quarta-feira, abril 01, 2015

"RRPWL live" - there will be a couple of gigs in 2015 that you shouldn't miss!!!

On May 8th RPWL will play at the fantastic "Prog the Castle" mega event in Heidelberg to perform a huge "best of" set - for sure an evening you won't forget!
Further information: www.facebook.com/ProgTheCastle
In autumn we will go on tour with a very special show: "The Man and the Journey" was the first concept show Pink Floyd performed in 1969. We will present huge parts of the show. So be prepared for an atmosphere of pure history! Of course we will also play a couple of RPWL classics and rarities!
September, 9th: 2015 - D - Reichenbach
September, 10th: 2015 - D - Rüsselsheim
September, 11th: 2015 - B - Verviers
September, 12th: 2015 - D - Hannover-Isernhagen
September, 13th: 2015 - D - Oberhausen
September, 14th: 2015 - D - Bremen
September, 15th: 2015 - D - Berlin
September, 16th: 2015 - PL - Bydgoszcz
September, 17th: 2015 - PL - Poznan
There will be more dates! Stay tuned! :-)

As every year we'll end the year 2015 with our very special christmas special high above the rooftops of Munich:
Decembre, 12th 2015 - D-Munich - Olympic Tower!
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