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Alessandro Ragazzo - Venice

The dreamed journey


The new EP by Alessandro Ragazzo

Available in all digital stores from February 29th
The emerging singer-songwriter recounts alternating states of mind through an imaginary journey set amongst the shadows of Venice.

The EP "Venice", the record of the day on the notable music portal, is the solo project of Alessandro Ragazzo on the wave of the acoustic/alternative pop scene. It tells, in 3 tracks, of "the mental journey set in Venice, where nothing is real", as defined by the author.

The first track of the EP, The Man With The Hat, apparently a love song, is the start of a journey, a dream where nothing will be true. A mysterious song, sad, but at the same time full of hope and a sense of freedom.
The second, You, starts with a guitar arpeggio, complemented by a drum-machine rhythm. The track tells the story of a soul conditioned by sentiments, where the mis-taken moment and the words not said end up ruining everything.
The third and last track, Epilogue, represents the end of the journey with a total re-alization, through an electronic base and a stream of words that come directly from deep inside the author's soul. The lyrics speak about indifference, about pain, and an awareness of how often it is difficult to understand and to be understood.
Alessandro Ragazzo was recently a guest of Indiemood Sesssion, a series of online videos filmed on old boats along the Venice canals, in which various pop artists participated of the caliber of An Harbor, Indie talents such as Artemoltobuffa, reggae group Mellow Mood and the best emerging artists on the music scene, present on Rockol. 

In November 2015 he was host of the series of popular video Balcony Tv – Schio. 

Alessandro Ragazzo (1994) started studying music at the age of 13 years. He studied modern music with Daniele Gottardo, Alberto Milani, Marco Andreoni, Davide Baldo and Davide Antonio Pio.
In 2011 he entered the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory of Classical Music in Venice under the guidance of the teacher Florindo Baldissera.
There are numerous examples of his experience in various projects. He has per-formed in more than 200 live performances with original musical projects and par-ticipated in over 4 regional contests for bands with excellent results.
With the Echoes (progressive group already disbanded) he opened for Pino Scotto at Ferric 2011 in front of 4000 people. Again in 2011, he won the Vicenza Rock Contest, earning second place at Suonica 2011, organised by New Age. He entered in contact with the singer of Dream Theater, joined in a mini tour with the Sardinian band Solid Vision, participated in the final casting if Italia's Got Talent, appeared on important stages such as Marghera Estate Village, Vapore, eXProg, Festa delle Matricole, New Age Club, Home Festival, Gran Teatro Geox and others.
In October 2013, he began his solo project on the wave of the pop acous-tic/alternative scene with the release of the first single "The Man With The Hat". The track will be the opener for the EP "Venice", already becoming the record of the day on
In 2014 he met the singer song-writer Bruno Sponchia, who he started collaborating with between Milan and Vignovo (Studio 2), giving life to the band Industria Oniricia, that in October 2004 won the prestigious Veneto Rock Contest. In that occasion Alessandro was award the second prize of Best Guitarist in the competition.
In December of the same year, he opened for Marky Ramone, drummer for the Ramones, at a popular festival in Vicenza. Following this, Alessandro became gui-tarist in the band "La Febbre Del Venerdì 13", who he plays with at the opening of "Pan Del Diabolo" and in other important events.
He is currently working on the recording of his second EP in New York in Flux Stu-dios, with the artistic production of Alessandro Favero.
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