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DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT Release Video for "Offer Your Light" - Devin Named "Riff Lord" at Metal Hammer Golden Gods

The DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT have been on the road for the majority of 2017 thus far as they continue to support the group's latest album Transcendence. Yesterday Devin was in attendance at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods ceremony in London, where he was given the event's "Riff Lord" award, which has been previously bestowed upon the likes of Dave Mustaine, Brian May, and Phil Campbell

In response to being recognized and given such a high honor, Devin offfered the following statement,

"Hey all! Well heck, I guess I won an award for being a guitar guy...sweet! All those years of social ineptitude has manifested in an ability to play 32nd notes. Take that, dad! ...to celebrate, we are doing a 'lyric video' for a track I had been encouraged to release when the album first came out, but decided to go with another one instead. As it turns out, people seem to really like this song, so have at 'er! Here's a kind of rockin', kind of straightforward track from Transcendence called 'Offer Your Light', written essentially about trying to look at the positive amidst the ever increasing sea of neurosis-inducing bullshit the world keeps spewing at us. I'm in the beginning stages of writing new music now, and I hope this finds a home in your listening world for the next 4 minutes or so...best part is; there's no guitar solo!"
- Lots of love, Devin 'Riff Lord' Townsend (apparently!)

As referenced by Dev in the statement above, the band have released a new lyric video for the song "Offer Your Light" off Transcendence, which fans can enjoy via the link below.

Transcendence has achieved some of the band's best chart positions to date, which can be found below.

#2 Finnish Album Charts
#10 Australian Album Charts
#26 UK Album Charts
#38 US Top Current Albums
#43 German Album Charts
#33 Swiss Album Charts
#41 French Album Charts
#43 Dutch Top 100 Album Charts
#51 Belgian Top Albums Wallonia
#52 Belgian Top 200 Albums Flemish
#117 US Billboard Top 200
What the critics are saying about Transcendence...

"A wholly absorbing, modern-day masterpiece" - Metal Hammer
"The breadth and quality of the material is simply astonishing." – Record Collector
"Life-affirmingly euphoric" – Total Guitar
"This man can do no wrong" – Kerrang!
"A positively charged majestic album" – The Independent

June 21, 2017 – Starmus Festival, Trondheim – Norway
June 23, 2017 – Tons of Rock, Halden – Norway
June 30, 2017 – Tuska Metal Fest, Helsinki – Finland
July 1, 2017 – Be Prog! My Friend, Barcelona – Spain
July 14, 2017 – Neushoorn, Leeuwarden – Netherlands
July 15, 2017 – Dynamo Metal Fest, Eindhoven – Netherlands
July 29, 2017 – Eier Mit Speck Festival, Viersen – Germany
July 30, 2017 – Ramblin Man Fair, Maidstone - UK
August 12, 2017 - Brutal Assault Festival, Jaromer, Czech Republic
August 13, 2017 - Randal Club, Bratislava - Slovakia
August 15, 2017 - Dom Omladine, Belgrade - Serbia
August 16, 2017 - Explosiv, Graz - Austria
August 17, 2017 - Summer Breeze Open Air, Dinkelsbühl - Germany
August 18, 2017 - Garage, Saarbrücken - Germany
August 20, 2017 - Motocultor Festival, Saint-Nolff - France
September 22, 2017 - Roman Amphitheatre, Plovdiv - Bulgaria
September 24, 2017 - Gagarin 205, Athens - Greece
September 26, 2017 - Barby, Tel Aviv - Israel
September 28, 2017 - Club Zal, St. Petersburg - Russia
September 29, 2017 - Yotaspace, Moscow - Russia
October 1, 2017 - Euroblast @ Essigfabrik, Cologne - Germany
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Robin Trower - New Album 'Time and Emotion' - Released 4 August 2017



Robin Trower is back with perhaps his best solo album since he was in his 40s. Considering Robin is 72, that's saying a lot!  It is not that Trower's recent efforts are not worthy, but rather that his latest release "Time and Emotion" is so damn good.
Following the Friday 4th August UK release of the album, Robin will perform his only concert in the UK this year at London's Islington Assembly Hall on Wednesday 29th November. Tickets can be booked from the 24 HR Box Office: 08444 780 898 or booked from www.thegigcartel.com or the venue website - http://bit.ly/19KfXmW.  
"I can honestly say I don't know when I have been happier with an album," says Robin Trower. "I feel 'Time and Emotion' contains some of my very best work."
Trower's smooth-as-butter guitar licks, screaming solos and ethereal bluesy vocals keep the listener hooked.  Robin has a vibe, a voice and a presence on his instrument that transcends time and space.  He plays from the soul and he is as intoxicated from the music he creates as his listeners.
If you love electric guitar then you will love this album.   It is sly, sleek and soothing at times and rocking and rolling other times.  This guy can play. It really is that simple.
For further info about Robin Trower's new album "Time and Emotion", click here – www.noblepr.co.uk/Press_Releases/robintrower/time-and-emotion.htm
London, Islington Assembly Hall  
Wednesday 29 November
1. The Land Of Plenty  
2. What Was I Really Worth To You
3. I'm Gone
4. Bitten By The Snake
5. Returned In Kind
6. If You Believe In Me
7. You're The One
8. Can't Turn Back The Clock
9. Make Up Your Mind
10. Try Love
11. Time and Emotion
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Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius Sign to Melodic Revolution Records

Melodic Revolution Records is proud to announce that they have signed New York-based Prog outfit Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius for the group's upcoming release, "GUILTY OF INNOCENCE."  

