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Devachan is honored by the city of Boituva in Brazil

Requested by the city councilman Ronaldo Barbosa da Silva, the
musicians received a "Motion Of Applause" by the "great work in favor
of music"

Stress, Dorsal Atlantica, Centurias, Harppia, Virus. These are some of
the first heavy metal bands from Brazil. For over 30 years they
started a tradition that until today is followed by hundreds of other
new bands. However, an important characteristic of the brazilian heavy
metal was set aside over the years: the lyrics in Portuguese.

From a small city in the countryside of Sao Paulo state, appears
Devachan, a new brazilian heavy metal band that has the goal to
retrieve this practice of singing in good and loud Portuguese.
The band was formed in 2010 and currently counts with the musicians
Gabriel Dias (vocal), Leandro Dias (guitar), Daniel Dias (bass), Bruno
Caresia (drums) and Michael Santos (keyboards). The band's first
recording is the newly launched Demo-EP Andarilho that brings five
tracks (including an intro), all in Portuguese: "Mente em Sonhos",
"Mudança de Tempo", "Liberdade", "Andarilho" and "Poetas".

The repercussion of the Demo-EP in the countryside of Sao Paulo was
phenomenal. With a little time on the road the musicians were already
playing big concerts, like the band's gig at Planeta Rock Festival
2013 in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Sao Paulo, when they played for more
than 12 thousand people.

In a praiseworthy act of recognition for the Devachan achievements,
the city of Boituva, in Sao Paulo state, under request by the city
councilman Ronaldo Barbosa da Silva, decided to honor the band through
a "Motion Of Applause". The official document was issued by the city
council on the last November 22th and highlighted the band for the
"great work in favor of music".

"This kind of initiative estimulates and renews energies of a
musician", says Daniel Dias. "The band is on a surprising growing
phase and for 2014 we reserved so many surprises, and the satisfaction
to see the final results we owe to initiatives like that from the city
councilman Ronaldo Barbosa da Silva of Boituva, Brazil".

Excited with the results, Devachan musicians are already working on
the pre-production of what will become the band's first full lenght
album. The debut will be released in 2014.

To listen the Andarilho Demo-EP entirely, go to

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