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UGANGA: watch the new video clip "Meus Velhos Olhos de Enxergar O Mal (2 Lobos)"

The Brazilian thrashcore band is leaded by the ex-Sarcófago drummer, Manu Joker

One of the best and most respected thrashcore bands from Brazil, UGANGA started 2013 with full force!

The group formed by the vocalist Manu Joker (ex-Sarcófago), the guitar players Christian and Thiago, the bassist Ras Phael and the drummer Marco announced weeks ago three great releases for the first months of 2013.

The first one is the new video clip of "Meus Velhos Olhos de Enxergar O Mal (2 Lobos)", song from UGANGA's most recent studio album, Vol 3: Caos Carma Conceito.
Once again directed by Eddie Shumway - that had previously worked with them on the video clip "Fronteiras da Tolerância" that entered on the Brazilian MTV programming -, the video brings scenes of the band playing at the 2012 edition of the Brazilian major hardcore festival "HC Reunion" and several others of the European tour held by the band in 2010.

The video is already available on Youtube:
The second release announced by UGANGA is the documentary of the European tour of 2010.
The video covers all the 18 shows of the tour that passed through seven countries - Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic and Poland - reuniting scenes of the shows and backstage, besides statements of the musicians and crew.
The documentary will be lauched on February 13th on the band's official Youtube channel.
The third and most important release is UGANGA's new album, Eurocaos Ao Vivo.
The album was recorded live in Germany and Portugal and will bring the tracks "Kali-Yuga", "Asas Negras", "3XC", "Meus Velhos Olhos de Enxergar o Mal", "Sua Lei, Minha Lei", "Zona Árida", "Fronteiras da Tolerância", "Troops Of Doom" (Sepultura cover) and "Nightmare" of Sarcófago with Manu Joker on drums.

Eurocaos Ao Vivo will also feature unreleased recordings that will appear on two Tribute-Albuns that UGANGA is participating. The first song is a version that UGANGA did for "Desespero" from the Brazilian punk rock legend Pastel de Miolos. The second one is a recording of the classic "Nao Desista" from the legendary Brazilian metal band Stress. The song will be part of the "Tribute To Stress" that is being produced by Metal Soldiers Records from Portugal.
Eurocaos Ao Vivo will be released in Brazil by the record label Sapólio Radio and simultaneously in Europe by Metal Soldiers on March 13th.
In July, UGANGA embarks for its second European Tour in promotion of Eurocaos Ao Vivo.

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