quarta-feira, abril 01, 2015

Pendragon - Amazing Easter Deals

We have hooked up with The Merch Desk for our mail order services and to celebrate we're throwing some Amazing Easter Deals your way. 

Pure & Passion - Buy One - Get One Free!  Yes, that's right, buy Pure and get the Special Edition Passion CD absolutely FREE.  This is a super way to extend your back catalogue of Pendragon albums or to introduce a friend to the band. 

Men Who Climb Mountains Vinyl/T-shirt dragon deal bundle.  Buy the Men Who Climb Mountains vinyl edition and get a Men Who Climb Mountains T-shirt all for the amazing price of £25! Treat yourself this Easter. 

And if that little lot wasn't enough, we're also now offering Men Who Climb Mountains T-Shirts (gents and ladies available) reduced from £17 down to just £10

So get yourself over to The Merch Desk for these super Easter Bargains, so much better than chocolate!