terça-feira, junho 21, 2016

Ghost Toast - Gordius music video

Ghost Toast's new video for the song Gordius is ready, and we would be really happy if you could share it on your site!

About Ghost Toast:
Ghost Toast formed in Debrecen, Hungary in 2008. We play instrumental progressive rock/metal music which is also heavily influenced by movie soundtracks and electronic music as well.
So far two albums have been produced "by ourselves", meaning that the recording and mixing/mastering work was all done at the comfort of our own homes: Toast in the Shell from 2011, and There is no En...was completed in 2013.
About the song and the video:
We are currently working on our third album, which is so far untitled, but two songs are already completed, and for one of them a video was shot recently. The song called Gordius. We have used two projectors in a concert room to project the video material we usually use at our live shows right at ourselves, thus giving some insight into what our live acts look like.
Interesting fact about the projected video material is that it was compiled from many (30+, in fact) clips from videos available on the internet, created by various artists and amateurs, distributed under the Creative Commons licence - which enables us to use them, of course with proper credits in place.
The song itself got its title from its musical diversity, but during the creation of the video material we realized that the idea of human complexity is very appropriate for it as a general theme, thus it became the concept of the projected videos used during the shooting.