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Unified Past Confirmed For The 2017 (RoSfest) Rites of Spring Festival

Melodic Revolution Records is proud to announce that Unified Past has
been confirmed to play the 14th Annual Rites of Spring Festival.

According to a posting on the festival website, US band UNIFIED PAST
signed for RoSfest 2017
We're excited to announce that veteran US band Unified Past will be
the second band to play on Saturday at ROSfest 2017. This New
York-based band formed in 1998, with roots going back to early 1990′s
band Labyrinth. Although the band was originally aligned towards a
progressive metal-oriented sound with inspiration from bands like
Rush, in the last few years their style has morphed due to a changing
line-up. These days, veteran members Stephen Speelman (guitars,
keyboards) and Victor Tassone (drums) have been joined by Dave
Mickelson (bass) and Phil Naro (vocals).

Cue the band's seventh album "Shifting the Equilibrium," released on
US label Melodic Revolution Records in 2015. The bite of progressive
metal is still present, with traces of bands such as Rush and possibly
even Dream Theater, but it's now paired with sounds of a more vintage
nature that could be compared to bands like Yes. With the excellent
lead vocals of Phil Naro as the proverbial icing on the cake,
"Shifting the Equilibrium" has been a true-to-life game changer for
this band.

Unified Past is a veteran act that has transformed in the last couple
years from relative obscurity into a group that could really be going
places, and we're sure that they are one of the bands that will make a
really strong impression at RoSfest in 2017. We were surprised and
amazed by their latest album, and we're certain that this fantastic
group will surprise and amaze us all on stage as well!

Unified Past:
Phil Naro: Vocals
Stephen Speelman: Vocals, Guitar & Keys
Dave Mickelson: Bass
Victor Tassone: Drums
Jason Hanley: Keyboards

Unified Past Official Website:
Unified Past Facebook:
MRR Profile Page:

In related News: Jason Hanley will make his debut with Unified Past
who will be performing live with Special Guest The Galactic Cowboy
Orchestra on August 11th at The Westcott Theater in Syracuse, NY.
Other live dates are in the works, stay tuned for more news!
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