quarta-feira, janeiro 23, 2013

MoonJune announces new release: YAGULL from NYC

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Yagull is a New York City-based acoustic power project ? written, arranged and produced by composer/ guitarist Sasha Markovic. On their debut, "films", Markovic is joined by an extraordinary group of soloists consisting of Lori Reddy (flute), Eylon Tushiner (sax) and Sonia Choi (cello). The music on "films" appears very cinematic and theme based, but would probably best be described as a "next generation post-rock chamber music." Like an independent film, the moods on "films" move from the dramatically atmospheric to playful. Two classic rock pieces appear in the mix that serve as listener friendly signposts within the landscape. "White Room" by Cream and "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" by Black Sabbath are both bravely deconstructed from their iconic forms and melodically reconstructed as dreamy reflective impression pieces. The album closer, "Distance," brings out the full band sound -- featuring soloists Reddy and Choi, and special guest, Josh Margolis, on drums.

Now on MoonJune's sister-label ZoZe Music.

For more info, audio clips and buying options clickc here ==>> ZoZe Music.

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