quinta-feira, maio 08, 2014


SEASONS OF TIME - "Closed Doors To Open Plains"
Seasons Of Time come from the far north of Germany and pay homage to their great role models: Eloy, Pink Floyd, Marillion. Seasons Of Time have reached new heights, 17 years after their debut. This time they recorded a concept album, which will enrich PPR's portfolio, with its "Kraut Rock" charm. "Greed Has poisoned men's soul" Charlie Chaplin once said, "has barricaded the world with hate." Perhaps the barricades block our view, and we do not realize that this greed often leads us throgh our live and affect our decisions, even if we do not want it. "Closed Doors to Open Plains" deals with all of us striving for more. More power, more money, more appreciation. Regardless of those who are left behind. We seem blind to all the beauty of this world; blind to the wonder of life itself, Wehave unlearned to lean back, relax and enjoy what nature has given us. But we are amongst the few creatures on this planet that can do just that. Therefore we should do it. We as individuals. We as a society. The liatener is taken on a journey full of musical diversity and lyrics with a message.
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine