sexta-feira, fevereiro 19, 2016

The debut recording of “They Go” with the album “Dago”

The album encompasses the memory of Italian immigrants in the USA and Canada and expresses the desire for freedom in the journey, without ever losing their own roots.
The name They Go comes from the epithet "Dago", also the title of their debut album, which was used in the USA and in Canada, at the beginning of the 19th century to indicate a person of Italian origin.
The band's style consists of a background sound of typical 70's rock-blues together with more modern pop and folk influences, in a kind of mix between new and traditional, from acoustic to electro.

"Dago" was produced in an old farmstead in the Tuscany countryside, Yellow Fridge, transformed into an original and exclusive recording house-studio. Created using traditional techniques, that favor analogical sound, the album was produced as in the past. The band spent 10 days in the farmhouse and each artist was recorded in different rooms, but captured live, as explained by Michele Stefanuto, the lead singer of They Go.
They Go is an Italian band born in 2015, formed by Nicola Rudella (guitar, ukulele and mandolin), Luca Carrara (drums and percussion), Adriano Sardo (base guitar) and Michele Stefanuto (vocals).
In early July 2015, the band was invited to perform at PREMIUM in Berlin during Fashion Week. at the end of the same month the acoustic track "Are you busy now" was selected as the soundtrack of the documentary "Parajumpers STORIES - episode 1: Laxnes Horse Farm", that attracted 170,000 views in just a few weeks on the web:

In September 2015 the video "Compromise", the first track on the album, taken from the performance in Berlin, boasted more than 5500 views on Facebook in a few days.

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