums a fresh presentation on the format they deserve. We have taken this opportunity to polish the sound of our beloved concept albums without going back over every little detail and rewriting history. In essence we wanted to give these albums a chance to stand shoulder to shoulder in sonic quality with "The Mountain" and "Affinity". In addition to this and due to popular demand, both releases will also be available again on CD with instrumental, or "Karaoke" versions of every track. This release marks 10 years since we formed the band and started putting together our first demos so it's a perfect time to reflect on these releases and appreciate what we've achieved so far.
The "Aquarius" concept was drawn from conversations about our favourite albums and the way in which the songs flow that make those particular records work. This lead to ideas about having our album be about the flow or journey of water from mountain spring to oceans and evaporation, which in turn lead on to a deeper concept about human life and reincarnation. The themes of water helped us to create aqueous soundscapes and as the music and lyrics started coming together a narrative was formed in the shape of Mermaids & natural disasters. "Aquarius" will always have a special place in our hearts. It's where our journey really began.
When writing for "Visions" came around, we set about the process with the same formula, although we hadn't set out to write another concept album at the time. As themes found themselves recurring in the music it only felt right to go in the narrative direction, although this time around we drew from our science fiction influences such as Minority Report and 12 Monkeys and was inspired by real recurring dreams I had been having around the time. It's always a joy to revisit these tracks in our live sets, so much so that we will be performing it in its entirety later this year at ProgPower USA, Atlanta!"
Newly remastered by the renowned Jens Bogren (Devin Townsend Project, Between the Buried & Me) both are available as 2CD Digipaks, digital album including the entire albums as instrumentals, and on vinyl, arriving as Gatefold heavyweight 2LP editions with the full album on CD included.

Latest album 'Affinity' was released in April this year, and received great reactions from press; find a selection of them below:

"dextrous prog metal with retro pizzazz and roller-coaster riffs" - PROG Magazine
"Affinity proves what a unique and spellbinding band Haken are" - Metal Hammer 8/10
"inescapable melodic hooks and absorbing textures" - Total Guitar 4/5
"Affinity will be hailed as one of the landmarks of 2016 and beyond."- Powerplay 9/10
Pick up your copy of the album below:
The band has also previously launched videos for the tracks 'Earthrise', 'The Endless Knot' and 'Initiate'.

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Grand Funk's "all the girls in the world Beware!!!" Released On Limited Edition Hybrid SACD

A rock/pop/R&B mainstream hit album... includes the HITS "Some Kind of Wonderful" and "Bad Time"
Camarillo, CA - Grand Funk Railroad fans rejoice! Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity has released Grand Funk's hit album all the girls in the world Beware!!! on Limited Edition Hybrid SACD. all the girls in the world Beware!!! is Grand Funk Railroad's ninth studio album. The 1974 album was the group's second album released that year.
First there was the heavy metal power trio, then the powerful hard rock quartet and then after years of loud, in-your-face rock albums and tours, Mark Farner, Don Brewer, Mel Schacher and Craig Frost went into the studio and made an album that has a lot more R&B and a lot less rock than ever before and way ahead of its time.

