terça-feira, novembro 17, 2015

Swiss hard/prog rockers Orymus returned this year with the follow-up to their 2013 debut album "Escape to Reality."

The band loves contrasts. It's impressive how "Miracles" manages to, musically speaking, drift apart even more than their debut album but still leave the impression to be one. "'Miracles' is harder but at the same time softer than our debut album. For example, we are totally leaving away the drums in the ballad 'Carried Away' – rather unusual for hard rock bands," says singer Daniel Brönnimann. Central pillar of the album is – last but not least – also the gigantic presence and liveliness of the sounds. That's where producer Yann Rouiller (Nazareth, Core 22) kicked in. "He is definitely the most gifted producer I've ever met. He pushed us to the maximum and added so much power to Miracles," Brönnimann continues.

"Miracles" is an impressive proof the hard rock musicians from Orymus were able to surpass the high expectations aroused by their debut album. We will follow their career with pleasure.
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