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Kappa Crucis: listen one more song from the new album "Rocks"

Arrives in stores in January the long waited new album of the
Brazilian heavy rock band Kappa Crucis. Titled "Rocks", this will be
the second effort of the group formed by F. Doria (drums, backing
vocal), G. Fischer (vocal, guitar), R. Tramontin (bass) e A.
Stefanovitch (keyboards).

"Rocks" was recorded and mixed at Ger Som Studios in the city of
Itapeva, Sao Paulo state, and mastered at the studios Vertex C in
Montreal, Canada, by the producer Jera Cravo (Madame Saatan,
Headhunter D.C.). The album will bring the tracks "What Comes Down",
"Mecathronic", "School Of Life", "Invisible Man", "Strange Soul",
"Flags And Lies", "Nobody Knows", "Between Night And Day", "When The
Legs Are Wheels" and "The Braves And The Fools".

After the release of the digital single "Strange Soul", Kappa Crucis
now launched on Soundcloud the song "Invisible Man".
To listen, go to:

Formed back in early nineties in the city of Apiai, among the southern
mountains of Sao Paulo state, KAPPA CRUCIS combines elements from hard
rock, progressive rock, southern rock, heavy metal and turned a "cult"
name in the Brazilian underground scene.

Before its debut album, KAPPA CRUCIS got famous for its excellent
demos. Works such as "Algol - The Demon Star" (1997), "Ignition"
(2002) and "Steel Egg" (2004) conquered the journalists. The main
music critics in Brazil has always been full of praise to KAPPA
CRUCIS. "One of the best bands I've heard in recent months," said
Eduardo de Souza Bonadia in review about the demo "Steel Egg". "The
quartet conveys an authenticity and, above all, an enviable rapport,"
published Antonio Carlos Monteiro in February 2000.

KAPPA CRUCIS first official album came to be completed in a time when
the band was already well known to the press and public, had several
years of road, five demo works and several concerts and festival
Released in August 2009, "Jewel Box" gathered compositions of the
band's entire career plus unreleased songs. The album was mastered at
Novalis Studios in Fort Myers, Florida, United States.

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