terça-feira, maio 09, 2017

New Song and Video from Soul Enema

Progressive Metal act Soul Enema premiers a new lyric video clip for the song
Breaking the Waves. The band's upcoming album, titled "Of Clans and
Clones and Clowns", is slated for release in the near future. Featuring 70+
minutes of music with special guests like Arjen Lucassen(Ayreon) and
Yossi Sassi(ex-Orphaned Land), and mixed by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Devin Townsend,
Symphony X).

Breaking the Waves is inspired by the famous film of the same title by Lars von Trier.
"What makes the story line quite special, is the way it deals with a complicated paradox"

- comments keyboard player and songwriter Constantin Glantz - "The notion of self-sacrifice
in the name of the one you love, can be the most romantic and heroic thing ever, and
there are numerous plots that speak about that. But at the same time, this case can be the
most miserable and sickening version of self-destructive heroism in existence, it's
about paying the real price to the very end. The way the very deep, core programs of
human being - like love, faith, devotion, sexual instincts behave or misbehave in those
twisted situations, the way it makes you think about the basis of these things, is
quite stimulating in understanding the human nature. That's the intriguing
aspect of von Trier's approach in his films.
And this time we also wanted to express a bit of that cold Scottish rural highlands
atmosphere in the music and arrangements. This one is actually more chilling and edgy, 
even though it also contains some softer parts."

A link to a lyric video: