sexta-feira, junho 09, 2017

Edensong - "Years in the Garden of Years" on Vinyl?!! Anniversary Edition Coming Soon with Your Help!

Now is your chance to play a crucial role in a very special project for Edensong:
Our first vinyl pressing!  Since releasing Years in the Garden of Years back in September, we've been asked frequently if we plan to issue the album on vinyl.  This is something we've always dreamed of doing for this record (a project that we spent 8 years of our lives working on!) and we're very excited about the prospect of making this dream a reality!

  The considerable costs have made it impossible to do on our own. the sheer length of the album requires we make this a double album, effectively doubling the manufacturing costs.  Add to this the licensing fees to our label, design costs etc. and we're left with a pretty hefty price tag!!  So, if you're interested in seeing "Years in the Garden of Years" on vinyl and want to help us bring this anniversary edition into the world, please consider pledging some money today!

Additionally, If we raise enough money from the campaign, we plan to record a new (never released) song as a "vinyl only" track!!

There are all sorts of great pledge rewards at all price points, ranging from our back catalog (including some rarities never released commercially), to signed drum heads from the recording sessions, to private music lessons and studio sessions with band members.  Any contribution, large or small, will go a large way toward making this happen!!

Much Love and Many Thanks from
James, Tony, TD, Stefan, and Barry!!

Thanks for an amazing tour!
We loved seeing many of you on the road for Rosfest, Terra Incongita and our tour with Imminent Sonic Destruction.  We hope to get a chance to come back soon, and visit many new places!  Feel free to reach out if you'd like to see Edensong play in your neck of the woods.

Photo by Joel Barrios
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