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Believe to re-release their debut album "Hope to See Another Day"

More great news for the fans of Believe, one of the most interesting and original bands on the Polish art/prog-rock scene. "Hope to See Another Day", the band's debut album from 2006 will be re-released by Metal Mind Productions in a new digipak edition. The album will be remastered and enriched with two additional tracks.
Mirek Gil, Believe's guitarist, comments the re-release of the album: „I was really happy with the re-release proposal put forward by Metal Mind Productions, as I thought it would be a waste to put this record away and simply forget about it. It was a very important album for me and for the band – it was our debut release. For me, it was also the first album recorded after a longer break - after the disbandment of Collage and after putting my other project Mr Gil on hold. You can hear on this record an extreme hunger for playing the guitar. There is a lot of guitar, it actually dominates the music. The singar was already known, as Tomek Różycki had sung on Collage's album "Baśnie". Satomi, Japanese violinist with her own style of playing the violin, was a real treat for the listeners. The keyboard parts were played by Adam Miłosz. "Hope to see another Day" is an outstanding track from this album and we still play it during our shows. This song is representative of what the band was at that period – it's dynamic and heavy, but at the same time melancholy and peaceful. The album was recorded in Winicjusz Chrust's studio in Sulejówko and mastering was done by Tom Mayer in Hamburg. The remastered edition of "Hope to See Another Day" includes two additional tracks – "Liar" and "Pain" recorded live in Konin in 2006. It was a very special show with wonderful atmosphere and audience. Both tracks have brand new arrangements, new guitar solos and violin parts. I recommend this re-release as this album is really special."
The new digipak edition of "Hope to See Another Day" album will be released by Metal Mind Productions on March, 25th in Europe and May, 7th in USA (via MVD).
„Hope To See Another Day"
(remastered + bonus tracks)
1. What Is Love
2. Needles In My Brain
3. Liar
4. Pain
5. Seven Days
6. Coming Down
7. Don't Tell Me
8. Hope to see another Day
Bonus tracks:
9. Liar (live)
10. Pain (live)
The band formed in 2004 by guitarist Mirek Gil, should be known already by fans of Polish prog-rock legend Collage and Satellite. Not only was Mirek a founding member and main song writer of Collage, but he played with Satellite as well.  The band's debut album "Hope to See Another Day" was released in 2006, six years later Believe return with their second live DVD entitled "Seeing is Believing". Filmed in 2011 in Wyspiański Theater in Katowice (Poland), this brand new DVD documents how much the band has changed: Believe released three more excellent studio albums, letting their music grow more brilliantly intricate and sublime than ever before; Tomek Różycki was substituted by the charismatic singer Karol Wróblewski, whose deep and distinctive voice contributes much to the style and mood of Believe's music; the new keyboard player Konrad Wantrych joined their ranks, enriching their music with his stylish and technically superb soundscapes. During this unique evening in Wyspiański Theater Believe primarily presented material from their fourth album „World Is Round" (Metal Mind Productions, 2010).  Believe's fifth studio album entitled "The Warmest Sun In Winter" will be released by Metal Mind Productions on April, 22nd in Europe and May, 7th in USA (via MVD). In May Believe will be a part of the famous US' festival ROSfest 2013!
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