Stratospheerius will release their fifth CD "Guilty of Innocence" through Melodic Revolution Records early Fall 2017.  The new 10-track album will be available worldwide in both Physical and Digital formats. "Guilty of Innocence" features special appearances by Alex Skolnick (Testament), Rave Tesar (Renaissance) and Randy McStine (The Fringe).

"Guilty of Innocence" highlights include a reimagined cover of Muse's "Hysteria," a 12-minute prog epic titled "Soul Food" which features many of the guests mentioned above, plus "Dream Diary Cadenza," a solo electric violin extravaganza lifted from Joe's electric violin concerto.  

The band is led by founding member, electric violinist & vocalist Joe Deninzon. Joe has been called the "Jimi Hendrix of the electric violin."

GUILTY OF INNOCENCE features members: French guitarist Aurelien Budynek (Cindy Blackman, Vernon Reid), bassist Jamie Bishop (The Syn, Francis Dunnery), and drummer Lucianna Padmore, praised by Modern Drummer Magazine for her "Deep grooves and serious fusion chops."  

Statement from Joe Deninzon
We are honored to be part of Melodic Revolution Records, and feel it will be a strong partnership. We would love to expand our audience worldwide, especially in the prog community. We love Nick's commitment to and enthusiasm about the artists on his label."

Statement from Nick Katona President MRR
"I'm a long time fan of the band and look forward to this journey of making music and magic through our collaboration."

Melodic Revolution Records is more than just another independent record label: we are a family of individuals and musicians that work hard together like a well oiled machine, bringing the music listener, music that inspires, and makes us think, while cultivating memories - music that will stand the test of time. It is through this family atmosphere that new collaborations have evolved to create a rich blend of dynamic new music. "Music Is Our Voice" says Nick Katona.

About Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius
A renowned violinist, Joe has recorded/performed with Ritchie Blackmore, Bruce Springsteen, Sheryl Crow, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Peter Criss, Jazz at Lincoln Center, NYC Ballet (electric violin soloist), Phoebe Snow, Les Paul, Renaissance, and Mark Wood to name a few. He is an active teacher/clinician and published his book, "Plugging In: A Guide to Gear and Technique for the 21st Century String Player" through Mel Bay in 2012. He also recently world-premiered his "Dream Diary: Concerto for Seven-String Electric Violin and Orchestra" with the Muncie Symphony in 2015.

Stratospheerius has showcased their "frenzied melange of progressive rock, jazz fusion and funkabilly" throughout the world at colleges, festivals, and clubs. They have opened for artists including Alex Skolnick, Martin Barre, Tim Reynolds, Mickey Hart, Mike Stern, and John Scofield. The band was a winner of the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition the Musicians Atlas Independent Music Awards. They have been featured in Progression, Relix, Downbeat, and Jazziz, among other publications.  

Band Members
Joe Deninzon : Electric Violin, Lead Vocals & Mandolin
Aurelien Budynek : Guitar & Backup Vocals
Jamie Bishop : Bass & Backup Vocals
Lucianna Padmore : Drums

Further Information Can Be Found At.
Official Website: www.stratospheerius.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/stratospheerius/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/@stratospheerius
Melodic Revolution Records: http://mrrmusic.com/joe-deninzon-stratospheerius/

 What the critics have said.
"Stratospheerius does not play what you want; it plays things you didn't know you wanted."
- Dan Roth, Progression

"a whirling dervish of vibrant creativity. He is one of those folks who seem to have a limitless supply of intriguing ideas. Deninzon is the embodiment of a true progressive artist…"
- Eric Harabadian, Downbeat  

"combines solid songwriting and tradition with extraordinary electric violin work and the sounds of the future."
- Angel Romero, Progressive Rock Central  

"Joe Deninzon brings the process of bringing the violin into the 21st century by making the music and technology of the contemporary electric guitarist available to the curious and willing violinist.
- Mimi Rabson, Strings Magazine

"Think a bit of Zappa, the Dixie Dregs or Blues Traveler, with the violin being the focal point. Violinist & singer Joe Deninzon's talents are flat out phenomenal, and the progressive rock tapestry he weaves around himself is carried out to perfection by his amazing band."
- Mark Waterbury, Music Morsels

"Deninzon shows how he has earned the nickname the Jimi Hendrix of violin as he tears threw a distortion heavy solo that points more in the direction of Guns N Roses Slash than Yo Yo Ma."
- Justin Scro , Cashbox Magazine 

"Memorable hooks, gravity-defying instrumental prowess and a kitchen sink move toward rock If Bela Fleck and Frank Zappa had a love child in outer space, they might grow up to sound like these guys do."
- David Budin,  CoolCleveland.com
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Tuesday The Sky - Launch "Vortex Street" single & video off "Drift" debut album!

