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ZED: Bay Area Riff Wielders Kick off Album Release Party to Celebrate New Album on Ripple Music

Bay Area riff wielders ZED will take to the streets this week to celebrate their long-anticipated new album, "Trouble in Eden", on Ripple Music. Set to commence this Friday, August 19th at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, ZED will hit the stage with label-mates, stoner-metallers, Blackwulf, as well as Older Sun and Year of the Cobra.

Commented bass player, Mark Aceves, "This show promises to be one of the best ragers of the year! Coming out from Seattle  the duo that is "Year of the Cobra" will bring their crushing drum and bass doom sounds with atmospheric female vocals laid on top. Then we have Older Sun who combine retro Soul style vocals with heavy 70's inspired riffs, creating an entirely new sound and vibe all their own. Follow that with the heavy, dark riffage of Blackwulf who are the Bay Area's heirs of that Sabbath groove we all love. And lastly we have ZED, releasing their new album "Trouble In Eden" on Ripple Music with their groove-heavy rock that makes your head bob and your ass shake! Yes indeed this show is gonna make the streets of San Francisco rumble!"

""Trouble In Eden isn't just proof that there is a ton of badass stuff left to be done in rock and roll but also that Zed might be our generations rock gods. Their music is powerful and passionate, and unlike so many of their peers actually exciting." -- Metal Injection

""For the love of all that's unholy, this is fantastic. Twelve seconds into song two, I actually said "Holy shit. This is great.", out loud, alone in my house. The entire album kicked my ass. It's heavy, it's hard, it's metal, it's rock; a touch of the South, a bit o' the psyche, a hint of doom – a smile and nod to greatness of old, but believe me this is new." -- Its Only Music, They Said.

""Zed get what hard rock should be about in 2016. They are unpretentious, powerful and simply in love with the magic of this type of music. This is a band who fill out their sound with the same sort of passion and fiery magic that fueled so many of those bands in the seventies."-- Two Guys Metal Reviews

""Trouble In Eden is ace for anyone who loves a dirty sounding rock band." -- Rock n Reel Reviews

ZED set the underground heavy music world alight with their last album, the critically hailed Desperation Blues.  a groove-laden masterpiece of crushing riffs and infectious melodies.  Now ZED will take the stage in support of their latest album, Trouble in Eden, their first for industry-leading heavy rock label, Ripple Music.

Look for "Trouble in Eden" to hit the streets August 26, in limited vinyl, CD, and digital, available a the Ripple Website, Ripple bandcamp, all digital providers and fine record stores around the world.   Check out the video below to see what all the fuss is about, then go to Bottom of the Hill and join in on the party!

San Francisco Bay Area's Zed takes it cues from the greats like Zeppelin, Sabbath and AC/DC, and mixes them with their other musical influences such as Clutch, Rage Against the Machine and Queens of the Stone Age. With this mixture, Zed adds groove and riffs to craft a sound that is new, yet familiar and are bringing back the guts, the grit and the balls to rock and roll. www.zedisded.com

California-based heavy rock label, Ripple Music, is widely regarded as one of the world's leading labels for heavy rock, stoner, heavy psych and doom.  More information and catalog can be found atwww.ripple-music.com
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