" 'all the Girls' was a bit of an experiment for Grand Funk. Disco had raised it's ugly head in 1974 and if you wanted radio airplay you needed to go in that direction. Grand Funk, not being a 'Disco Act', decided to do R&B which was really what GFR was all about. R&B pumped up on steroids. Enlisting veteran producer Jimmy Ienner, I think Grand Funk came up with the best rendition of the soul classic 'Some Kinda Wonderful' in history. Still played today in heavy rotation and probably every wedding reception in the world. Once again Audio Fidelity has done a great job on this SACD Hybrid. ENJOY!" - Don Brewer
The album's combination of high-gloss production and the band's energy resulted in some impressive hits: "Some Kind of Wonderful" is an exuberant, organ-drenched soul song that highlights the group's strong harmonies while "Bad Time" mixes a delicate, string-laden melody with a pulsing beat from the rhythm section to create a one-of-a-kind power ballad. all the girls in the world Beware!!! has many inventive moments. The seven-minute "Good & Evil" is fascinating for Brewer's strange, processed lead vocal. "Look At Granny Run Run" is sheer R&B fun and "Memories" is a serious stab at out-and-out balladry.
all the girls in the world Beware!!! was recorded at the Swamp, a studio owned by Mark Farner and located on his farm in Parshallville, MI. The recording sessions were engineered by Shelly Yakus with assistance from Kevin Ayers and Rod O'Brien. The album's producer was Jimmy Ienner, who had also worked with artists such as Three Dog Night, The Raspberries and the Bay City Rollers. All but two of the songs on the album were written by members of the band. Grand Funk Railroad continued to move further into the pop/rock mainstream with this hit album. In support of the release, the band embarked on an immensely successful worldwide tour in early 1975.
The album's artwork included taking the faces of the band members and manipulating them onto the bodies of famous body builders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbo. The body builder photos are used on the front and back of the booklet. The center spread art is a Neal Adams illustration of the body builders surrounded by a crowd of young female fans.
1  Responsibility
2  Runnin'
3  Life
4  Look At Granny Run Run  
5  Memories   
6  All The Girls In The World Beware            
7  Wild            
8  Good & Evil            
9  Bad Time   
10 Some Kind Of Wonderful
Produced by Jimmy Ienner
Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio / SACD Authoring: Stephen Marsh at Marsh Mastering

Grand Funk Railroad's official website:
Mark Farner's official website:

For more information:
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FOCUS drummer Pierre van der Linden releases his first solo album Drum Poetry!

Pierre van der Linden, the drummer in legendary Dutch band Focus, has released his first solo album entitled "Drum Poetry" for fans and students of his varied drumming styles and techniques. 

Pierre's drumming can be heard in numerous rock, jazz and improvisational bands, but this is the first time it can be heard and studied in isolation, or accompanied by other unexpected instruments also played by Pierre. 

"Drum Poetry was originally made just for myself.  It was just a kind of experience to find out my limits in this atmosphere.  The original CD was just made for friends and this is the first time I have shared it with fans..."

Pierre is the current drummer in Focus and also played with the band during the 1970s including on their hits Hocus Pocus and Sylvia.  Pierre also played on the band's most recent album, Focus X, and is currently in the studio recording Focus 11.  Pierre will also be on tour with the band throughout 2017!

The album has been released on the band's own "In and Out of Focus Records" via Cherry Red Records and can be purchased on CD and Download via these links:

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Anneke van Giersbergen's VUUR Share Behind-the-Scenes Video of Debut Album Recording

In 2016 renowned Dutch vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen announced the formation of a brand new progressive metal band under the name of VUUR. The band now offers a glimpse into the recording process of their debut album at Sandlane Recording Facilities in Rijen, the Netherlands. VUUR's debut full length is due in the fall of this year.
Watch the behind-the scenes-video here:

In the video, Anneke reveals that the lyrical content of the album is inspired by the many cities she has visited while being on the road. 

Anneke comments: "For a long time I've wanted to make a kind of concept album about the cities we've visited, because we tour so much and see so many countries and cities.  I often have a strong feeling for a city. It can be anything - sometimes I visualize a city as a man or a character, or sometimes something happened in that city and I want to write about that."