Tuesday The Sky,the new Ambient Instrumental Rock project by Fates Warning guitarist Jim Matheos, will be releasing its debut album 'Drift' worldwide on June 30th, 2017 via InsideOutMusic.

A video clip directed by David Brodsky / MyGoodEye for the album's second single "Vortex Street" can be now seen here:

The song can also be streamed via Spotify here: http://bit.ly/VortexStreet 

Jim Matheos checked in with the following comment about "Vortex Street"
""Vortex Street' was co-written with vocalist Anna-Lynne Williams and is a bit different from most of the songs on "Drift" in that the main focus is the vocals, as opposed to the more guitar centered material on the rest of the album. The basic outline of the song was written using the AdrenaLinn II to process the guitars and bass so that they, hopefully, don't sound like guitars anymore. Those ideas were sent to Anna-Lynne, who crafted the beautiful melody lines. The "chorus" was created by editing and processing some of the main vocal lines along with some alternate vocal ideas Anna-Lynne provided."

The previously released first single and album opening track "Today The Sky" can still be checked out here:

Tuesday The Sky and "Drift" sees Matheos expanding the boundaries of his playing and sound even further than ever before. "Drift" came together in the downtime between Fates Warning finishing "Theories Of Flight" and the beginning of the touring cycle, enabling Matheos to explore a type of atmospheric and instrumental music you might not expect of him. Taking cues from artists like Brian Eno, Boards Of Canada, Sigur Ros and Explosions In The Sky, he explores expansive textures and ambient electronica, as well as some of the most colossal riffs he has ever produced.
"Drift" also features the talents of God Is An Astronaut's drummer Lloyd Hanney, who provides a rhythmic backbone that is at once punchy, precise and restrained when necessary. Other guests include long-time OSI collaborator and former Dream Theater member Kevin Moore who plays keys on two songs as well as Anna-Lynne Williams (Trespassers William, Lotte Kestner), who provides ethereal vocals (of the non-verbal kind) on two other songs.
"Drift", whose cover artwork created by Jan Tomic can be seen above, will be released as special edition CD, black LP + CD & digital download. Here is the album's track-listing:
Tuesday The Sky - "Drift":
1. Today The Sky
2. Kite
3. Vortex Street
4. It Comes In Waves
5. Dyatlov Pass
6. Far And Away
7. Westerlies
8. Roger, Gordo 
9. The Rowing Endeth
10. Drift
The album can be pre-ordered here: www.insideoutmusicshop.com 

Tuesday The Sky & Jim Matheos online:
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DRIFTING SUN - "Twilight" - 2017

Drifting Sun comes to Chesham, UK. Drifting Sun are a UK-based Progressive Rock studio project which dates back to the early 90's when Keyboardist/Composer Pat Sanders left his native France to relocate to the UK. Pat had already composed some early material for the project, and joined forces with American Vocalist/Lyricist Rafe Pomeroy. Together, they crafted some of the songs that are part of Drifting Sun's first album. In 1994, they cut four numbers in a London Studio. The recording was sent to French Progressive Rock label Muséa while Pat was touring in Canada with another band. The demo received a positive response from Muséa, and a distribution deal with their parent Hard Rock label Brennus led to the making of Drifting Sun's eponymous debut CD, released in December 1996 to positive reviews from across the globe.
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A new album from Soul Enema will be released this month (JUNE 2017)

It took a lot of time and effort to create "Of Clans and Clones and Clowns", and the final result brings the feeling of a real accomplishment. It was a long, complicated process, constantly laden with a myriad of good reasons to give up or compromise. It probably couldn't be any different, as our goal was a mature, well-produced statement, consistent in quality throughout, and at the same time versatile enough in its various moods, styles and approaches. A creative and diverse Rock/Metal album, exploring vast melodic and rhythmic territories - from ABBA to Zappa, from King Crimson to King Diamond, between East and West and way beyond - in true progressive fashion. Like any reflection of the world we live in, it takes a wild ride over a wide emotional spectrum: sad, funny, perfectly sane, totally insane, very direct, quite obscure, and everything in between. We also had the great honor of featuring the instrumental talents of Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon), Yossi Sassi (ex-Orphaned Land, Yossi Sassi Band), Sergey Kalugin and Yuri Ruslanov (Orgia Pravednikov), as well as other wonderful musicians (see credits below). Our next aim was to ensure that these components allwork in the final picture, and that's the reason why we welcomed one of the best guys on the list to mix and master this work - Jens Bogren (Opeth, Paradise Lost, Devin Townsend). It deserved the best possible treatment, just as you as a listener deserve the best possible quality. The mixing process was far from trivial, and it took some effort to shape everything our way - clear and powerful enough, yet not overproduced. So, if you like what you hear, please order yourself a CD, or the highest quality digital download, to have it the way we really meant it to sound - full-scale and uncompromising. We hope you will have your own exciting experience with the album!


