terça-feira, janeiro 14, 2014

Diamante signed for Atomic Stuff Records

Diamante reached an agreement with Atomic Stuff Records for the
publishing of their third album named "Ad Vitam Reditus", whose final
recordings are now being made at Atomic Stuff in Isorella (BS), lead
by Oscar Burato.

Diamante are a band from Brescia that started its career in 1994 from
the union of two already existing bands. The main influences of their
style come from rock/hard rock bands like Gentle Giant, Deep Purple
and Uriah Heep, or prog bands like Area, Bliglietto Per L'Inferno, Il
Rovescio Della Medaglia and Locanda Delle Fate. Their first plan was
to write their own songs! After various changes, in 1998 with the new
member Nico as vocalist and bass player the line-up becomes more
stable and they record the first full-length album "Riflesso". Even if
this is a good studio experience, they aren't fully satisfied of the
work done because the melodies aren't sufficient to create the result
that they wanted to reach. From this negative point they want to
improve their quality and after some years of study and practice, in
2007 the second album is recorded. This work, titled "Diamante", shows
the real nature of the quartet, characterized by 1970s sounds, a light
progressive shade and a strong hard rock matrix! Unfortunately in 2011
the band loses Nicola, the keyboard player, for good. Thanks to all
their friends, supporters and Nicola's family, the hard choice is to
go on with the band! Alan joins the band and they restart to record
their new album. Their third work is due to be released at the
beginning of 2014; the album will include a pair of songs written by
Nicola while the other six were composed by the new lineup and a cover
of " Ballo in Fa# Minore", a song by Angelo Branduardi.

Nico Sala: vocals, bass
Claudio "Caio" Alloisio: drums, backing vocals
Michele "Volpe" Spinoni: guitar, backing vocals
Alan Garda: hammond organ, keyboards, backing vocals

Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine