quarta-feira, novembro 13, 2013

New Studio Album from Caravan titled as "PARADISE FILTER"!

Those of you who already know Caravan will be aware how overdue a new
studio album with this current lineup is.

I have been looking for a way of doing this for some time and have
discovered a truly inspired and groundbreaking way of achieving this
without the involvement of Record companies.

Pledge Music have come up with the brilliant concept of allowing the
artist to connect directly with their fans/followers so that at long
last, we are able to connect, one to one. No more having to deal with
some snotty kid (probably still in shorts), who runs the A&R
department telling us what we should be doing!

Traditionally an Album would be a finite length of around 10 songs
with some artwork for a sleeve and a bit of blog etc. etc. None of
this need apply any more !

Pledge Music have created a platform where you can do virtually what
ever you like, so we can start with at least 10 new songs but
depending upon what you, the "pledgers" want, this can be extended to
include extra tracks , different mixes, live studio recordings of back
catalogue tracks, daily short clips from the studio as we record and
much more. The fun and trauma of recording has never truly been
captured and passed on to the fans. You've only ever got the finished
product. Well now you can be a part of the whole process by pledging
to support this project.

Check out the list of exclusives on the right of this page and see
what takes your fancy, we feel that we have created some special items
and experiences for you. Everyone who pledges will receive a download
of the album and you can't say fairer than that!

Music is important to us all not least because it helps to bring back
memories. Well now is your chance to join us in the studio or be our
guest at gigs, and make this a truly memorable experience.

I, more than anyone, appreciate how loyal you Caravan fans have been
over the last 40 years and would like to say THANKS in advance for
your continued friendship and support.

We are up and running!!!!!

Pye Hastings
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-ZINE