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GALAHAD - When Worlds Collide – 30th anniversary retrospective double album

Work is progressing well on WWC, recording is almost complete and we can confirm the album will consist of ten brand new recordings of older songs plus a selection tracks from the last three 'Thin Ice' albums and recent EP's completing this retrospective.

The press release quotes the following:
"In order to celebrate the band's 30th anniversary Galahad will be releasing a historical double CD retrospective with a twist, the twist being that ten of the tracks included are brand new re-recorded versions of old Galahad songs, some dating back to 1985, the year the band formed, including one thirty year old track (City of Freedom) which has never been recorded before!
In some cases the new versions are similar to the originals but in other cases the songs have been re-worked and re-arranged considerably, either way we have tried our best to be sympathetic to the spirit of the originals whilst trying to bring them up to date in terms of their sonic quality.
Hopefully, this collection is a fair representation of the Galahad cannon and will appeal to existing fans of the band and will also, perhaps, act as a taster to those yet to dip their toes in the world of Galahad music."

All tracks are being recorded at Thin Ice, once again, with Karl Groom on engineering and mixing duties.
The album will also include guest appearances from Mark Andrews who was our keyboard player from 1988 to 1991 but who is still very much a part of the Galahad family and a dear friend. Also Daryl Watts will be playing Bass guitar on 'The Chase, Daryl is the son of Paul Watts, our first bass guitarist from 1985 to 1988, so here comes Galahad ..the next generation! 

As soon as we are near completion, we will make the album available for pre-order from our own web site merchandise page,

The provisional album track list for 'When Worlds Collide' is:
1. Lady Messiah (1985/2015)
2. The Chase (1988/2015)
3. City of Freedom (1986/2015)
4. Chamber of Horrors (1990/2015)
5. Dreaming from the Inside (1985/2015)
6. Room 801 (1990/2015)
7. Ocean Blue (1996/2015)
8. Don't Lose Control (1990/015)
9. Karma For One (1997/2015)
10. Exorcising Demons ( 1993/2015)
11. Empires Never Last (2006/2014)
12. Sleepers (1992/2012)
13. Richelieu's Prayer (1990/2012)
14. Painted Lady (1985/2014)
15. Bug Eye (1997/2014) 16. Guardian Angel (2012)
17. Seize the Day (Single mix) (2014)
18. This Life Could Be My Last (2014)

Four track taster EP '30' 
We are also pleased to announce that, as part of our ongoing 30th anniversary celebrations, we will be releasing a limited edition (500 copies) 'taster' EP simply called '30' containing four newly recorded versions of 'older' songs which will appear, possibly in a slightly different form, on our 'When Worlds Collide' double CD retrospective which be released later in the year.

The '30' EP will be officially released at our 30th anniversary show at Mr Kyps in Poole, Dorset on Saturday 4th July and will be available thereafter exclusively from the merchandise page on our official Galahad website at and will NOT be available from any other web based music store.

The EP also features our very own tribute to a certain legendary and much missed rock DJ who was very supportive, back in the day, to many up and coming rock/metal/progressive bands.

The '30' EP track listing is:
1. The Chase (7:44) (1988/2015)
2. Chamber of Horrors (5:37) (1990/2015)
3. Dreaming from the Inside (6:03) (1985/2015)
4. Room 801 (10.53) (1990/2015)

'When Worlds Collide' itself will be released later in the year.

Empires Never Last – The Deluxe Edition/ Empires: A Curious Companion
We are pleased to report that our first release of the year, a re-mixed and generally spruced up version of 'Empires Never Last' which also includes two extra tracks, being alternative versions of 'Termination' and 'This Life Could Be My Last', plus new art work in a digipack format has been received very positively by the 'Prog' press.

The album's companion album, unsurprisingly named 'Empires: A Curious Companion', which includes demo versions of tracks, some of which appeared in full form on the final version of 'Empires Never Last' and some which didn't is now available to download from all the usual online vendors such as I-tines, Amazon, CD Baby etc.

NEW Live Album CD/DVD news – Galahad – Solidarity: Live in Konin
In addition to all our other current projects we are also working on the mix for a new live album which was recorded in Konin, Poland on Saturday 26th October 2013 as part of European jaunt promoting the 'Battle Scars/ Beyond the Realms of Euphoria' albums. This album also includes Mark Spencer in the band line up on bass guitar as well as the much missed Neil Pepper's bass and guitar parts on a couple of tracks.

We hope to release this set as a double audio CD plus concert DVD package through our good friends Oskar Productions who are based in Poland. However, it will be available directly from us via our band web site and also through the usual internet outlets such as Amazon, I-tunes, CD Baby etc. More news to follow.

The track listing will be:
1. Salvation I – Overture
2. Salvation II – Judgement Day
3. Guardian Angel
4. Empires Never Last
5. Secret Kingdoms..
6. ..And Secret Worlds
7. Singularity
8. Beyond the Barbed Wire
9. This Life Could Be My Last
10. Sleepers
11. Guardian Angel – Reprise
12. Painted Lady
13. Seize the Day

Live Shows 
As we are busy with studio work for most of the first part of this year shows are a little thin on the ground but we will be playing a very special 30th anniversary show at Mr Kyps, Poole, Dorset on Saturday 4th July. This concert will include performances of some of the older songs (for the first time in many years!) which have been re-worked for our 'When Worlds Collide' 30th anniversary album as well as more recent tracks and a few 'classic' staples.

We will also have a few special guests joining us on stage for what should be a very memorable evening. As well as the EP already mentioned above, free copies of our 1991 Galahad 'press pack' (which makes quite amusing reading!) as well as an original 'Room 801 – Galahad fan club' button badge will also be available.

We a show organised which is the 'Northern Prog Festival' on Saturday 7th November at De Uthof in Siegerswoude, The Netherlands.

We will also be playing two double header shows in Poland with Polish band Lizard on Friday 18th September at Klub Kwadrat in Krakow and on Sunday 20th September at Klub Klimat in Bielsko-Biala.
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