quarta-feira, janeiro 16, 2013

Unified Past announces new Album titled as "Spots"

Syracuse, NY USA: Melodic Revolution Records progressive rock band, Unified Past, has announced that they will have a new release coming out  in the spring of 2013. "Spots" is the sixth release by Unified Past and their second release for Melodic Revolution Records. Guitarist / vocalist Stephen Speelman and drummer Victor Tassone are augmented on this recording by bassist Dave Mickelson. Mickelson is a seasoned professional and together with Tassone they lay a solid hard rocking foundation to support the progressive lines of the guitar and keyboards. The band is joined by several guest keyboardists as well. 

"Spots" is the most ambitious release in the Unified Past catalogue. It is a musical concept whose aim is to take the listener on a journey to various musical spots across the progressive rock landscape. The opening track, "The Top", is a symphonic rock piece and serves as an overture, introducing several melodic and rhythmic motifs that get revisited in other songs on the cd. In addition to the aforementioned symphonic rock, Unified Past also explores progressive rock, progressive metal, fusion, and classic 70's influenced prog, highlighted by the Pink Floyd meets Genesis influenced closer, "The Final".

"Spots" is a deep and structured release and is best absorbed when listened to in its entirety, yet any song can stand on it's own, giving the listener the ability to pick their own favorite spots along this aural adventure. 

The CD artwork and design was created by Ed Unitsky and can be seen at http://www.unifiedpast.com/unified_past/Spots.html 
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