quarta-feira, junho 10, 2015

Devin Townsend Project set to release "Dark Matters" & "Sky Blue" August 7

Devin Townsend Project released the double album, Z², in late 2014 and will now issue each part, SKY BLUE and DARK MATTERS, in their own separate packages on August 7.  The epic lyric video for the track "March Of The Poozers" taken from theDARK MATTERS side of the album can be seen on the

InsideOut YouTube channel here:

You can view lyric videos for the tracks "Rejoice" and "Deathray" below:

You can purchase Z² here:

You can find some of the media reactions to the album below: 

"Sky Blue, AND the next chapter in the Ziltoid saga, Dark Matters.  The connective tissue?  Both are undeniably the work of Devin Townsend at the 2014 temporal checkpoint of his evolution." - DECIBEL Magazine 

"His vocal range and skills as a producer are matched only by his twisted sense of humour, which has birthed two records featuring a power-mad, coffee-obsessed alien overlord called Ziltoid the Omniscient."  - EXCLAIM! Magazine 

"DEVIN TOWNSEND IS ONE OF THE MOST prolific musicians around today.  The man is an unstoppable lunatic.  He transcends the meaning of keeping busy" 

- OUTBURN Magazine 

"A true sci-fi masterpiece, like a musical Orson Welles radio show" 


"You can call Devin Townsend's music progressive, experimental, symphonic or a half dozen other labels and it is a bit of all of those. But what it truly is is outrageous." 


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