Noa Gruman - lead and backing vocals, choir
Yoel Genin - guitars
Constantin Glantz - keyboards, programming, vocals (2,4,5,7,8,13,14), shamisen, percussion
Michael Rosenfeld - bass guitar, sitar, violin
Dor Levin - drums

Arjen Lucassen (13) – lead guitar
Yossi Sassi (10) - bouzoukitara
Sergey Kalugin (6, 11) - acoustic guitar
Yuri Ruslanov (6) - flute
Vladimir Migutin (4) – flute
Gennady Birenberg (1-3, 6) – vocals, backing vocals
Lior Ozeri – bass (9)
Michael Glantz - child's scream (13)

Music, Lyrics, Production - Constantin Glantz

Drums and Add-on Vocals - Raz Burg (Tamuz Studios, Israel)
Lead guitar (13) - Arjen Lucassen (Electric Castle Studio, Netherlands)
Flute (6) - Yuri Ruslanov (YUR Records, Russia)
Additional recordings done by the band and guest participants at different home studios

Editing, Premix - Constantin Glantz
Mix, Mastering - Jens Bogren (Fascination Street Studios)

Cover illustration - Vasya Lozhkin (Alexey Kudelin)
Cover and booklet direction - Constantin Glantz
Cover design, booklet and back illustrations - Slavik Riff
Booklet and back design - Gennady Birenberg

Heartfelt gratitude to all the great people contributing to the album and all the wonderful folks supporting, advising, and helping along the way!

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ELEGANT SIMPLICITY - "Kicking The Olive Branch"

We are Elegant Simplicity, a progressive rock band, originally hailing from Leeds, UK. We were formed in 1992 by me, Steven McCabe,  as a vehicle for my own compositions. Completely self-taught on guitar, piano, mandolin, flute etc my biggest inspirations come from David Gilmour, Andy Latimer, Al DiMeola, Manfred Mann and John Lees. I play Fender and Ovation guitars and use Line6 amplification. I've been writing songs since 1992 and when not prog-rocking out, I am database developer for one of the UKS largest companies. Our longest-serving drummer, Christopher Knight, has been playing drums since he was 9 years old and is huge fan of Terry Bozio and Phil Collins. Hailing from Newcastle, Chris is a versatile drummer and does what he is told! As for Ken Senior, our vocalist, he has been playing and singing for as long as he can remember. A supremely talented multi-instrumentalist and recording artist in his own right (as well as ex-bass player for Parallel or 90 Degrees!) Ken loves to work; playing guitar or bass in a variety of tribute bands. He even does the occasional DJ slot! If you live around the Dewsbury area of West Yorkshire, UK, you are quite likely to have seen him strutting his stuff on the stage!


Announcing the `Power of Peace` from Santana & The Isley Brothers -- 2 Songs Premier Today on RollingStone.com

Power of Peace
Available Friday, August 4 from Legacy Recordings

Recorded last year, Power of Peace is the fulfillment of a dream, a new musical studio collaboration connecting Santana and The Isleys on a mind-bending journey through some of the immortal soul, funk, blues, rock, jazz and pop songs that continue to inspire them.


Track Listing
1. Are You Ready
2. Total Destruction To Your Mind
3. Higher Ground
4. God Bless The Child
5. I Remember
6. Body Talk
7. Gypsy Woman
8. I Just Want To Make Love To You
9. Love, Peace, Happiness
10. What The World Needs Now is Love Sweet love
11. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
12. Let The Rain Fall On Me    
13. Let There Be Peace on Earth

The Isley Brothers & Santana Power of Peace will be available in CD, 12" vinyl and digital formats.
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Tree Of Life Project and their new album comming soon

An instrumental progressive-metal unit, Tree of Life have released their long awaited debut album Awakening Call. Employing a heavy blend of blistering prog-metal, hard rock, jazz, and classical music that invokes names like Dream Theater, Neal Morse, Steve Vai, and Extreme among others; Tree of Life artfully blends technical, melodic and emotional elements, masterfully and effortlessly. The result is a wonderfully instrumental extravaganza that makes this record a truly distinctive one.


Tree of Life is the product of a musical collaboration born in Venezuela back in 2015. Fueled by a desire to breathe new ideas into the modern progressive-metal genre, guitarrist, composer and main creative force behind the project Carlos Hernandez began collaborating with bassist Fernando Fossi and later with world renowned multi-instrumentalist Eric Gillette to create a rich, vibrant, and aurally engaging musical experience.

What started as jam/recording sessions simply for fun eventually turned into a full-fledged musical endeavor forged by the love for progressive music and rock in general. The recording sessions for Awakening Call began in October of the same year when Carlos and Fernando determined they had enough material for an album. A year after, the music on the album was almost 100% written, along with basic guitar and bass tracks.


"We first started working on the album with no intentions other than having fun and playing the music we love. We had difficulties along the process that we successfully overcame". Bassist Fernando Fossi continues: "Carlos was having a very creative period and despite of not having a drummer, we decided to continue recording all the ideas expecting to find the right guy for the job"

To complete the line up Hernandez collaborated with multi-instrumentalist Eric Gillette (Neal Morse Band) who besides being widely revered as a rising star in the international guitar firmament, is also capable of playing drums and keyboards like the best there is.

All guitar and bass tracking were done at Hernandez's home studio in Lecherias – Venezuela and the record was later mixed and mastered by Eric Gillette.

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Caligula's Horse - announce new album 'In Contact'

Caligula's Horse, a band at the forefront of Australia's progressive rock scene, have announced the release of their forthcoming fourth studio album, 'In Contact', for release on September 15th, 2017 via Inside Out Music.

Watch a teaser for the album here:

As with the band's acclaimed album 'Bloom' before it, 'In Contact' sees vocalist Jim Grey and lead guitarist Sam Vallen collaborating closely on the music and lyrics. Vallen comments: "In our creative process every idea is scrutinized, deconstructed, and rebuilt in a way that one of us, alone, could never achieve. We're one another's harshest critic, but fortunately we've done this for long enough now that our inspiration draws us in a similar direction - we can finish each other's musical sentences, so to speak. And we're lucky that's the case, since In Contact proved to be a much more ambitious undertaking than anything we'd conceived of in the past."
Vocalist Jim Grey adds: "In Contact has been an enormous proposition - the stories told in this album feel deeply personal, and we've never been more excited to share a new work with the world. The sounds on this album are dark and adventurous - but without losing the bittersweet and joyful sounds we developed in writing Bloom."
As with the band's second album 'The Tide, the Thief & River's End', the band decided to hang a concept around the entire record, taking it in a direction that would end up being the opposite of its predecessor. "We decided to create a concept album, but one that came from a more personal place: one that would facilitate our creative needs wherever the journey took us" Vallen continues. "The broader concept is based around the nature of art - of what it is that sparks creativity and inspiration, a celebration of what connects us as human beings, the shared space across our many differences."
Taking in four separate chapters, each one is dedicated to an individual and their own personal journey and how they express themselves through art. "Each of these artists are reaching for something more in their lives, and while disconnected entirely from one another, they are united by that reach: for a better life, but also for something intangible."
Written between late 2016 and May 2017, the album went through a rapid production/mixing/mastering process encompassing five weeks between May and June. The music felt fresh and the ideas were captured at the peak of their vitality. The music on 'In Contact' stretched all of the bands abilities, from the frantic speed and complexity of 'Will's Song (Let the Colours Run)' to the immense scope and variety of the 16-minute album closer, 'Graves'. This is Caligula's Horse at their most ambitious and progressive.

The full track-listing is as follows:
1.Dream the Dead
2. Will's Song (Let the Colours Run)
3. The Hands are the Hardest
4. Love Conquers All
5. Songs for No One
6. Capulet
7. Fill My Heart
8. Inertia and the Weapon of the Wall
9. The Cannon's Mouth
10. Graves
Prior to the new album's release, the band are set to return to Europe in June 2017 for a string of live dates including support slots with Opeth, Anathema & Pain of Salvation, UK headline shows and festival appearances at Midsummer Prog Festival (Valkenburg, Netherlands) & Be Prog! My Friend Festival (Barcelona, Spain). To coincide with that, InsideOutMusic will reissue the band's first two albums 'Moments From Ephemeral City' & 'The Tide, the Thief & River's End' on the 16th June 2017 as CD & digital download.
Listen to streams of two tracks from the reissues below:

'The City Has No Empathy' taken from 'Moments From Ephemeral City': 

'All Is Quiet By The Wall' taken from 'The Tide, the Thief & River's End':

You can find the full list of tour dates below:
19th June - Le Rex, Toulouse, France w/ Pain of Salvation
20th June - Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland w/ Opeth
21st June - Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland w/ Opeth
22nd June - Substage, Karlsruhe, Germany w/ Pain of Salvation
23rd June - Doornroosje, Nijmegen, Netherlands w/ Anathema
24th June - Midsummer Prog Festival, Valkenburg, Netherlands
25th June - The Talking Heads, Southampton, UK
28th June - The Black Heart, London, UK
30th June - Be Prog! My Friend Festival, Barcelona, Spain
The band's latest album 'Bloom' was released last year and enjoyed much praise for its multi-faceted dynamic and masterful production. It mines influences from heavy rock to jazz and beyond, making it a uniquely enticing sonic entity, and a powerful addition to the high quality canon of progressive alternative rock. It is a unique thrill to watch a band's momentum build so steadily and confidently. 
Caligula's Horse are:
Jim Grey - lead vocals
Sam Vallen - lead guitar
Adrian Goleby - guitar
Dave Couper - bass & vocals
Josh Griffin - drums 

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domingo, junho 11, 2017

Wandering Vagrant

"Wandering Vagrant, a progressive metal band from Perugia, is going to release its debut album, Get Lost, within the next months of 2017. In the meanwhile, the official lyric video of the first single, Struggle, is now available on YouTube here:

For fans of: Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Riverside, King Crimson

French Music Legends Magma Release Remastered “Wurdah Ïtah” Featuring Unreleased Material!

