quarta-feira, maio 27, 2015

Lucifer's Friend Awakening - Two Concerts and Initial Reviews

'Lucifer's Friend awakening' (featuring ex-Uriah Heep lead singer John Lawton) receives its initial reviews as the band prepares for its launch concerts in Hamburg and at the Sweden Rock Festival.

The reformed Lucifer's Friend released a new compilation with FOUR NEW TRACKScalled 'awakening' last month and it has already received some great reviews!  Excerpts from the FIRST couple of reviews are quoted below…with many more appearing in other publications and on websites all around the world:

"Their brand of hard rock music is as timeless as many other bands from that era including Deep Purple and early Black Sabbath. The ten-song "best of" showcases the many talents of Lucifer's Friend." - JPs Music Blog
"Awakening helps celebrate, in fine remastered compilation form, the recent reunion of German based rock band Lucifer's Friend. Lucifer's Friend – John Lawton, Peter Hesslein, Dieter Horns, keyboard player Jogi Wichmann (who featured on Sumo Grip) and drummer Stephan Eggert – are still one Hell of a rock band." – Fabricationshq
The band is playing an album launch show (their first concert in decades) at the Down Town Blues Club in Hamburg on the 31st May and will then take to the stage atSweden Rock Festival on 5th June at 22:15 – this show will be recorded for possible future release.