quarta-feira, maio 27, 2015

The long awaited sequel to Journey of the Yak - Quest for the Stones

The new Yak album is now imminent - at long last !  Only about 5 years late, but hey…

Delivery is expected for 1st June (confirmed today by the manufacturer) and I have updated the YAK website to reflect the new album and the donate button is enabled to take pre-orders.
The album is called 'Quest for the Stones' - as you can probably glean from the cover ;) and includes 2 pieces of music. The title track is my longest piece to date at some 24 minutes and the last track "Veil of Aeternum" is about 19 & a half minutes. (Should have been a vinyl release really with side 1 & side 2 lol)
The line-up is as per the last album (Journey of the Yak) with Dave Speight on drums and Gary Bennett on bass with myself on a variety of keyboards.
As per all YAK material, the music is given away for free (from the Yak website) subject to making a donation to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary (suggested donation is £10, but if you are able to donate more that would be fantastic as the sanctuary is desperately in need of support with vets bills mounting. The album will also be available from a number of online retailers and eventually I will add it to cyberspace from whence it can be downloaded from Amazon or wherever !
If you are outside the UK, please bear in mind that the postal charges are now north of completely ridiculous, so if you can add a little to cover these I would very much appreciate it – this isn't about making money for me/YAK, its entirely about raising funds for the rescues at Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary where 100% of funds received go towards the feed costs which are in excess of £8k a month.
We very much hope you enjoy listening to the music and thank you for your support
If you are on facebook, please do like the page at www.facebook.com/yaktunes
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