domingo, novembro 27, 2016

Jump - The British Rock Band

Over the Top

Progressive rock is a strange animal either love certain bands or hate certain bands. I am happy to announce today that one of my absolute favourites has agreed to work with Skyfire. I Would like to take this opportunity to introduce you all to JUMP.

JUMP have been treading rock's boards for quite a while now. Formed in High Wycombe in 1990, this six-piece troupe of musical entertainers began life under the wing of the legendary promoter Ron Watts and then flew The Nags Head nest to establish themselves as Wycombe's most successful export since Howard Jones. By curious coincidence, JUMP are also fronted by a man of that name, this time one from distant North Wales, in the shape of the splendidly named John Dexter Jones.

Beloved across a diverse community, from folk-rock to hard-rock via all points progressive, JUMP have played well in excess of a thousand shows and have found themselves hardy perennials on the undercard of many a more feted act. The band's first break onto bigger stages came in the shape of a number of supports with Marillion (whose Mark Kelly produced JUMP's fourth album The Myth of Independence) opening the door for a subsequent tour with FISH and then a diverse host of associations that continue to the present. From Spock's Beard to Wishbone Ash and Arthur Brown to the Spin Doctors, JUMP consistently maintain a wider presence that complements a programme of clubs, small theatres and arts centres around the UK. The six-piece, twin guitar electric set up is sometimes pared down to an acoustic rump, that has found favour alongside the likes of Midge Ure and rising stars Lifesigns.

As progressive rock's star has risen of late, so JUMP have bathed a little more in its reflected light. This year JUMP were invited back to the Cambridge Rock Festival after a well received set in 2013  and next year will begin the events-season early with their third appearance at HRH Prog, invited once more by popular demand, to play alongside The Enid, Pendragon and Gong to name but a few.
The band's most recent album release, Over The Top, has attracted universally favourable reviews across the rock press - in some quarters appearing in reviewers 'best of the year' selections. It is worth noting that it sits comfortably with writers in Rock and Reel, PROG and Powerplay, three quite distinctly different titles.