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Luca Pancaldi to leave Barock Project

After ten years in the band, the vocalist announces a friendly split from Italian sympho-rock band, right after a new double live-album release 'Vivo'.  Exciting live and studio "Barock news" coming up...

Luca Pancaldi to leave Barock Project

"During these ten years of musical adventures together with Barock Project a lot has happened, even more it is happening now and who knows how much and what will happen in the future. Memories of us, in the early years, waiting for that "turning point" that every musician is looking for; years in which we played maybe a couple of concerts, when we rarely met for playing and practicing, years in which we were simply expecting for something to rain down from the sky. With the release of "Skyline", that something has finally appeared. Interest in the band began to increase exponentially in the last few months and, with it, a committment that each of us must make to this project in order to sustain a stable growth. After a careful analysis of what my chances and aspirations are, I came to realize that it is now, the best time to separate my own way from that of Barock Project. Not without regret and nostalgia I chose to continue to pursue other career paths, which could not coexist with equally challenging life in the band. With a bit of sadness, but also with the tranquility of having made the right choice, I wish my fellow passengers all the success and achievement they deserve, and that is finally appearing on the horizon. Always and forever, a Barock fan!".

Today's message from Luca Pancaldi, pointing at an in-depth analysis on why he is leaving Barock Projectafter eleven years of music together. Boarding the band in 2005, Pancaldi has been the vocalist of all four studio albums of Barock (Misteriose Voci - 2007, Rebus - 2009, Coffee In Neukölln - 2012, Skyline - 2015) and of the very recent double live release Vivo. The change of speed in growth for Barock and the subsequent need of more committment and concentration will not allow Pancaldi to adequately follow the band's evolution. After ten years of work, awarded both in Italy and worldwide, Barock Project have dramatically increased speed in their studio activity, especially with future live plans  and an intense new album preparation and ongoing recording.

This is a friendly separation, as keyboard player and leader Luca Zabbini underlines: "Luca Pancaldi joined this band in early 2005, when we were twenty years old, bringing through his voice that special sound in our music that has characterized our records so far. Like most start-up bands, our path was difficult and full of obstacles during the early years, and we were struggling to make ourselves noticed as a new prog band, despite each one of us already had years of experience on stage with other bands. However, it has been ten entertaining years, not only in terms of music, and we are fully aware of the demand for increasingly high commitment that this group now has to, and wants to, deal with. I have always considered Luca a loyal and honest guy, and even in this situation I appreciate his honesty in making his choices, which is the reason we respect and sustain it fully. Clearly, I too will always have great nostalgia for stage times together, but this is not going to undermine the friendship that we have with Luca and the mutual respect. I can only wish him the best, and I also want to thank Luca and hug him on behalf of all the guys, because it is also thanks to him if this band became something above average. Arrivederci...shine on, Luca!".

Who will deal with singing in Barock Project now? The vocal parts always had a prominent role in the writing and during Barock live acts: soon the guys will reveal sensational news for those who follow the band ever since their early days and look forward to their return on stage after the Skyline Tour experience, as well as for those who have only recently discovered the band with the impressive double album Vivo. This importante chapter in the history of the talented Italian band, marked a milestone after ten years of intense top sympho-rock music writing and also pointed at a new future phase with the new track My Silent Sea.  

Barock Project summer 2016 line-up:
Luca Zabbini – piano, keyboards, acoustic guitar, vocals
Eric Ombelli – drums
Marco Mazzuoccolo – electric guitars
Francesco Caliendo - bass guitar

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