The first confirmed tour dates are as follows:
9th June - Neushoorn (warm-up show), Leeuwarden - the Netherlands
30th June - Tuska Open Air, Helsinki - Finland
14th July - Masters of Rock, Vizovice - Czech Republic
15th July - Dynamo Metal Fest, Eindhoven - the Netherlands

Line-up VUUR:
Anneke van Giersbergen (ex-The Gathering) - lead vocals
Ed Warby (Hail of Bullets, Ayreon, ex-Gorefest) - drums
Jord Otto (My Propane, ex-ReVamp) - guitars
Ferry Duijsens - guitars
Johan van Stratum (Stream of Passion) - bass
Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion) - vocals


VUUR online:
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New Kayak guitarist: Marcel Singor

Marcel Singor is the new Kayak guitarist. Marcel has been active since the mid 80's fronting his own bands, doing a wide range of studio and live session work and is a guitarteacher at the Amsterdam conservatory. Marcel released a solo album called 'Futureproof' only last year.
Marcel has begun playing his guitar parts on the new Kayak album 'Seventeen'. If you want to know more about him, find him on his website

If you can't wait to hear something, pre order the album at and listen to a demo of the new track 'Cracks', marking Marcel Singor's Kayak debut.
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Metalmania 2017 – additional attractions

After a 9-year hiatus, the biggest indoor metal festival in Eastern Europe - Metalmania, comes back to life. The 23rd edition of this iconic festival will be held on April, 22nd 2017 in Spodek Hall, Katowice (Poland).
Additional attractions include:
- exhibition of black and white portraits of the biggest names of rock/metal scene (Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Johny Cash, Eddie Vedder an more), made from the old LPs by Agnieszka Krysiuk,
- merch stands from the most interesting independent labels such as Pagan Records, Arachnophobia Records, Old Temple or Unquiet Records,
- Metal Mind Productions' merch stand with CDs/DVDs plus merch of the bands performing at the festival,
- Rock-Files' merch stand,
- Rock'n'Roll Tattoo and Piercing's stand,
and more!
Metalmania Festival 2017 - time schedule:
Please note that due to logistic reasons, Impaled Nazarene will perform at the Second Stage.
22.04.2017 Katowice – Spodek
Main Stage:
11.30 - Animations
12.30 - Tygers of Pan Tang
13.30 - Sinister
14.40 - Arcturus
15.50 - Entombed A.D.
17.00 - Vader
18.30 - Sodom
20.00 - Coroner
21.40 - Moonspell
23.25 - Samael
01.15 - Furia
Second Stage:
11.00 - Mentor
12.00 - Stillborn
13.00 - Thermit
14.10 - In Twilight's Embrace
15.20 - Mord'A'Stigmata
16.30 - Infernal War
17.50 - Thaw
19.20 - Obscure Sphinx
21.00 - Impaled Nazarene
22.40 - CETI
00.35 – Entropia
+ Special guests: Roman Kostrewski (KAT) +…
Gates open: 10.00
Metalmania Festival - one of the most important musical events of 2017, a real treat for metal maniacs! Metalmania remains true to its formula - one day, two stages, over 20 bands from all around the world and thousands of fans! That's what Metalmania Festival is all about!
Ticket prices (pre-sale):
FAN ticket – 666 PLN (only at
VIP - 355 PLN
Red seats H, J - 260 PLN
Red seats & blue seats (rows I-X) - 195 PLN
Blue seats (rows XI and up) - 160 PLN
Standing floor - 170 PLN
For tickets go to:,,,,,
More info:
Metal Mind Productions
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LEVIN BROTHERS feat. Tony & Pete Levin, Tour Dates


Dear Friends in Music

Tony Levin is currently on tour with his progressive avant-rock band STICK MEN (heading in a few days to the Cruise To The Edge, followed by the trip to Japan), and in March and April, his jazz band, featuring his brother PETE LEVIN, will hit the road, performing in Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, El Salvador and the USA.

