terça-feira, maio 06, 2014

Airbag live in Warsaw, Krakow and Oslo this spring!

As announced earlier this year, Airbag will perform two shows in Poland later this spring (Warsaw on May 24th and Krakow on May 25th). In addition to this, a new show at John Dee in Oslo, Norway, will take place on June 14th. This will be the last chance to see Airbag live for a long while so be sure to be there!
The band will take a break from playing live for over a year after the gig in Oslo. During this time Asle, the band's lead singer, will embark on a yearlong journey that will take him and his girlfriend around the world. This is a trip they have planned for many years, and now it finally becomes a reality. We all wish them a great journey of course, and expect updates on where they are and what they are experiencing!
In the meantime the rest of the band will start working on some new music for a planned new Airbag record. Asle, thanks to modern technology, will participate in this process while he is on his journey.
But don't despair, Airbag will be back playing live again summer/autumn 2015!
Get tickets for Warsaw May 24 and Krakow May 25 here.
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