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Krzak Experience - debut album out in March

The year 2013 will witness the release of a most unique album. Heavy riffs, brilliant violin parts and guitar solos make this release a must-have for all fans of music in the vein of Apocalyptica. Two musicians from the Polish band Krzak – Jan Błędowski and Leszek Winder, previously associated only with blues music – joined forces with Rafał Cioroń, Dominik Durlik and Piotr Wierzba from the metal band Sepsis and, under the name of Krzak Experience, created a new quality in music. Their self-titled debut album is heavy, intriguing and full of mutual inspirations. As Błędowski and Winder say, they are not afraid to abandon the safe musical paths they usually follow.
"The idea for this album had been growing in me for the last 10 years..." says Jan Błędowski. "A heavy metal section, and our violin-guitar duo - I had this vision in my head. And I actually did hear that music! I was only looking for the right band to make the album happen. Guitar, bass guitar, drums, no vocals of course. We did like Sepsis, the band suggested by Metal Mind Productions. They had this 'something' that we were looking for, and also they were open for changes. We only had to re-arrange the guitars a bit. We did like a lot of the innovations introduced by their guitarist Dominik Durlik. His arrangements brought a lot to the final result."
"Krzak Experience" includes 10 tracks, some of them constituting new, completely re-arraanged versions of songs taken from Krzak's discography. It's an album that will appeal to fans of such bands as Fear Factory and Testament, but also to those of blues music. The album will be released by Metal Mind Productions on March, 25th in Europe and April, 9th in USA (via MVD).
"Krzak Experience"
Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MMP CD 0715 DG
Barcode: 5907785037809
Format: CD DG
Genre: Metal/Hard Rock
Release date: 25.03.2013 Europe / 09.04.2013 USA
1. Krzak
2. Oriental Xes
3. Blue Thunder
4. Czakus
5. Extrim
6. Existence in Possesion
7. Rumble-Tumble
8. D'Rocks
9. Kattowitz
10. Ściepka
Metal Mind Productions
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