sexta-feira, janeiro 31, 2014

Patrick Hemer "The End" (single)

Two years after his stunning first solo album (<< More Than Meets The
Eye >> - Nightmare Records), the Prog Metal shredmeister is back with a
new single proving once again that he's not only a guitar virtuoso but
also a songwriter, a producer,...and a singer!

"It's a very special song" Patrick says,"really different from the
super heavy, riff-oriented material I'm currently writing for my
upcoming full-length album. "The End" is more about mood and harmonies
than just sheer heaviness, and its power lies more in the intensity of
the feel than in the usual Metal music riff-and-drums barrage. So I
thought I might as well release it as a single to stick to its unique

This is also a good way to give the fans something to sink their teeth
into before Patrick's new album tentatively scheduled for the fall of
2014 and that he promises will be "100% Progressive Power Shred

"The End" (music & lyrics: Patrick Hemer)

Produced, mixed and mastered by Patrick Hemer at Twin Figures Studio

Patrick Hemer : guitars, vocals & keyboards
Vinnie Angelo : piano & keyboards
Bruno J.Frank : bass
Herve Chiquet : drums

Free download:

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