Here are all confirmed dates:

March 4 - Rosendale, NY, USA (Rosendale Cafe)
March 10 - Santiago, Chile (Teatro Teletón)**
March 13 - Montevideo, Uruguay (Las Trastienda)**
March 15 - Mar del Plata, Argentina (Teatro Colón)**
March 16 - La Plata, Argentina (El Teatro Sala Opera)**
March 17 - Rosario, Argentina (Teatro Sala Lavardén)**
March 18 - Buenos Aires, Argentina (ND Teatro)**
March 21 - La Paz, Bolivia (Teatro Municipal)**
March 24 - San Salvador, El Salvador (Scenarium)**
March 29 - Pawling, NY, USA (Daryl's House)**
March 30 - Natick, MA, USA (Natick Center For Arts)**
March 31 - Schenectady, NY, USA (The Van Dyck Lounge)
April 1 - Rochester, NY, USA (The Lovin' Cup)
April 2 - New Hope, PA, USA (Havana)**
April 3 - Piermont, NY, USA (The Turning Point)
April 4 - New York, NY, USA (The Iridium)**

TONY LEVIN - upright bass, cello
PETE LEVIN - piano, organ
ERIK LAWRENCE sax, flute
JEF SIEGEL - drums
** Dates with Leonardo/MoonJune..
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Hard rock quintet ROCKSTAR FRAME (RSF) is proud to announce that the highly anticipated sophomore album "Bullet For Birthday" will see the light on March 31st via Musicarchy Media.

The band shall release the first single, ballad "Here I Am', on February 14th. You can watch the official lyric video below.

"Bullet For Birthday" has been recorded, mixed and produced by Max Klein at Temple of Rock Studios and Sunfex Studios.

ROCKSTAR FRAME will start their European tour from Russia on February 12th supporting Backyard Babies in Moscow.

Check tourdates below:
02-12 MOSCOW @VOLTA CLUB w/ Backyard Babies
02.14 RAMENSKOE @Slum Dunk
02.15 ELEC @Antimateria
02.16 MOSCOW @Bar For Bikers
02.17 IVANOVO @Bunker Club
02.18 KALUGA @Old School Club

More to be announced soon, including Germany and UK.

Here's the tracklist for "Bullet For Birthday":


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Ian Anderson's 2017: Tours, String Quartet Album







Ian Anderson, John O'Hara, and the Carducci Quartet are set to release "Jethro Tull - The String Quartets," a collection of 12 re-imagined Tull classics, allowing Tull fans and classical music connoisseurs to enjoy the band's vast catalog in a new way. 

"Aquafugue (Aqualung)" for example, starts with the recognizable six note theme before continuing to follow the rules of a fugue. A subject, counter subject, and an accompanying counterpoint all alternate between the tonic and dominant keys. "Loco (Locomotive Breath)" begins with a cello cadenza inspired by the writing of J.S. Bach, an influential composer in Jethro Tull history. Other Tull favorites round out the tracklisting, such as "Farm, the Fourway (Farm on the Freeway)," which starts with a violin cadenza drawn from the recognizable harmonic progression of the song, and "In the Past (Living in the Past)," which opens with the famous 5/4 time riff that helped make the song successful. 

Says Anderson: "There were some songs rather special to me which featured the string quartet such as 'A Christmas Song,' 'Reasons For Waiting' and 'Wond'ring Aloud.' These were my first experiences of working with a quartet. John [O'Hara, keyboardist for Ian] came up with a few suggestions of his own which presented challenges. All had an intimacy and presence which I looked forward to recapturing...."

O'Hara "felt a responsibility to delve deeper and offer a new imagining of each piece. An orchestrator's job is to arrange and compose a new version of an existing work. However, I also felt a responsibility to the Jethro Tull listeners who cherish this material and may not welcome a radical rendition of a beloved song. My ambition was to create a thought-provoking album that remains true to Ian's compositions."  