Featuring 25 minutes of previously unreleased material!

Paris, France - French music legends Magma have released a new remastered version of their critically acclaimed 1974 album"Wurdah Ïtah" on CD! The release includes for the first time, "Wurdah Ïtah Prima Materia," the Original Demo used for the soundtrack to the film "Tristan & Iseult."

"Winter 1971. Between two series of concerts, we are pacing in circles like caged animals. Georgio Gomelsky senses the tension in the air and decides to book the little Chappell studio for us for a few days in order to release our pent-up energy. On 3 January 1972, Klaus Blasquiz, Jean-Pierre Lembert, René 'Stundëhr' Garber and I enter the studio. Despite the many imperfections of this recording, it remains an essential document to understand the origin of 'Wurdah Ïtah' and to feel our frenzy at the time." - Christian Vander 1974 

"Wurdah Ïtah" was recorded in April 1974, just one month before the sessions which produced "Kohntarkosz." It forms the second movement of "Theusz Hamtaahk," an epic work in three movements of which "Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh," recorded a year earlier by Magma, forms the final part. Performed by the core players in Magma at that time - Christian Vander (piano, drums, vocals), Jannick Top (bass), Klaus Blasquiz (vocals, percussion) and Stella Vander (vocals) - "Wurdah Ïtah" is music stripped down to its bare essence. Although a total contrast to the splendour and orchestral power of "M.D.K.," it nevertheless has just as great rhythmic power and surprising vocal lyricism, unquestionably marked by the claws of Magma!

Recorded and mixed April 4th, 5th& 8th 1974 at Studio de Milan (Paris)  by Jean-Pierre Bameulle

New booklet – Lyrics included!

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Music Legend Todd Rundgren's Notre Dame Artist in Residence Mini-Documentary

Rundgren started his Spirit of Harmony Foundation a few years ago to help bring music back into schools - http://spiritofharmony.org. A few months ago he accepted an invitation from Notre Dame University to conduct a week-long Artist In Residence music program, on the condition that it highlight the Foundation.

Notre Dame just completed the following mini-documentary on his week on campus (and off campus):

The iconic songwriter, recording artist, producer and innovator released his critically acclaimed new album "White Knight" on May 12 via Cleopatra Records. The 15-track collection features a dynamic range of original songs and deft studio work by Rundgren, with an impressive array of what he terms "collaborators", including Dam Funk, Donald Fagen, Daryl Hall, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails, Bettye LaVette, Robyn, Joe Satriani, and Joe Walsh.

Todd Rundgren is on tour throughout 2017: http://www.todd-rundgren.com/tr-tour.html

11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025
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Elliott Murphy's New Album Prodigal Son

American Appearances on July 26 at Stony Brook Film Festival and August 1 at the Rockwood Music Hall

Elliott Murphy's thirty-fifth album - PRODIGAL SON - is now available in North America on CD and Vinyl LP (Traffic distribution) as well as on Amazon, iTunes, streaming sites and other online stores. PRODIGAL SON is also out in Europe where it has received rave reviews including the prestigious French cultural mag Telerama.

PRODIGAL SON is Elliott's first album of all new original songs in over three years and marks a daring step forward in both musical and lyrical terms from one of the most original and classic American rock singer-songwriters. Recorded in Paris' Question de Son Studio (where artists such as Kanye West and Beck have worked while in Paris) Elliott is backed by his long-time backing band The Normandy All Stars (Alan Fatras, Laurent Pardo and guitar virtuoso Olivier Durand). Sadly, Laurent Pardo passed away just after the album was completed - in Elliott's liner notes there is a heartfelt dedication.

PRODIGAL SON was produced, mixed and arranged by Elliott's son Gaspard Murphy, an up and coming producer in his own right (Superbus / Warner Music France). The album features "Leon Russell-styled" keyboard work by Leo Cotton and evocative violin playing by Australian Melissa Cox. PRODIGAL SON was conceived and written with the idea of incorporating a gospel choir and the blend of these majestically soaring voices along with Murphy's own on tracks such as "Wit's End" is monumental.

Highlights from PRODIGAL SON include the anthem "Chelsea Boots," the poignant love song "Let Me In," and the touching story of a young girls coming of age "Hey Little Sister." The album ends with Elliott Murphy's longest song to date "Absalom, Davy & Jacky O" – a virtual film noir within a song – that clocks in at just over eleven minutes.

