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Bruno Mansini rescue Yes pioneering in “The Golden Soul”

The diversity and extended discography of Yes, the British pioneer of progressive rock, is a safe place to Brazilian artist Bruno Mansini.  Besides the reverence to the unique and  defective sonority created by Jon Anderson & Cia long time ago, the musician deals with a lot of those experiences at the proper work, melting them to his own creations. This is just a part of how Mansini composed the trilogy "Dreams from the Earth", that finishes in "The Golden Soul". All tracks of the album is available at his channel in Youtube.

Brazilian and oriental music, classic progressive rock, jazz and hard rock are elements that explain Mansini's trilogy, trailing Yes legacy talking about offer in each album a collection of songs with melodic layers and fluent structures. It occurs at the two first releases, "Dream from the Earth" and "Secrets Sings of Green" and even more at the latest, "The Golden Soul" and Mansini emphases that he doesn't want to be a new Yes, but use its references to act in prog scene of nowadays working with techniques once established by the British band.

The Yes esthetic and experimentalism at the 70ies, for example, reverb at Mansini's third album "The Golden Soul" when he qualifies the prog rock adding ethnics sonorities and rhythms. Mansini explains that explore the richness of instruments around him means offer multiples possibilities to the album. The details, by the way, are fundamental appointments of "The Golden Soul".  Every note has its meaning and feeling.

Another link with Yes is about the lyrical content, constantly dealing with pacifist and spiritual themes, proposing harmony to humanity. The music without cultural borders turns "The Golden Soul" into an unique album at Brazilian prog rock scenery, a journey between astral and real plan, a personal memories rescue and messaging about a fair present.

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Erick Tedesco
Bruno Mansini press officer 
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