terça-feira, junho 14, 2016

HIGHER THAN : New album "Purgatory Airlines", for an immediate take off !

HIGHER THAN is a Modern hard rock band in the Paris region born from the ashes of the former group of Phil (guitar), Vianney (bass) and Jim (vocals). In March 2015, having composed the twelve tracks on the album they register it in the "Ten To One Studio". This first album is a mixture of Hard rock of the 80/90 year and rock modern (with the addition of sample and slick synth). End of 2015,Higher Than begins to make these first shows (small bath, Klub, Pacific rock...). In April 2016, they released their first video lyrics which serves as an introduction to the recent release of their debut album «Purgatory Airlines»
With this album,  Higher Than members share without detour their passion for aviation, providing a first trip to a modern Hard Rock and revisited, refreshing style with great blows of adrenaline surges.
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine