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Ten years after the release of the Italian version, the rock opera is back – in English. Feat. Russell Allen, Amanda Somerville, Clive Riche and Marco Sfogli (PFM). All profits will be devolved to charity

Heroes Temporis World Edition: Magni Animi Viri are back!
Cd Baby - Alliance Entertainment distr.
14 tracks, 60 minutes

2006-2016. Ten years after the first Italian release, Magni Animi Viri are back with Heroes Temporis World Edition, the English version of their rock opera featuring two of the main figures in the international hard rock landscape: Russell Allen and Amanda Somerville. With them, in the part of the narrator, Clive Riche. And this release also has a charitable aim: all the profits from the sales will be donated for the creation of a ward specifically dedicated to autistic children, in a clinic in Italy.

In 2006 Giancarlo Trotta e Luca Contegiacomo, both musicians with rock and classical backgrounds from the southern Italian city of Salerno, merged several musical universe, thus giving birth to Heroes Temporis, an encounter between heavy metal and classical music, featuring vocals from the operatic world and from rock with a background of a hundred-piece symphonic orchestra, the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra and a group of world-renowned talents such as drummer John Macaluso, the sadly missed bass player Randy Coven and guitarist Marco Sfogli, who recently replaced none less than Franco Mussida in the legendary band PFM.

Year after year, Heroes Temporis received many positive feedbacks from the critics, in Italy and abroad, so much that its authors decided to re-release it with English vocals, care of two international stars. That's what is new in Heroes Temporis World Edition: alongside the original musicians, we can listen to the voices of Russell Allen and Amanda Somerville. Russell Allen is the vocalist of Symphony X, one of the foremost progressive metal bands, but also of Adrenaline Mob, Star One, Allen-Lande and Level 10. Amanda Somerville gained worldwide notoriety for having recorded and toured with bands such as After Forever, Edguy, Kamelot, Epica, Avantasia and many more. With them, the narrator is Clive Riche, a multi-skilled English actor, singer and voiceover artist.
Heroes Temporis World Edition is a concept album about a man's path towards knowledge and purification through the awareness of reality as illusory. This opera by Magni Animi Viri is powerful and majestic thanks to its merge between classical music and rock, a heavy-sounding band and a symphonic orchestra, between prog, metal and majestic melodies. The record can be purchased in over 15,000 music stores all over the world thanks to the distribution care of CdBaby and Alliance Entertainment. All the profit for the sales will be devolved to Heroes Temporis for Autistic Children ONLUS (NPO) – that Magni Animi Viri have always been supporting - to finance the opening of a "game-and-diagnosis" ward in the MerClin clinic in Campagna, province of Salerno. Such ward, dedicated to children, will also be integrated by a clown-therapy team. It is also possible to donate to the charity through the website

 Heroes Temporis World Edition personnel:
Russell Allen: lead vocals.
Amanda Somerville: lead vocals.
Clive Riche: storytelling voice.
Giancarlo Trotta & Luca Contegiacomo: keyboards, pianos, moog, fx and prog.
Marco Sfogli: guitars.
Simone Gianlorenzi: acoustic guitar.
Randy Coven, Roberto D'Aquino: bass guitar, Stick.
John Macaluso: drums.
Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra Sif. 309 conducted by M. Giacomo Simonelli.
Original idea and lyrics: Pietro Ruggiero.
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