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Corruption return with new line-up!

Corruption, Polish stoner metal masters have just revealed their brand new, build up from scratch line-up. Piotr 'Anioł' Wącisz, the band's founding member: "I am really happy to announce that the new Corruption lineup is as follows: Jacek Hiro (Sceptic, Voodoo Gods), James Stewart (Vader, Divine Chaos), Robert Zembrzycki (ex- Saratan), Łukasz "Chuck Rebel" Adamczak, and me Piotr "Anioł" Wącisz. I am really excited about this and I can't wait to play the first shows with these guys!"
Corruption – photo by Paweł Kowalski
Corruption's last to date album titled "Devil's Share" was released in June 2014. It was recorded at Sound Division Studio in Warsaw, Poland, with Filip Heinrich Hałuchy (Vesania, Decapitated, Rootwater) from Heinrich House Studio handling the mix and mastering. The album features 11 tracks full of catchy stoner rock guitars and good old stoner energy and is a must-have for fans of Monster Magnet, Kyuss, Mustasch, and Orange Goblin. A lyric video to the track "Hang'n'Over" is available in THIS location.
The band was formed in 1991 in Sandomierz, Poland. Since then the band released seven studio albums: "Ecstasy" (1995), "Bacchus Songs" (1996), "Pussyworld" (2002), "Orgasmusica" (2003), "Virgin's Milk" (2005), "Bourbon River Bank" (2011) and "Devil's Share" (2014). Their only live DVD release entitled "Hellectrify Yourself" saw the light of the day in 2004.
Corruption – current line-up:
Piotr "Anioł" Wącisz – bass, backing vocals
Jacek Hiro – lead guitar
Łukasz "Chuck Rebel" Adamczak – vocals
Robert Zembrzycki – guitar, backing vocals
James Stewart – drums
Corruption – official websites:
Metal Mind Productions