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Uganga reveals tracklist of new studio album

Opressor will be the title of the band's fifth album, sucessor of the newly released Eurocaos Ao Vivo

Manu "Joker" (vocal), Christian Franco (guitar), Thiago Soraggi (guitar), Raphael "Ras" Franco (bass) and Marco Henriques (drums). Collectively they are known as UGANGA. In Brazil, everybody who is really into metal and hardcore knows them, and if you are in Europe you also have a chance to have heard about the band. After all, these five brazilian musicians are for 20 years on the road, have released four albuns and completed two tours in Europe, besides countless shows in Brazil.

And they really aren't into this to joke! The band just arrived from its second european tour that added 10 shows in eight countries - Hungary, Austria, France, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland and Switzerland - and released its first live album, Eurocaos Ao Vivo, that brought the registration of the band's first tour in Europe in 2010, with shows recorded in Germany and Portugal, besides several bonus tracks and other features.

When it was thought that the band would slow down, behold they do announce the new studio album!

Titled Opressor, the album was produced by the experienced Gustavo Vazquez (Black Drawning Chalks, Macaco Bong, Krow, Hellbenders) and will bring the following tracks "Guerra", "O Campo", "Veredas", "Opressor", "Moleque de Pedra", "Casa", "L.F.T.", "Modus Vivendi", "Nas Entranhas do Sol", "Aos Pés da Grande Árvore", "Noite", "Who Are The True" (Vulcano cover) and "Guerreiro".

According to Manu "Joker", the band was working on the Opressor songs since 2011, but other projects eventually required priority at the time.
"In the meanwhile we had the chance to release Eurocaos Ao Vivo and to make our second european tour, and we didn't want to compromise the quality of these works doing everything at the same time", explains the frontman. "For some time we decided to produce our records counting with somebody from outside with enough technical experience to take care of the entire part of audio engineering. For Opressor we choose our friend Gustavo Vasquez from Rocklab Studios (Goiania - Brazil), that besides knowing everything in terms of timbres, recording and mixing, gave us many arrangments ideas. We were able to record the band's sound live without all these digital tools and studio makeup that we can listen on current productions. Nothing against who decides for these kind of work, but we searched for something more analog and raw. It was two years of extreme dedication for the writting process of these tracks, both indidivual and collective. A heavy work, but pleasurable. I think that both musically and lyrically, the band moved foward. We are really excited with this material!"
UGANGA has recently launched two videos for the new songs "Moleque de Pedra" and "Aos Pés da Grande Árvore" recorded live during the most recent european tour.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgadXUiBMU4 - "Moleque de Pedra" (live in Ozimek, Poland)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRFh7vddL5g - "Aos Pés da Grande Árvore" (live in Viena, Austria)
At the time UGANGA is negotiating a deal with a Brazilian record label and soon the release date of Opressor will be announced.
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