quinta-feira, julho 20, 2017


Female fronted progressive metal act EMPHASIS were formed in 2010 in Estonia, a small country in Northern Europe, by bassist Katya Gritskova and guitarist Pavel Korotaev. The music of EMPHASIS is a synthesis of classical harmonies, expressive heavy guitar riffs and the powerful voice of their amazing frontwoman Anna Ganina who joined the band in 2013. In April 2016 the band released their debut LP „REVIVAL" on the Italian label Underground Symphony Records.

A year later, EMPHASIS return with the second conceptual full-length album called „SOUL TRANSFER".

"We are happy to announce that the work on our second full-length album is completed! We put so much energy into trying to create something new and special. SOUL TRANSFER is our first experimental album. In cooperation with talented jazz musicians, we got a completely unexpected result, even for ourselves. SOUL TRANSFER is our first concept album: the story of a man, his fate and enticing prospects of eternal life in the context of global digitalization. Today we can say with confidence: this is the most serious and non-standard work for us." , - Emphasis said.

Today the band is focused on the preparations for the release and looking for a label to collaborate with.

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