terça-feira, maio 09, 2017

Rock band asks 100 PEOPLE to sing with them

"I used to put CDs on in my room and scream along to them…" Oliver Sykes recalls

What if anyone could sing on the studio album of their favorite band?

It's not a secret that every one of us has sung along to their favorite songs at least once in a lifetime and imagined themselves as a band member.

Nothing is impossible: rock band Roamers launched a unique and challenging campaign on Kickstarter to let anyone sing on their debut single set to be released in July this summer.

They've chosen a catchy song to be spawned as the first single, which includes choir vocals. That song is supposed to kickstart an interest in their debut album. Roamers frontman Anton Ratkevich explains: "We wanted to use a professional choir, but then we came up with an idea to ask people to sing with us."

So Roamers found it challenging to ask anyone interested to help their plans come true and to record choir vocals for their song. Of course, some musicians engaged fans to sing on their albums before, but they [fans] were chosen by musicians themselves. This project is different. In this case anyone can do that, and it seems to be the FIRST-TIME-EVER campaign of that kind. No matter whether you are a professional or not.

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