Jethro Tull - The String Quartets will be available in the USA on March 24th, 2017 via The End Records/BMG. The album is now available for pre-order on Pledge Music at,


Official Tracklist

01. In the Past (Living In The Past)
02. Sossity Waiting (Sossity: You're a Woman / Reasons For Waiting)
03. Bungle (Bungle In The Jungle)
04. We Used to Bach (We Used to Know / Bach Prelude C Major)
05. Farm, the Fourway (Farm On The Freeway)
06. Songs and Horses (Songs From The Wood / Heavy Horses)
07. Only the Giving (Wond'ring Aloud)
08. Loco (Locomotive Breath)
09. Pass the Bottle (A Christmas Song)
10. Velvet Gold (Velvet Green)
11. Ring Out These Bells (Ring Out, Solstice Bells)
12. Aquafugue (Aqualung) 

About The Carducci Quartet: 

Winners of international competitions, including the Concert Artists Guild International Competition 2007 and Finland's Kuhmo International Chamber Music Competition, this Anglo-Irish quartet has appeared at prestigious venues across the globe including the Wigmore Hall, London; National Concert Hall, Dublin; Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen; Carnegie Hall, New York and Library of Congress and John F Kennedy Center, Washington DC.  Festival appearances include Cheltenham Music Festival, Festival Messiaen au pays Meije, West Cork Chamber Music festival, Kuhmo Festival and the Wratislavia Cantans Festival in Poland. The Carducci Quartet are highly celebrated for their interpretation of contemporary repertoire, and are regularly invited to perform new works.


JETHRO TULL by Ian Anderson

In addition, Ian Anderson is returning to the United States for three rock tours in 2017; firstly, during this May and June in the Mountain States, Texas, and Oklahoma. These concerts are Best of Jethro Tull multimedia performances billed as "Jethro Tull by Ian Anderson" and feature the regular rock band. They will take place in Albuquerque, El Paso, Sugar Land (Houston), Austin, and Durant OK. Tickets for Albuquerque, El Paso, Austin and Durant go on sale Friday, February 3.  Sugar Land tickets go on sale Friday, February 24.  Stay tuned for an announcement for one more show for the May tour.

There will be a special concert of JETHRO TULL by Ian Anderson with the Colorado Symphony at Red Rocks Amphitheater, in Morrison, Colorado, on May 26.   

These are the tour dates with ticket links:

MAY 26: Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO  

MAY 27: Route 66 Casino, Legends Theatre, Albuquerque, NM 

MAY 28:  Plaza Theatre PAC, El Paso, TX  

MAY 30: Smart Financial Centre, Sugar Land (Houston), TX  

MAY 31: ACL Live at the Moody Theater, Austin, TX 

JUNE 1: Choctaw Casino, Choctaw Grand Theater, Durant, OK  

In 2017, JETHRO TULL by Ian Anderson will play in Australia and New Zealand during April with further tours and concerts throughout Europe, USA and South America later in the year.  

Ian is accompanied by Tull members David Goodier (bass), John O'Hara (keyboards), Florian Opahle (guitar), Scott Hammond (drums). 

Formed in 1968, Jethro Tull has released 30 studio and live albums, selling more than 60 million copies worldwide. With nearly 50 years' history, the band has performed more than 3,000 concerts in 40 countries, playing 100+ concerts each year. 

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Krissy Matthews releases new live album 'Live At Freak Valley'


Krissy Matthews Band are set to embark on a UK tour in March and April to celebrate the release of their first live album Live At Freak Valley. Released by Proper Records on Friday 14th April, the live album was recorded at the Freak Valley Festival in Siegen, Germany on May 27, 2016. It really catches the adrenalin and pure excitement of the band in all their glory.   

"Too many bands release "live records" but half of it is over dubbed in the studio and the f*** ups are erased," says Matthews. "On Freak Valley you get the real deal. No overdubs." 

Originally from Oxford, Krissy's band has often been described as an exciting, high octane, power rock trio steeped in blues roots. 24 year old Matthews has performed at some of Europe's most iconic music venues including Ronnie Scott's, Loreley, Tanzbrunnen and Festa Avante. He's also opened for many high profile recording artists at the top of their game including Joe Bonamassa, Toto, Gregg Allman and Tedeschi Trucks Band. 

