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DAVE KERZNER first made a name for himself through his work with wide-ranging artists such as Keith Emerson, Steve Hackett, Steven Wilson, Alan Parsons, Nick Mason, John Paul Jones, Neil Peart, Francis Dunnery, Jon Anderson, Ringo Starr, Heather Findlay, Jerry Marotta, and many others.  However, he is probably best known as co-founder of Sound Of Contact and co-writer/producer of Sound Of Contact's award-winning concept album Dimensionaut.  He is also well known as the founder of the sound production company Sonic Reality.

After many years working in sound design and production with SR and as a keyboardist with other artists, KERZNER decided it was time to take center stage as lead vocalist and put out his first progressive rock album as a solo artist.  In 2014 he released his critically acclaimed debut recording, New World.  Lush, melodious, atmospheric and restrained, it has been referred to as "a massive, opulent and timeless piece of psychedelic prog that will stand the test of time."

KERZNER is currently finishing his second album, Static, which is due to be released in September/October.


Formed by Luis Nasser, Ricardo Gómez and Andrés Aullet as Radio Silence in Mexico in 1989,  the band was active for 5 years until its breakup in 1994.  While working with Kurgan's Bane in Baltimore after relocating to the United States, founding member Luis Nasser discovered the developing progressive rock underground that had begun to flourish with the rise of the internet.  Eventually Radio Silence was resurrected, and an album of early recordings was released to rave reviews.

Changing its name to SONUS UMBRA  for legal reasons, the band continued to develop, record and perform.  Mixing elements of progressive folk, symphonic rock, hard rock and heavy prog, the result has been a series of highly praised albums, two ROSfest performances, as well as appearances at Progtoberfest, Orion, the NJ Proghouse, the Boston ProgEARS showcase, and Terra Incognita.

Join DAVE KERZNER BAND (US), SONUS UMBRA (US), HEDERSLEBEN (Multinational), EPHEMERAL SUN (US), BUBBLEMATH (US), SHYLOCK (France), SONAR (Switzerland) with special guest DAVID TORN, and iNFiNiEN (US) for the twenty-third edition of ProgDay.  ProgDay 2017 will take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 2nd and 3rd, at Storybook Farm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  For more information, please visit us at www.progday.net.  Find us on facebook!

To hear music from all this year's bands, please visit the ProgDay Music page (http://www.progday.net/ProgDay-Music.html).
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