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GRIFT - new album and music video

["Nordvis Produktion"]

GRIFT, the outlet of Swedish multi-artist Erik Gärdefors returns with it's second album "Arvet" (The Heritage) on September 8th. Two years has passed since the critically acclaimed debut album "Syner" (Visions, 2015) saw it's first daylight. With "Arvet" Mr Gärdefors successfully continues to create something unique, emotive and captivating.
Below you'll find the cover artwork. The release includes a A5 16 page booklet with photos taken by Erik in his surroundings. The booklet also features beautiful custom drawings by the talented Johannes Bengtsson. The album will be available in multiple formats such as A5 DigiCD, LP and Digital.
GRIFT "Arvet" (The Heritage),
It has now been two years since Nordvis released Grifts outstanding debut album, "Syner". Since then, the bands mastermind Erik Gärdefors has released a split with Drudkh, and a cassette of acoustic songs recorded live in the forest.
The new album, "Arvet" ("The Heritage") continues where "Syner" left off. Once again, Erik has struggled with the endless big questions that sensitive people have always struggled with and have tried to express. From the small and seemingly insignificant in every human being, to something that always pulsates and becomes meaningful in some way; beyond the meadows and the forests.
The heritage we carry within us is something we never can escape from. An inheritance is something that characterizes every individual in often paradoxical ways. It may be a social heritage, a biological heritage, a religious heritage, etc. With this album Grift wants to illuminate the always ongoing journey from the small safe place in each mans heart to the great unforeseen life. We often think that everything is going to shape from scratch to something unique. But sooner or later we understand our vulnerabilities and falls back to what we have inherited since we were innocent children.
The album was written and recorded entirely by Erik in his studio, Eremitaget Liesmia. In addition to the usual instruments, Erik has also chosen to include the old Swedish instrument, Psalmodikon, which was used mostly during the 19th century in poor Swedish congregations. Erik has also recorded nature sounds from the forests around where he lives. A tawny owls howling, the scream of a fox, and other unspecific sounds contribute to build up the right kind of atmosphere. Three guests also contribute with their characteristic voices. Ludvig from Forndom, Inkantator Koura from Mosaic, and Elea from Noêta & Undantagsfolk. To illustrate the ideas behind the song "Den stora tystnaden" ("The Great Silence") a music video has been filmed. The video follows the red thread from the former music video "Svältorna" produced in 2015.
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The official music video and single "Den stora tystnaden" (The Great Silence) was premiered on July 22th and once again Erik's father has the main role. This time living as an agnostic hermit who've chose to escape the norms and narcissism of the modern western world. Filmed by Daniel & Simon Blomberg.
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