domingo, novembro 27, 2016

50 de muitas Imprimir tudo Nova janela ANDREW TAYLOR- MOHRIBOLD- 21st century Mike Oldfield has his cult album re-issued through Burning Shed.

                    andrew taylor                  

Raised in the East of England but from vintage scouse stock; Andrew Taylor's first musical instrument was made from a kitchen roll tube, a cereal box and some elastic bands.

Andrew launched his musical career in the fine city of Norwich. Under the occasional moniker of Circus Lounge he performed delicate and emotive songs with a haunting vocal and intricate guitar style. This prolific period of song-writing and performing culminated with his partnership in The Challenge of Feral Green; a duo drawing comparisons with CSNY and Simon & Garfunkel. Having toured the UK supporting EMI recording artist Catherine Feeny, Andrew took a musical sabbatical; his ambition was an unusual and intriguing project; an album called Mohribold. 

Mohribold is an epic musical tapestry that weaves between a multitude of genres. There are no discernable lyrics, instead an array of instruments appear to speak a language native to the murky and mysterious wilds of Taylor's Norfolk but a Norfolk populated by African drums and South-American ukuleles. Its landscape of bouzoukis, old organs, trumpets and assorted percussion creates a psych-folk-symphony. 

Originally released in 2011 on the burgeoning online music store bandcamp; Mohribold became a cult hit. Devotees cited Taylor as the new Mike Oldfield but one occupying his own unique backwater. Taylor's approach does in some ways pick up where Oldfield left off with his more serious works in the 1970's but it's not a pastiche. This is a fresh, hand-made piece from a musician who might have grown up listening to as much Beta Band as Mike Oldfield. 

Andrew is also known as curator and host of The Music House Acoustic(ish) Session in Norwich held weekly at one of the country's finest acoustic venues housed in Norwich's oldest public building.
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