PRODIGAL SON follows the release of the film THE SECOND ACT OF ELLIOTT MURPHY featuring interviews with Bruce Springsteen (who says of Elliott Murphy: I don't think he's ever written a bad song") and Billy Joel (who says "I thought he was good as soon as I saw him"). PRODIGAL SON will surely go down as one of the amazing highlights of a storied musical career that began with AQUASHOW. (1973).    

Elliott is available for interviews via SKYPE or email and also phoners.  He will be in the States, doing in-person interviews with the media on July 25-August 1. Along with THE SECOND ACT OF ELLIOTT MURPHY director Jorge Arenillas, he will make an appearance at the Stony Brook Film Festival on July 26 where the film will be shown. On Tuesday, August 1, Elliott performs an intimate solo show at New York City's Rockwood Music Hall.

iTunes links: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/prodigal-son/id1229906436

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Prodigal-Son-MURPHY-ELLIOTT/dp/B06XP8KJYM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1495851381&sr=8-1&keywords=Elliott+Murphy+prodigal+son




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Art of simplicity, the experimental/progressive metal band from Greece

released their first music video for the song "Once". The band delivered their latest album "When Fables have a Bitter Taste" last October, gathering impresive reviews from all around the world. Since then they are promoting their new material on stage, while writing songs for their forthcoming release.

The music video was filmed at Entasis Studios, by George Chras 

Ghost Toast release their highly-anticipated 3rd album "Out Of This World"

Hungarian Ghost Toast released their critically acclaimed third album "Out Of This World" today June 7th 2017 via Finnish Inverse Records. Listen to the album on Spotify: 


Ghost Toast is an instrumental, experimental progressive rock band from Debrecen, Hungary, formed in 2008. They love heavy, trippy music and film scores as well, so they use these elements to create their own unique music. 

Their music video Gordius is available here:

Track list:
1. Ka mai (5:33)
2. Gordius (6:42)
3. Alia (7:20)
4. The Dragon's tail (7:51)
5. Minotaur (5:23)
6. Kaia (8:13)
7. Last man (7:38)
8. Ishvara (6:40)
9. Pawn of fate (3:11)

The songs on Out Of This World are connected by a loose concept - a connection between fantasy and some mythological themes.

Ka Mai means a pawn of fate (see title of the last track) and refers to Stephen King's Dark Tower saga. It does not directly refer to the novels (though we believe that the mixed mood sets and theatrical elements match it very well), it's rather the words themselves and their meaning which grabbed us and suited the concept.

Gordius is the most complex item on the album, the name derives from this fact and human complexity, and this was the basic idea that the projected images shown in the video were applied on. 

Alia got the name from the character in Frank Herbert's Dune, the speech samples originate from the TV miniseries. She is a tragic character who turns into a monster, a severely troubled mind trapped in a little girl's body.

The Dragon's Tail is our first attempt to create a movie score without an actual movie behind it. The title is somewhat of a pun, but the dragon represents the world of fantasy into which the music tries to teleport the listener. 

Minotaur is a half-chill out, half-pounding song, this duality represented by the title also, perfect for a some labyrinth rambling.

Kaia is based on a sample from an American a capella singers' band called Kaia - it is a Finnish children's song ("Kaiababies"). The name Kaia also means "from the earth" or "pure" in Greek, and "sea" in Hawaiian. 

Last Man was inspired by the novel I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, and two movie adaptations (Last Man on Earth and Omega Man), the speech samples are from these movies as well. We tried to represent the dramatic mood of the story, gradually built up from beginning to end.

Ishvara is our first song which was basically created on demand. One of our friends' Indian dance group asked us to create a rather modern song - one that they can still perform their traditional dance moves on. Ishvara can mean supreme soul, ruler, lord, king, queen or husband, God, Supreme Being, personal god, or special self.

Pawn of Fate (one who has hope but no real choices) is the grand finale and farewell of the album, the background was already elaborated at the Ka Mai part. 

László Papp (drums)
János Stefán (bass, sound fx, samples)
János Pusker (cello, keyboard)
Bence Rózsavölgyi (guitar).

Toast in the shell (self-released in  February 28, 2011)
There is no en... (self-released in November 22, 2013)
Gordius -Single (May 12, 2017) (Inverse Records)
Out of this World (June 7, 2017) (Inverse Records)

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Pictures From Nadira comes with their album Nadira

Pictures From Nadira is a 4-piece post-rock band from Munich, Germany. Coming from different musical backgrounds, they make music in this lineup since 2015 and share the urge to create a sound that is driven by emotions and atmosphere, music that let the audience escape into an unreal world. Besides post-rock, they make references to kraut- rock and noise.

 With sounds, endlessly in the space, that explodes in a massive supernova. Spheric soundscapes and huge wall of sounds are created by drums, bass and two guitars. Synths, strings and visual effects bring the sound to a whole new level. "In a galaxy, far away, there is a goddess who is summoned." Nadira is the name of that Goddess. Nadira, as an album, sounds moving post-rock that lets you fall deep into the world of "Nadira", the goddess, that is the beginning and the end of it all.

Euphoric layers, abstractedly harmonies, complex and melancholic sounds combined with impulsive arrangements of guitars, bass, drums and synths. The record was recorded live in two days and without overdubs in order to keep it alive and breathing. And also to encourage the listener to take the whole journey and enjoy the trip in it's entirety.

Fluttery Records is a home for post-rock, ambient, modern classical music since 2008.
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Anneke van Giersbergen's VUUR release first track off debut album

In 2016, renowned Dutch vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen announced the formation of a brand new progressive metal group under the name of VUUR. The band debuts 'Days Go By - London' with an album track video and digital release. This song is the first track taken from VUUR's debut album, which has yet to be named, due in the fall of this year.

Anneke comments: "The lyrical content of the album is inspired by the many cities I have visited while being on the road. The song 'Days Go By - London' is about The Great Fire in 1666. The lyrics are written from the perspective of the element of Fire, threatening Londoners to wipe them out, but the song is also about hope. Even in the darkest of times, the sun will rise."

Listen to the track here:

Pre-order the album single here:

VUUR begin playing live this Summer, and have also been confirmed as main support to EPICA in later 2017. You can find the full list of confirmed live dates below:
9th June - Neushoorn (warm-up show), Leeuwarden - the Netherlands
30th June - Tuska Open Air, Helsinki - Finland
14th July - Masters of Rock, Vizovice - Czech Republic
15th July - Dynamo Metal Fest, Eindhoven - the Netherlands

VUUR as main support to EPICA
9th November - Klub Studio, Krakow - Poland
10th November - Masters of Rock Café, Zlín - Czech Republic
12th November - Kesselhaus, Berlin - Germany
13th November - Markthalle, Hamburg - Germany
14th November - Essigfabrik, Cologne - Germany
15th November - La BAM, Metz - France
17th November - Stereolux, Nantes - France
18th November - Krakatoa, Bordeaux - France
20th November - La Riviera, Madrid - Spain
24th November - Razzmatazz, Barcelona - Spain
25th November - Le Moulin, Marseille - France
26th November - Le Transbordeur, Lyon - France
29th November - Bakcstage Werk, Munich - Germany
3rd December - L'Aéronef, Lille - France
Line-up VUUR:
Anneke van Giersbergen (ex-The Gathering) - vocals
Ed Warby (Hail of Bullets, Ayreon, ex-Gorefest) - drums
Jord Otto - guitars (My Propane, ex-ReVamp)
Ferry Duijsens - guitars
Johan van Stratum (Stream of Passion) - bass

Look out for more information in the coming weeks!
VUUR online:

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SHYLOCK (France)
"...When I thought I had seen everything with Museo Rosenbach, PFM or Osanna, Shylock appeared and finished as my favorite act of the festival....extraordinary musicians, who besides showing their skills, left their soul on stage. Simply wonderful!"�
- Guillermo Urdapilleta, The Rocktologist, Baha Prog 2014

SHYLOCK is a French progressive rock band that formed in the 1970's. The music became known for its instrumental richness and complexity, dark ambience, electric tension, and refined romanticism. Gialorgues and Ile de Fièvre became regarded as classic albums of the late-70s French progressive scene.

Most often compared to King Crimson, Pulsar and Arachnoid, SHYLOCK's influence can be felt in bands like Änglagård, Xaal, Tiemko, and Minimum Vital.

Thirty-three years after disbanding, the group reformed in 2012 to perform the music worldwide again for people who had never seen them on stage. ProgDay is honored to host SHYLOCK for its first US appearance.


DAVID TORN (Special Guest with Sonar)
David Torn is a composer, texturalist, guitarist, producer & whatnot of actual international stature, renowned for his unique musical voice which seems to span & un-define a range of idioms and styles. His work has had material impact & influence upon both film scoring and, generally, upon contemporary electric, electro-acoustic & electronic music.

You will also find David's creative contributions on the works of other musical artists-of-note as diverse as David Bowie, Tim Berne, Jeff Beck, Mick Karn, David Sylvian, John Legend, Tori Amos, Meshell Ndegeocello, John Popper, Jan Garbarek, Jarboe, Laurie Anderson, Chocolate Genius, Don Cherry, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tony Levin, Andy Rinehart, David Douglas, Manu Katché, etc.

SONAR's upcoming release, Vortex, was produced by David Torn. He also performs on the album. ...So it just seemed natural to have David sit-in with the band at their ProgDay performance.

Thank you to David for his interest in the idea, and working with us to make it happen. ProgDay is very excited to announce an exclusive performance of Sonar with special guest David Torn at Storybook Farm.


Join SHYLOCK (France), FLOR DE LOTO (Peru), SONAR (Switzerland) with special guest DAVID TORN (US), and iNFiNiEN (US) for the twenty-third edition of ProgDay. ProgDay 2017 will take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 2nd and 3rd, at Storybook Farm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. For more information, please visit us at www.progday.net.
To hear music from all this year's bands, please visit the ProgDay Music page (http://www.progday.net/ProgDay-Music.html).
Four more bands to be announced.
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