sexta-feira, maio 02, 2014

Desdinova and their new album

Desdinova was created in 2009 under the leadership of Laurent (Guitar) and Baston (vocals), the band was looking for a musical identity for a long time and it is finally in 2011 that the first permanent line up is found which allows them to release a first 6 titles demo: Dead Space, which make them known in their home region.In 2013 the lineup is found completely changed and the group tackles the creation of his first album DEFYING GRAVITY.
The style evolves, remaining however faithful to their first compositions; the music becomes more aggressive while getting close to the Thrash Metal classics.The topics covered by the band are the member's passions, principally science fiction, television series and fantasy literature. Thus while offering Heavy Thrash to more modern sounds the band tries to stand out and to discuss personal issues without taking themselves too seriously.
Line up:
Laurent: Rhythm Guitar - Backings vocals
Baston: Lead Vocals
Marc: Bass Guitar
Grégoire: Drums
Jean-Marc: Lead Guitar
Laurent: +33630085469
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine