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Enchant completes ProgPower Europe 2015 line-up

It has been a long time wish of the ProgPower Europe organization and therefore  it is with great pride that we can now announce the addition of USA's Progressive Rock outfit Enchant to the 2015 line-up!

Enchant was formed at the end of the eighties. Since then the band has released 9 albums, of which the last, The Great Divide, released at the end of 2014. With over 25 years of experience, we are looking forward to Enchant playing on Sunday's ProgPower stage.

"Another exemplary album from the quintet, "The Great Divide" will assuredly get consistent airplay for years to come from all Progressive Rock fans. ENCHANT will not disappoint." – Metal Temple.

"A great sounding album from a great sounding band. With 7 albums behind them, you're assured of quality when you see a CD with the Enchant name on it." – MetalReviews.com (on Tugs of war)

Since it has been almost 10 years ago that Enchant last played an European stage, we think adding Enchant is the best way to complete 2015's line-up. 

Earlier the following 13 bands were announced:

·         Soen
Swedish band who play a mix of different styles, that is best described as melodic, heavy & complex. Formed around drummer Martin Lopez (Opeth / Amon Amarth ) the band is gathering a  growing following.

·         Armed Cloud (Netherlands)
Hailing from the south of the Netherlands, Armed Cloud played a steady stream of live performances, with an album on the way later this year, a promising Saturday's opener for this year's ProgPower Europe.

·         Caligula's Horse (Australia) 
The Tide, the Thief & River's End, the album Caligula's Horse released on October 4th,2013 gained a lot of attention. In fact more than a few webzines mentioned it as one of the albums of that year. Metal Observer: "Uniquely alive and consistently inviting, CALIGULA'S HORSE are not unlike any great ruler: adherent to the people, brilliant in delivery, tender yet domineering, and then entirely worthy of your devotion."

·         EXXASENS (Spain)
Post-rock from Spain, that's what EXXASENS is described as. Their last album promises a band that is capable of a dynamic, melodic live set that can take it's listeners on a journey into outer space.

·         Obsidian Kingdom (Spain)
This Spanish five some creates a hard to classify type of metal, Burning Fist wrote: "An expansive mix of complex progressive post-metal interspersed occasionally with icily precise blasting black metal, they were a hypnotic experience that was all the more impressive in capturing the attention in that environment."

·         Schizoid Lloyd (Netherlands)
One of the surprises of ProgPower Europe 2011, Schizoid Lloyd returns to the festival in 2015. In 2014 the band released their first full length album: The Last Note In God's Magnum Opus. An album recorded by a uniquely-minded and talented band.

·         Abnormal Thought Patterns (USA) 
an instrumental metal band from the USA, formed by Jasun and Troy Tipton(Zero Hour, Cynthesis) who have more than earned there merits in Progressive Metal

·         Leprous (Norway)
one of the most surprising and refreshing newcomers in the metal genre a few years ago, have now proven that they have matured into one of the top bands in the genre.

·         Myrath (Tunisia)
return to the ProgPower Europe stage with their oriental style of Prog Metal.

·         Pagan's Mind (Norway)
a splendid live band, do not need much of an introduction, due to personal circumstances the band had to cancel 2014, but are eager to play at 2015's edition.

·         Serdce (Belarus)
is the first band from Belarus on the ProgPower stage, playing Progressive Death Metal

·         Until Rain (Greece)
impressed people on their last European tour together with Andromeda, in October 2015 they will be on the ProgPower stage.

ProgPower Europe sees people from over 20 different nationalities travel to Baarlo, Limburg, The Netherlands each year. A travel made easy because of Baarlo's location in between the airports of Dusseldorf, Weeze and Eindhoven, a stay made pleasant by meeting fellow visitors at Castle The Berckt. Even though there are still 2 bands to be announced the 12 bands in the line-up so far should spark the interest of many prog metal fans.Popular bands to deliver what they are famous for, new and lesser known bands to showcase what is up and coming In the progressive metal scene

Tickets can be bought at: http://www.progpowereurope.com/tickets/
Stay at Castle The Berckt can be booked at: http://www.progpowereurope.com/thecastle/

About ProgPower Europe

ProgPower Europe is a Progressive Metal festival held in Baarlo, Limburg, The Netherlands. Last year's edition (2014) saw the celebration of 16 years of ProgPower Europe. In its history bands like: Opeth, Anathema, Fates Warning, Shadow Gallery, Symphony X, Evergrey, Threshold, Jon Oliva, Riverside and many many more have played the festival.

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