terça-feira, novembro 17, 2015

Standing Ovation - Gravity Beats Nuclear

Finnish Standing Ovation releases their long awaited second album on
the 27th of November. The 2012 published "The Antikythera Mechanism"
got a good reception among both the audience and the critics at home
and abroad.

The new album presents a fused band showing its best material till
now. Their well-known trademarks are even more finely executed this
time. The engaging melodic adventure containing a flurry of addictive
details has a lot of time and recourses invested in it and figures
such as Hiili Hiilesmaa (Amorphis, HIM, Apocalyptica) have added value
to the production.

Reinforcements also arrived before the band stepped into the studio
and world renowned guitarist Samuli Federley joined the band. Founded
in 2006, this unit is now in its best shape ever and prepared to take
over new territories. And never the less the band is a must see when
they perform live on stage.

Don't miss their new catchy out of the box music video, which will
surely put a smile on your face.

Release date:
Finland: November 27th
International: December 4th

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