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Barclay James Harvest and remastered CDs of Turn Of The Tide and Eyes Of The Universe


Remastered CDs


The remastered CDs of Turn Of The Tide and Eyes Of The Universe are released by Esoteric Recordings today, and both come in digipacks with bonus tracks and new sleevenotes. Full details and information on how to order can be found in the online shop on the BJH web site.

On March 25th, Esoteric Recordings will also be issuing a remastered and expanded version of the Glasnost album, recorded live in East Berlin in 1987. The remaster includes the whole of the original concert in the correct running order, with six tracks which were not on the original CD, five of which are previously unreleased in any form. The 2CD set will come in a foldout digipack with new sleevenotes.

Glasnost remastered CD

Disc 1:

  • 1. Nova Lepidoptera (Previously unreleased)
  • 2. Hold On
  • 3. African
  • 4. Love On The Line (Previously unreleased)
  • 5. Alone In The Night
  • 6. On The Wings Of Love
  • 7. Mockingbird (Previously available only on Best Of album)
  • 8. Rock And Roll Lady (Previously unreleased)
  • 9. He Said Love

Disc 2:

  • 1. Turn The Key
  • 2. Medicine Man
  • 3. Kiev
  • 4. Child Of The Universe (Previously unreleased)
  • 5. Life Is For Living (Previously unreleased)
  • 6. Poor Man's Moody Blues
  • 7. Berlin
  • 8. Loving Is Easy (Previously unreleased)
  • 9. Hymn

Pre-orders can be placed now, via the BJH web site secure shop.

Official Statement re: last year's cancelled concerts

JLBJH's management have issued an official statement about the three concerts which had to be cancelled last year, and thiscan be read on the JLBJH web site. The band's November 2013 concert plans are not affected by this in any way.

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