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Land Of Blue Echoes: Marco Ragni in back!

Durga McBroom - vocalist from Pink Floyd - and Fernando Perdomo as special guests on the new album of the Italian musician, release by Melodic Revolution Records. A work of prog-rock, psychedelia and West Coast sound
Land Of Blue Echoes: the return of Marco Ragni!

Marco Ragni
Land Of Blue Echoes
9 tracks – 74 minutes
Melodic Revolution Records

""I play and write songs to free myself from the constraints of life and to emphasize all the beauty that surrounds me. I've never done caged by drawings and I never wanted to replicate a sound or feel. I've always tried to rework all my putting influences what I have in my head, not as a musician, but as a person. I always imagined me like a volcano full of a thousand artistic references ready to erupts new reworking songs that I have heard, mostly using my sensitivity. I hope you can hear a "Marco Ragni" sound and not something that looks like a nostalgic operation." An important statement, that of Marco Ragni, which fully reflects the spirit - and not imitative, grateful to the classic rock but refined - the new album Land Of Blue Echoes.

Two years after the double Mother From The Sun, once again with the American label Melodic Revolution Records, Marco Ragni returns with an ambitious work, in the name of prog-rock dropped from atmospheres and canonical issues, characterized instead by a crossroads influences ranging from psychedelia to the new international rock, through the beloved Pink Floyd. It is no coincidence that in the Land Of Blue Echoes cloves own Durga McBroom, backing vocals of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour since 1987. Another special guests appear in this album as Fernando Perdomo (Dave Kerzner Band), Peter Matuchniak (Gekko Project), Jeff Mack(Scarlet Hollow), Colin Tench (Corvus Stone), Vance Gloster (Gekko Project), Hamlet (Transport Aerian) andJacopo Ghirardini (Stalag 17). Marco Ragni is a multi-instrumentalist, as is in the beginning of his solo albums: "I never could with a real band to have the sound I had in mind, so I decided it was best for me to do alone and find good session man that I could help out where I was missing. This choice has meant that I am also able to optimize the timing and recording six albums in six years, which is impossible with any other band I've had. "

Active since the mid-80s, with six studio albums, two live and a greatest hits, Marco Ragni imagines a modern and attractive progressive, a "land of blue echoes" in which they can express various influences, reworked in the light of their personality: "I'm listening a lot of  underground music because I believe there is still a desire to experiment and because there is always something interesting to make my own. I was impressed by Midlake, War on Drugs, Jonathan Wilson (I'd love to have him on my next album!), I go crazy about Ozric Tentacles, Porcupine Tree and I never fail to make me jump from the parts of Haight Ashbury to listen Grateful Dead or Jefferson Airplane or in Swinging London, and I also love all the black music".

Extended songs as Horizons and Nucleus suite, more concise pieces that evoke jazz-rock flavors, neo-psychedelia funk and art-rock and the use of English make Land Of Blue Echoes an international album: "It's simple for me to be international because I've never like so much the music of my country. I loved the bands of 70s like Pfm or Banco del Mutuo Soccorso but not the contemporary musicians...". 

Marco Ragni: 
vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, 
bass, lap steel guitars, greek bouzuki

Special Guests:
Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd): Vocals
Peter Matuchniak: Lead guitar
Jeff Mack (Scarlet Hollow): Bass
Jacopo Ghirardini (Stalag 17): Drums
Fernando Perdomo: Lead guitar on "Money doesn't think
Colin Tench (Corvus Stone): Lead guitar on "Between moon and earth
Vance Gloster (Gekko Project): Keyboards and Hammond Organ
Hamlet (Transport Aerian): Bass on "Queen of blue fires"


Marco Ragni:

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