segunda-feira, março 30, 2015

Renaissance Live in London DVD

Renaissance Live in London DVD

The time has come that we have waited so long for.

The dream of Renaissance performing again in my homeland has come true with a European tour, the first in over 30 years. Michael Dunford (who is sorely missed) and I have worked hard to that end since our reformation in 2009.

The most exciting part of all for me is to chronicle this in a film and release as a DVD to highlight our talented band of musicians that is now Renaissance. They will knock your socks off.

As always the expense of producing a product of high quality is greater than the amount we receive from concert performances. In order to make the the quality of this DVD comparable to the level of music and atmosphere of the Union Chapel, we have launched a site at to raise additional funds.

We are asking all of you to visit this site and consider making a pledge for which you will receive a thank you reward thats in line with the level of your contribution. The rewards include things like special editions of the DVD, hand painted t-shirts, special dinner and a show or even your own private concert.

As always we appreciate your loyalty and support for it is only through you the fans that we can continue our journey into the future together as Renaissance.
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