Further info about Krissy Matthews' new album Live At Freak Valley –  Pre-order the album from Amazon. 


1. Feeling For The Blues
2. I've Been Searching
3. All Night Long
4. Searching The Desert For The Blues
5. Language by Injection
6. The Soul Will Never Die
7. Bad Boy
8. Freedom
9. Hit The Rock
10. Roadsick Blues
11. Bubbles And The Seven Phones 


The Bullingdon, Oxford - Wednesday 29 March
The Chambers, Folkestone - Thursday 30 March
The Fiddler's Elbow, London - Wednesday 19 April
Tring Blues Bar, Tring - Thursday 20 April
The Bear Club, Luton - Friday 21 April
The Fleur De Lys, Didcot - Saturday 22 April
Black Market, Mansfield - Sunday 23 April
Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff  - Monday 24 April
The Arches, Coventry - Thursday 27 April

Art Rock Band Schooltree Descends into Crumbling Dreamworld with Multimedia Epic Heterotopia

Boston, MA - When music trends pander to the lowest common denominator, the real rebellion discards formulas and charts a stubbornly individualistic path. That's where we find Schooltree on their second release, Heterotopia: forging a new standard in sonic storytelling and taking us through cracks in the sidewalk into other worlds.

The story
Four years in the making, Heterotopia is a symphonic odyssey through a dystopian dreamworld: a 100-minute double record in the tradition of ambitious concept albums like The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and Quadrophenia.

Underachiever Suzi loses her body and must make her way through a parallel world of the collective unconscious to get it back. But the road she travels has been overtaken by shadows and chaos. In order to become whole again, Suzi must uncover the origins of this darkness, in a journey that takes her from the neon lights of her plasterboard horizon home to the bottom of a cursed river, where the fate of this place and her own are inextricably linked.

The recording
Produced by Peter Moore (Think Tree, Count Zero) and Lainey Schooltree, Heterotopia favors warmth and dynamics but also clarity and punch, effecting a sound that's both classic and contemporary. Dramatic choices like distinct singing styles for each character's voice and accompanying instrumentation guide the listener through a shifting topography layered with stacked guitar harmonies, crystalline synth leads, odd time grooves and ominous ambient soundscapes.

Heterotopia's successful Kickstarter campaign raised more than $20,000, with signal boosts from notable artists Aimee Mann, Neko Case, Margaret Cho, Amanda Palmer and Barry Crimmins. (link: )

Brimming with ambition, this record is the sound of a group of musicians playing at their peak.

The illustrated book
In a nod to classic opera, Heterotopia's complete libretto will be made available as a companion to the album, bringing the story and lyrics to life in a full color illustrated book. Combining influences from art nouveau and graphic novels, the artwork has a dreamlike quality that complements the music.

The live experience
Heterotopia will first be performed on March 31 at OBERON, the American Repertory Theater's stage in Cambridge, MA. The performance will take audiences inside a 3D interactive light sculpture video installation by Sam Okerstrom-Lang (Samo), a Boston-based new-media interdisciplinary digital artist and designer. Samo's boundary-pushing work will use technology create an immersive sensory experience, blurring the line between nirvana and dystopia. From the moment each audience member enters the room, their experience will reflect Suzi's, as the installation's elements are activated in parallel with the performance. Key moments will be accentuated with sound and light, triggering an out-of-body sensation of navigating the worlds expressed in the music.

Lainey Schooltree
Lainey Schooltree is a Boston-based composer, performer and producer. A classically trained musician and vaudeville performer, humor and tragedy inform each other equally in her work. She explores the intersection of the new and old, always striving for the timeless in sound and theme. Her band, Schooltree, fuses literature and music to create something uniquely accessible, visceral and profound.

Lainey is the composer and librettist of Heterotopia, and will serve as performer, musical director and producer of the live experience.

Here's what the press have raved about Schooltree!

