quarta-feira, novembro 18, 2015


SALANDER - "The Fragility Of Innocence"
Salander are re-releasing The Fragility Of Innocence on November 20th. The album has been totally remastered and will contain three extra tracks that date back to 2005. These were the first tracks recorded by Dave Smith and Dave Curnow and sowed the seed of ideas that would later find the two Dave's forming Salander. These tracks too have been remastered. Two are instrumentals and the other came about when Dave C discovered a Jon Anderson Lyric generator on the internet. All he had to do was enter a name, a place and a general item onto the site. He chose Floppsy The Bunny,Osnabruch, and a Pot Noodle. Thus, the words spat back to us became the song. The Fragility Of Innocence will be available from www.salander.bandcamp.com as a name your price in order for people who bought the original to download the remastered version with bonus tracks for free. There are no plans for any new Salander music in the near future as Dave Smith is now living and working in Lanzarote in The Canary Islands but he hopes to start writing in the new year.