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"King's Ransom", the third musical by Clive Nolan, is the next adventure of Professor King and his companions. Set in the Victorian 'Alchemy' universe, the musical is a tale steeped in political intrigue, high emotion and the all-pervasive presence of the supernatural. 

Book, lyrics and music by Clive Nolan

With vocal talents of: Clive Nolan, Gemma Ashley, Guy Barnes, Verity White, Robbie Gardner, Chris Longman, Christina Booth, Alan Reed, Chris Lewis, Ross Andrews, Joy-Amy Wigman, Emily Frechter and the Caamora Chorus; and instrumentalists: Clive Nolan, Mark Westwood, Scott Higham, Kylan Amos, Penny Gee and Morten L.Clason.

Album artwork by Mark Buckingham. 

Clive: "It has been several years in the making, but here it is… 'King's Ransom' the musical. To me, this is a great testament to the wonderful singers and musicians I had the pleasure of working with, and a welcome return to the 'Alchemy' universe. With this special edition I have tried to provide added insight into the making of this musical which has been such a major part of my life for the last few years. If you like the music I make, then don't miss out on this one!" 

"King's Ransom" Special Edition includes: 

CD 1: Act 1
CD 2: Act 2
CD 3: "There's More... Demos and Extras" (featuring original demos and alternative versions of songs from 'King's Ransom')

DVD: "The Making of 'King's Ransom'" (featuring recording footage, interviews and more insights into the creation of the musical) 

This pre-order also includes an additional exclusive "King's Ransom" Karaoke CD with backing tracks to selected songs with vocals from the chosen artists – choose your solo, or sing with one of the cast members! (Available with orders made before August 1st). 

Intended release: late August 2017. 

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Clive: Hi there! Preparations are well underway for the next 'Fire and the Quest' event later this year, and it would be great to see you there!

A project such as this requires many people, an immense amount of time and an endless budget! This only really becomes worthwhile when it has the lifeblood and support of an audience.

I know to many of you this means a plane, a train or an automobile trip - but look at it like this… I enjoy travelling around the world so I can play in your town or your city or your country… now; I hope you might enjoy visiting mine ;)

The new album, 'King's Ransom' is nearing completion. It will be released soon in a special limited edition 4 disk set.

Meanwhile rehearsals are ongoing for both Alchemy and the new show, King's Ransom' which will provide the backbone of this year's 'Fire and the Quest'. 

The 'Fire and the Quest 2' will take place at the Cheltenham Playhouse on the 1st and 2nd of September 2017. 

Here is the schedule...

Friday 1st September - 'Alchemy'. This will be a return to the 'Off West End' production, but with some new and exiting cast members. 

Saturday afternoon 2nd September - 'Beyond the Veil'. This is the fun and intimate acoustic show, which proved such a hit last time. We will get to see the band members involved as well as a wide variety of singers. This year, the show has a very 'international' feel. 

Saturday evening 2nd September - debut of 'King's Ransom'. This is the new show, and will be videoed and recorded for a possible DVD release in 2018. 

Check cast and names on our websites!

There are also some optional extras, including 'The Victorian Séance' which will take place later on the Friday (where the audience will be taken through some of the tricks of the trade that mediums used to use to 'perform' their communications with the spirit world). 

The Golden Ticket - £50

Includes the performances of 'Alchemy' (Friday), 'Beyond the Veil' acoustic show (Saturday), 'King's Ransom' (Saturday) along with the after-party.

You can buy your tickets at 

'The Victorian Seance' (optional) - £15

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