quarta-feira, abril 20, 2016

Wolverine and Klone added to the ProgPower Europe 2016 line-up

Swedish prog metallers Wolverine are currently working on the successor to the critical acclaimed "Communication Lost". The new album: "Machina Viva" will be released in the summer and it is because of that that we have added Wolverine, an excellent live band to 2016 the line-up.
Another addition to the line-up is Klone, the French progressive-groove-metal band turning to melodic rock, returning to the ProgPower stage after 6 years!  Praised for their last outing the superb: "Here Comes The sun", Klone has only matured over the years. A reason to invite them back to the our stage in Baarlo.
With these 2 additions, just two more bands will be added to the line-up.
Tickets for ProgPower Europe 2016 are available from: http://www.progpowereurope.com/tickets/
The 12 bands announced for this years festival:

6:33 (France)
Out of the ordinary, metal meets Tim Burton. catchy melodies. How can we better described the roller coaster ride that is the Avant-Garde metal band 6:33.  
Atmospheres (Belgium)
Post rock meets progressive rock, young,new and talented Belgian outfit.

Chaos Divine (Australia)
After 7 years, Australian Chaos Divinie return to the ProgPower stage. Since then the band has released 2 albums, the latest, Colliding Skies, earlier in 2015.

Distorted Harmony (Israel)
Distorted Harmony is one of the most requested bands in our feedback survey. So it is about time for them to climb the ProgPower stage.

Earthside (USA)
Although a relatively young and unknown name, Earthside is taking the prog metal scene by storm. Their album, "A Dream In Static" is receiving very positive reviews on the internet. It shows how focused this band is.

Jolly (USA)
Jolly have already shown their abilities on the ProgPower stage. It is because of that that we welcome them back on our stage to play their therapeutic auditory experience

Klone (France)
First described as a Progressive Groove Metal band, French Klone now better fits the description: melodic atmospheric rock band.

Nordic Giants (United Kingdom)
Instrumental post rock from the UK. Music supported by cinematic projections, making a Nordic Giants performance is a stunning experience.

Subterenean Masqurade
A band with many different nationalities on board, formed by Tomer Pink (from Israel). Music with middle-eastern influences, played on instruments not normally used in metal, grunts and clean vocals. Different but very catchy.

Textures (The Netherlands)
Formed in 2001, Textures creates complex and challenging metalcore. Living up to their name the band creates Textures of melodies and rhythms.

Threshold (United Kingdom)
A band that needs no introduction to prog metal fans. They were the headliner on the first ProgPower in 1999. And it has been eight years since they last played at ProgPower, about time they returned.

Wolverine (Sweden)
The Prog Metal outfit from Sweden, that has started out with death metal influences but has come a long way since then. Now playing a more melodic progressive metal style, well thought out, almost subdued, yet full of energy. A band with a great live reputation.

And 2 more bands to be confirmed!

About ProgPower Europe

ProgPower Europe is a Progressive Metal festival held in Baarlo, Limburg, The Netherlands. Last year's edition (2015) saw the celebration of 17 years of ProgPower Europe. In its history bands like: Opeth, Anathema, Fates Warning, Shadow Gallery, Symphony X, Evergrey, Threshold, Jon Oliva, Riverside and many many more have played the festival.

ProgPower Europe 2016, 30 September  & 1-2 October 2015, JC Sjiwa, Baarlo (L), The Netherlands.
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