"Schooltree's music embodies the essence of Art Rock, with catchy melodies, sophisticated arrangements, lush instrumentation, and a wide array of influences that - besides classic prog - include opera, Broadway musicals and baroque pop. Lainey's dazzling vocals deliver lyrics that are humorous and thought-provoking at the same time. Highly recommended to fans of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Supertramp, Queen and Roxy Music." –

"Schooltree (the woman) is a painstaking crafter of sound, if not an outright artisan of sound..." – Cambridge Day

"All in all, Lainey has her own stamp and an incredible sense of all aspects of music, from basic structure to finished master. Her arrangement skills are regal. Her composition smarts are sorely beautiful. Schooltree moves from art pop to symphonic rock, to haunting ballad to unforgettable music all over." –

"It takes a certain kind of courage to get onstage and make people laugh. It also takes courage to lead a rock band playing your own autobiographical, if cryptic, songs. For Lainey Schooltree, it has been a long trip transitioning from one to the other." – The Phoenix

"Shockingly gorgeous… There's an undeniable charm in Schooltree's music." – Glorydaze Music

"Schooltree is a beautifully unique and experimental artist. Possessing a world of talent as vocalist, pianist, and composer, she is unafraid to let her creativity and imagination unfold and take her in whichever direction she feels like going." – Bill Copeland News

"Lainey is the prog rock queen of modern times, with her Broadway musical vocals and theatrical cabaret presentation." – Boston Survival Guide

"With a voice that garners comparisons with Goldfrapp, Tori Amos, Kate Bush and even Freddie Mercury, and a virtuoso command of the keyboard, singer Lainey Schooltree is a strong frontwoman who becomes two or three times actual size on stage. Believe it."  – Boston Band Crush 

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Gong Expresso Feat. Gong Alumni Francois Causse, Benoit Moerlen and Hansford Rowe To Release New Album “Decadence”

Montreal - Hansford Rowe's HRIII merges with Gong Expresso! Gong alumni Francois Causse, Benoit Moerlen and Hansford Rowe join HRIII guitarist Julien Sandiford for the recording of the new album by Gong Expresso titled "Decadence."

Says Hansford, " 'Decadence' is the title tune on the new Gong Expresso album. Here the word means 'falling away.' I hope this tune and all the music on the album somehow addresses this in an unadorned, direct way. When I play with these 3 musicians I am convinced there is something special happening. Benoit Moerlen (vibes, marimba) and Francois Causse (drums, perc) and I began playing together in early 1977 in PM's Gong and our rapport is of the kind only long term relationships can provide. On the other hand Julien who is 25 has been alive less time than I have been playing with the others. Yet our musical relationship feels infinitely long. We are recording in two cities, Paris and Montreal. Francois' studio in Paris is a tuned percussion church and Piccolo Studios in Montreal is owned by Denis Savage who is co-producing with the band. He is known for his work with Celine Dion."
Francois Causse - drums, percussion
Julien Sandiford - guitar
Benoit Moerlen - vibes, marimba
Hansford Rowe - bass

PM's Gong was a major branch of the massive Gong tree. In the mid 1970's drummer Pierre Moerlen separated from Daevid Allen marking an end to the Flying Teapot period and a powerful jazz/rock unit was formed and signed to Virgin Records. Pierre's brother Benoit Moerlen, Hansford Rowe, Francois Causse, Allan Holdsworth were core members. Many major guests joined them both on albums and touring. Mick Taylor, Mike Oldfield, and French violinist Didier Lockwood were key participants. Mike Oldfield occasionally used the PMG rhythm section for touring also calling on members for albums such as "Ommadawn", "Incantations", "Exposed" and "Platinum." Pierre Moerlen sadly passed away on May 5th, 2005.

In concert Gong Expresso mines their huge repertoire and has exceptional guests joining them regularly. Along with finishing their new album, the band will be releasing a new video soon.

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