sexta-feira, fevereiro 01, 2013

Hellish War signs new contract with Pure Steel Records from Germany

Through this deal, the new album of the band, "Keep It Hellish", will be released in the entire European territory

After the first international contract signed in 2009 with the german record label Pure Steel Records that made possible the re-release of the two first albums of the band in Europe, besides the successful tour through the old world in the same year and the release of the live album Live In Germany in 2010, HELLISH WAR signed a new contract deal with the same Pure Steel Records for the release of its new studio album, Keep It Hellish.
Produced by Ricardo Piccoli at PiccoliStudio in Biella, Italy, Keep It Hellish will mark the premier of HELLISH WAR's new vocalist, Bil Martins, and will bring the tracks "Keep It Hellish", "The Challenge", "Reflects On The Blade", "Fire And Killing", "Scars (Underneath Your Skin)", "Masters Of Wreckage", "Phanton Ship", "The Quest", "Darkness Ride" and "Battle At Sea".

Outstanding moment for every artist, the musicians of HELLISH WAR filmed the time when they were signing the new contract:
Keep It Hellish will be released in Europe in a few months. In October, HELLISH WAR will embark for its second European tour to promote the new release over there.
In North America and Asia, the band is still studying proposals from different record labels.
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